ATTAINING AGE 58: ON 8/5/2015
May I ask you to please let me know as what should I do with this certificate?
Will my pension comes automatically on attaining age 58 or I need to do something. Should send this certificate somewhere ... where? and if with any other documents, please guide.
Best regards- NS MAHRA

From India, New Delhi
Dear NS Mahra ji,
You are eligible / entitle to get monthly pension on reaching the age 58. On reaching the age 58 you need to submit the form 10-D alongwith the scheme certificate to PF office.
You are eligible / entitle to get monthly pension at reduce rate on reaching the age 50 but before reaching the age 58 upon application in Form 10-D as above.
If you join any establishment(s) to which PF Act is applicable, you are require to submit the scheme certificate and continue your pensionable service till you work with such establishment(s) or till you reach the age 58.
You are requested to view my posting in below given link to know about reduce pension.

From India, Mumbai
Thank you Sir,
Now I am getting required age of 58 years on 9th May 2015. Should I apply for pention after that or can write and send my pension certificate before than for doing the needful.
Please advise.
Best regards,

From India, New Delhi
I want to add some more:
- In the 10-C form I found there is no details to be filled for pension papers , ie. details of my pension certificate ( that I received long back and you suggest to be submitted with the 10-c form, no details asked for my bank where I want my pension etc.
The form ( 10-C) seems as it is for withdrawal purpose and not for pre pension details etc.
I am confused if I just enclose the pension certificate with 10-C, whether it gets right place or not because there is no details asked in the form for same and after having once deposited , will I have any problem if the certificate does not reach right place.
Please advise.
Best regards- NS MAHRA

From India, New Delhi
Sorry for my earlier add wherein I had mentioned For 10-C to be forwarded with Scheme certificate.
I apologize, you had advised me to attach it with 10-D on completion of 58yrs.
As I am getting age 58 in May , please advise if I send my scheme certificate to PF office ( which was in Mumbai earlier or any office) ?
In form 10-C there are columns to be filled by last employer , do I need to contact them for same or there is any other way I can get it filled. Moreover I already had my PF settled long back in 2013. You think I still need to go to Mumbai to my last employer for getting the form 10-D completed.
I even doubt if that company still exists in the old form or changed now ( as I was old by friends).
Please advise so that I can do the needful at the earliest as 58 yrs are reaching fast in 28 days hence.
Best regards,

From India, New Delhi

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