Hi All, I am quite confused being a male should I go in HR field or not. Is it safe for boys or not. Please guide me. Thanks Sunil Kumar
From United Kingdom
Is this a rhetorical question ? Every employer is an equal-opportunity employer. Hence, every role remains equally available , irrespective of any class, creed and gender.
Hope that answers your question.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Sunil,
I think (Cite Contribution)'s answer is apt for your query.
However what made you ask this question is something that I was thinking of.
Is it that you wish to join in the HR field but are shy to (or are stopped by friends and family) because of the perception that HR is a soft job and associated with females?
Or is there any other reason, kindly share.
Another thing,
In the current scenario, most jobs are open to all and are not gender categorized.
If you are seeking opportunities in HR, please go ahead if your are keen on it and do not worry about the perceived females-only tag to it.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Sunil Kumar
I would like to share my views just to make to you understand about the life on earth. Think by applying logic. Cooking is not just limited to specific gender as both can do it. Majority of the males who love cooking are good cook. Even it is the same with Tailoring profession and there are many examples to quote.
Once upon a time, for SALES only males were preferred. As the time progressed, even females became a part of this profession.
There are certain jobs where physical work conditions demands specific requirements like one needs lots of Energy/Stamina, skills(both genders can master it) to carry out specific task, hence females are not preferred but, there are females(labours) performing civil(construction) works which is a tough job.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Sunil

It depends upon the type of insdustry say we can divide our industries into 2 parts.

1> Manufacturing Sector ( mechanical/electrical/electronics/pharma) mostly labour oriented & dominated industry.

2>Service sector (IT/ITES/KPO/BPO/Broking firms/Research Firms/Banking/Insurance/Hospitality/Airlines etc)

HR people are having their true requirement into point 1 companies where there are hughe problem like labour problems, staff problems ,union level issues,strikes etc.

HR people just come for enjoyement in point no2 companies, in my 5 years of career into S/W insdutry i never found anybody working hard & late after 6PM.They only came with good make-up,short dresses & specially with lot much to eat, They always sit into canteen for more than 1 hour during lunch break , again for tea break again for snack break, total 3 hours wasted, 1 hour they stroll around all cubicle making some PJ about page 3 people,They don't have challenging job to do as all are too much educated & do not blame HR, appraisal time is also very smooth for them just saw the face of employee & then if they found him smart, good looking, wooing behind them then make apprisal , if they don't do then still no worries at all since professional never come up & hit you or curse HR people,no responsiblity, no tension just come to office eat tiifin, do all time blah blah blah & sharp 6.0 clock not 6.05 also to go home pretending they are handling all organisation

But in manufacturing sector union people shows them starts in a day, when they say a single word union people say 10 slang, Union people know how to handle these HR people very well, Here pressure is too much people directly slang to HR,even in strike perioed mob hit the HR people ouside company premises, they make life of HR peole like HELL comes to ground.

From India, Panipat
Hello Vinod,

In reference to your quote, firstly would like to mention that each have their own opinion on things and this was yours.

Secondly would like to quote "Grass is always greener on the other side of the field"

I would not say what you mentioned is right or wrong as I already mentioned we all have different perspective to things.

Nonetheless would like to mention that there are HR in software and IT and service industry who work more than I think anybody else.

I belong to service industry and yes I leave on time at 6pm but I ensure to come much before time so that I can complete my assigned duty.

I do relax, have my own time, read about lots of things and gain knowledge - but do you think anybody can work 24*7, we all are human and have our own distractions.

I work post office in the terms of idea generation, discussion with peers and other HR related to the issues that are creeping in and how can one handle it.

I do HR consulting and help peers and friends with their issues.

And infact would like to mention my friend here who works with and IT Sector and works more than 18 hours a day,

She must be leaving on the stipulated time of 6pm but carries her laptop and is working on it on her way back home and even at home post dinner.

I do not mean to change the view you have towards the HR but I wanted to say that sometimes what we see is not true as it could be again just our own perception.

From India, Mumbai
I agree with all who had comments their views. but when we look in to globally, it became more and more femalised. Ex: Europe, Far east and even started in middle east as well. ( i have no idea about Indian market)
previously, it was male dominate role in all the industry and slow by slow it is became female dominate.
still lot of options are there, but it is alert for male HR Professional !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From United Arab Emirates, Sharjah

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