should intern be paid by the company? and waht office time they should work ?
From India, Margão
hi Shraddha,
If interns are working full time and really adding value to the organization, yes they can be paid.
About timing, it should be regular as a full time employee. amount depends upon the company how much they can afford for this..

From India, Pune
According to my point of view internship should be paid, it act as a motivation and you can always get their positive that its make them responsible for valuable output.....the timing depends upon their subject...e.g marketing person has to survey the market....for Hr one should be in office depends upon subject but it should not affect office work..............
From India, Pune
Paying interns or not is at company's discretion.
Most companies pay so that it motivates the interns.
Many do not but give them all other benefits.
Whilst I was the intern of a reputed firm, they did not pay me for my internship tenure. My timing was normal office hours. But they gave me canteen coupons, meal vouchers and other benefits. That was more motivating then mere few bucks.

From India, Mumbai
To each his own - I think if the company can afford, it should pay.
There is an image impact for companies which employ interns but don't pay. Of course, if the company is very small, it may not bother about negative signals it gives out.
And then, the other question is why do you want to extract work from someone (ok, I know he is an intern and the output wouldn't be as much as an employee) without paying?

From India, Ghaziabad
Just would like to add, It is also about getting only the people who are interested in working and not running after money.

Like during my internship, as I said, this was a very very reputed firm but they clearly mentioned that they would not pay a single rupee as stipend. In a class of 11, we were still 9 people left to be placed for our internship. And when it was shared that no stipend would be provided, no one bothered to apply. I was the only one who applied from my institute.

The location was a far off place. I was a little low before joining about the expenses I will have to bear.

But once I joined, in comparison to the immense learning I got, the people I worked with, the work-life balance I got and the enthusiasm I was filled with was nothing compared to getting few bucks. And we were four interns there all from different institutes and we all had a great time. And none of us felt that we had a loss here. Infact we gained much more than the people who had gone to companies who paid stipend.

Just a share.

From India, Mumbai
You have found the best of ideas and suggestions so far. Here's my question to you :
Why would you allow an intern to your office premise for a fixed duration, if the intern have no value to add ?
I whole heartedly agree, we endlessly complain how little the interns are equipped to deliver! To an extent these complaints are empty, as thats only why they are interning.
Please find a definite program to employ the interns. Ensure you as an employer, add value to their careers with learning and experience, as much as effort you may require from them.
When there is an exchange of services, its empirical to pay. Branding as an employer goes a long way. It doesn't always need you to win any award as 'the best employer', to be one , but implement best practices seamlessly.
Wish you all the best!

From India, Mumbai
Very well put by (Cite Contribution)1979.
If they are adding no value, why employ them and if they are, better pay them.
I think "Either you are interested in working or you are running after money" is a lie, though a popular one, spread by evil companies out to exploit interns (ok, much dramatization!). Who says you cant do both - be interested in work plus want to be paid for your hardwork?
Why is demand for compensation considered fair for an employee but not for an intern?

From India, Delhi
I never said it is true for all. That was what was found true for the batch I learned with.

The real purpose of internship is (as per my views)

To have a hands-on experience in the real life job situation

To handle the responsibilities under guidance of a head so that you are able to handle them in future when you become responsible for it.

When I was told this firm won't pay a penny, I had to take a chance.

In my internship I was actually made to learn a lot of HR things. How HR Auditing works, how employee engagement works, how to give presentations, how employees grievances are handled. We were always invited and were allowed to take notes in the HR training sessions that were made for employees.

I just wanted to point out that just as you mention why can't it be both, likewise it is not necessary that the companies are looking out for cheap or free labours to get their mandated things done by the so-called interns.

Sometimes (ofcourse depending on the firms or perhaps I was too lucky to have experienced this) the firms have contributed you more than just the money.

Just like a famous quote says - "Some people are so poor. All they have is just money."

All I wanted to say was while choosing internship, do not go for the company that pays highest stipend. Instead go for one who would prepare you for your on-job role.

Hope I cleared my view.


From India, Mumbai
Just to add to the discussion:

- Paying or not paying interns should be governed by company policy, so frame one in your company to avoid such confusions in future

- Internship should be looked at as an opportunity to get maximum exposure to business/domain by an intern and he/she should try to extract maximum out of it

- Company should aim to provide good exposure and possibly a mentor/guide to the intern and attempt to project its professional image as it acts as his first key interface with the corporate world

- If intern is being hired for some project a company should pay

- At times, to accommodate someones requests, internship is offered in such cases a company may not pay. Again its at company's discretion. I have seen cases where interns were taken under this category, but as they were good during their internship, company decided to pay them at the end. It acted as a feel good factor for the intern

- Hence the decision and amount to pay, timings etc can be decided after discussion with the Company core team. You may create a draft and share with them. Also you may categories institutes and qualifications and decide different pay ranges for interns from those institutes/qualifications

Hope this helps.


From India, Hyderabad

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