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I observe that a person is given an HR manual after he / she joins a new company, by the employer. I found that there are some points unjust to the employee. For eg the person is not told during interview, that if he / she leaves Co before completing 1 year, he / she will have to return back the \"Recruitment Expenses\" (it is the amount paid by a person to the previous employer for not fulfilling notice period requirement). Also to mention here the new Co insisted to person that you join quickly & we will reimburse the amount to you. There have been cases that persons leave with in year - may not be their own choice. But the said amount is deducted or experience certificate is held till then. I think is it unjust and an employees are being cheated by such policies or non-transparency during interviews. What should we do in such cases?

From India, Mumbai

It is true that every company has its own set of policies, rules and procedures. It is also true that HR Manual will be shared with the person only after they join for reasons as stated below -

1. The HR Manual is developed for the employees of the firm.

2. Though you have been extended the offer, you still are not employee of the firm because you have a right to decline the offer.

3. Even if you have accepted the offer, you have not yet been appointed as the employee of that firm.

A simple example I would state of myself.

While I was pursuing my graduation, in my final year I was interviewed and got selected by ABC Co. through campus recruitment process and in few weeks time they extended the offer to me. I had to sign the copy and send it to them if I am to accept the offer. I did so as it is a brand in IT company. However, as is observed in the IT companies (especially the campus recruited people would know) we were never given our appointment letter unless December of the year. By the time they called me and gave me appointment letter, I had already decided to pursue higher studies and my exam was sue in a couple of months. So I politely explained to them and rejected the offer when they were extending me the appointment letter.

There are several reasons a person would back out even after acceptance of the extended offer we have made. Another example - They accepted your offer, put their resignation in their current company, in exit interview it was shared that he's getting better profile and pay elsewhere, a counter offer was made by the applicant's current company so that he/she stays and so the applicant now rejects your offer.

HR Manual is usually a confidential stuff and shared only with the employees of the company.

You have a valid point about should we not be communicated of any clauses that the employer would have.

Now, I think such clauses are going to hamper us, so why not proactively seek to confirm that there are not any such clause?

While we go for interview, after the person has finished asking, most of the interviewers asks us if we have anything to ask. Even if they do not ask, we can politely say may I clarify certain things before I leave for the day....

You should always ask about the work-culture, (do not ask about working hours - the 9-5 work culture is long lost. We need to understand however the working culture of the organziation. Please note that the no.1 reason for employee dissatisfaction or demotivation is the cultural misfit.)

You should ask about the any documents that they would need you to bring on the first day if you get selected.

You should ask if they would require you to sign any service agreement or bond or is there any payment clause?

You should ask about what they expect you to be working on?

This should actually cover most of the doubts.

Hope it helped. :-)

From India, Mumbai
Dear Kulkarani S,
Agree with the detailed points put forward by Ankita Shah.
You know companies have full right to enquire about the credentials of the candidates. Likewise the candidates have the full right to enquire fully about the company he/she planned to join.
In life three decisions are very crucial which is not easily reversed
Building Home and
Job Change
With Best Wishes

From India, New Delhi
Some of the clauses which you find in the manual, as unjust or offensive, can be incorporated in the offer letter. New entrants should not be given surprises .... It is always better that both the manual and the offer letters should have clauses which are bilateral, acceptable at the time of entry itself.
Your HR manual needs to be looked into.....

From India
The example you have given is definitely not unfair.
A company is giving a new joinee a certain amount of money to join before he completes his notice period. Obviously, if the candidate leaves, that additional amount paid is a complete loss for the company. All companies that buy up the notice period of previous company put in a clause to recover the same if the candidate leaves before 1 year.

From India, Mumbai

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