Dear All:
Thank you so much for the valuable comments. They were much needed and have been understood at the most.
Being fair and honest, I have talked to my manager and discussed with him the complete situation about my past and present and requested him to accept resignation and terminate the bond in both of our favours. He has asked for a one week time. I am praying that everything goes fine. Please pray for me. I am trying to bridge between slavary and freedom and that is only by doing right things with pure conscience.
Please pray for me.
Muddasir Masood.

From Pakistan, Karachi

Hello Muddasir Masood,
Hope all goes well.
Suggest keep this Forum informed of the developments next week when your Manager is expected to arrive @ a decision--it could be a learning for many members.
However, I also suggest you begin contacting a suitable Lawyer to prepare for any Worst-case-scenario that MIGHT emerge. Like the Saying goes: Work towards getting the Best, but also Prepare for the Worst.
IF your manager's decision is negative, then you may not have a lot of time to put-in the alternate plans-of-action into place. In case your manager responds positively, then you wouldn't be loosing anything much--except some time & effort.
All the Best.

From India, Hyderabad

Dear All:

Thanks for your valuable comments once again. There is a further progress to this case.

As I have told you, I had resigned from that company 6months ago. Below was my resignation letter to the superior

Dear Sir:

I am writing to inform you that I am resigning from my position as Electrical Commissioning and Fact finding Engineer.

I have been through from many ups and downs all with your support and mentor during this period and I shall be thankful to you for that. I have decided that it's time to move on as we are facing serious delays in projects causing loss to both of us, a threat to career progression in my case. Other than this I have enjoyed every given opportunity and worked responsibly towards achieving a common goal. I wish you and the company great fortune and will be available in the future on any objective need.

Please be assured that I have left all the company belongings in my cabinet for you to collect.

I once again thank you for having me as the part of your team.


Muddasir Masood

Two days ago, I have received the notice from that company asking for 5.5million PKR with in 14days in liu of breaching my agreement and failure to do so will be called upon for legal proceedings against me.

I might have told you that before my resignation, I have come across several meetings with my manager and he assured me that I can leave the company and it will not go for legal proceedings against me as I have every right to take on my career to next steps. All it will do is deduct the cost from my dues and won't issue me an experience certificate which I had agreed.

I seek your valuable comments on how to proceed from there.

Thanks in anticipation.


Muddasir Masood.

From Pakistan, Karachi

You need to get a lawyer to help you respond to this.
Ensure you dwell on the fact of undue delay in project and therefore your contract period,me hick invalidates the contract (you need knowledge of Pakistani tort jurisprudence, which I am not well versed with) and the fact that a contract which has the the unintended result of career damage is not enforceable. For that, refer to contract act (Pakistan and india has the same contract act of 1881) which refers to offer and acceptance, with both parties intending the same thing. Here, where what you intended and agreed to, is different from what has happened, so the contract is now invalid.

From India, Mumbai

Having read that notice my mother an already patient of diabetics has gone much worse and had been hospitalized which according to doctors a little delay would have taken her in to Coma. The language of notice is very strong and quite threatening (I have attached the notice here). I couldn't believe a company of high repute could go such mean way. I am trying to arrange information to response to this notice.
From Pakistan, Karachi
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The letters are standard wording.
All lawyers write letters that way
You speak to your lawyer and send a reply
Meanwhile your dad can send a reply saying that he is not liable to pay as the bond has been invalidated both by their prior behaviour and by consent of the concerned manager action on behalf of the company. Further that this amounts to harassment and that he will take necessary legal action against the company.
Your lawyer will decide the next step

From India, Mumbai
Raj Kumar Hansdah

The very fact that the bond amount is ARBITRARY and EXORBITANT makes it unfair.
Moreover, whether you were ACTUALLY given any training; or what would be its fair worth; also needs to be taken into consideration.
The best solution at this stage would be consult a good lawyer.
Warm regards.

From India, Delhi
@Muddasir masood, I am from Pakistan and someone close to me is in a very similar situation, can you kindly update on the matter that what actually happened????
From Pakistan, Karachi
Dear Mudassir, I am providing the below link, to get most searches lawyers globally. Lawyers Directory Regards, Dheeraj Kumar
From India, Gurgaon
File Criminal Case in Court of India
From India, Gurgaon
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