Hi, plz give answer "What is your weakness?" during an interview my mail id sa_jasmin@yahoo.com With warm Regards Jasmin
From India, Coimbatore
Dear Jasmin,

This question is asked by an interviewer to check, integrity and effort of the candidate to improve. Hence, while responding, share what is important to the role and will offer you an opportunity area .

Suppose you find it easy to panic under a tight schedule. Observe yourself, in such moments. Its not panic but fear that you might not be able to deliver.

Hence, put this as " you need to deliver within the deadline is supreme. You stretch and make sure you deliver. Your seniors have identified it in you, hence supports you to plan long before hand and achieve the set target".

You may have noticed your weakness to forget details or loose a track of your last sentence, while presenting a case. You need a team member to signpost what you missed. Spot this as an opportunity area, for building mindfulness, while preparing for the present. You connect each sentence with the data you will talk about and a printout with the broad descriptions.

In terms of HR Processes , you might have found certain challenges while processing Payroll. Incorrect salary data is a fatal error, hence you have invested on several training program not only for the HR Process, but MS Office and ERP.

We request you to share few areas that you have identified. It will help us share the exact solution to it.

From India, Mumbai
In addition to Ms. (Cite Contribution), kindly consider my views.
We humans are also habitual of developing(converting) our weakness into BAD HABITS and it is as per human psychology of behaviour. If you are favouring any such BAD HABITS, kindly don't name it as your WEAKNESS as its needs to be TREATED at HIGH PRIORITY else these BAD HABITS will ruin your life.
For example, there are employees who never took COMPLETE ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY of the assigned task even after receiving repeated warnings because they feel someone else is held responsible for that activity/job, henceforth why should i involve myself or worry about it.
PROCASTINATION is another example.
Don't ever try to MASTER PERFECTION under any circumstances, else you will start losing your time and ATTITUDE/BEHAVIOUR will change includings your various habits.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
After wonderful responses of Ms (Cite Contribution) and Mr Khadir, I first would like to know whether you tried to discover your weakness in actually or not, and if im not wrong, you still dont know what your weaknesses are.

Like Ms (Cite Contribution) said that you may have not noticed your weakness and need to observe yourself. Most of time whenever people asked about their weakness while at the interview, they found themselves lost/confuse not just bcz of bewilderment or by putting them into this situation by interviewer to check them out with a purpose but because they dont actually know their weaknesses which is another truth of this question.

Before going further I would like to share myself with my personal experience and I believe can also help you in you case

I remember my time when I actually was at the same stage and bothered a lot by this question. I recovered from this fear because of a great effort by my favorite teacher (My Mentor- #Research) when he asked me to write down my 5 weaknesses on paper. He asked me to repeat this daily until he allow stopping and I did the same for 9 days and report back to him. You won’t believe guys how much this exercise helps me to recognize my weaknesses because until you recognize your enemy you can fight or win.

“If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.”

Therefore, it is really important discover your weakness and subsequently, you need to move forward to get the solution of your weakness.

Second, this question is not just about to check the integrity and effort of the candidate to improve but also to check the confidence and deeds which are actually play a big role in the performances, and actions at work place both professionally and socially, and that actually matters to Recruiters/Employers

From India, Gurgaon
Good Morning Members,

Greetings for the Day!!!

I have just read an effective article on the same, have a glance on it,

I hope it will be easier to understand the aspect of the question during the Interview.

What is your weakness? This seemingly simple question is the clincher; a strong weapon in the HR personnel’s arsenal, posing dilemma and trouble to most interviewees. Very frankly, if you are honest, you might lose the job opportunity but you can’t lie either… So what do you do? Giving an oft-said answer seems phony and fake. When you say, “I’m a perfectionist and I go to the minute details…” you make the interviewer comprehend that you are slow. Stating you don’t have any weakness is being ego-maniacal. So how do you tackle it?

Andrea Kay, author of Interview Strategies That Will Get You the Job You Want says, “It’s a tricky question." Some belonging to the old school suggest stating a fault which isn’t really one on deep insight. Some say, state a weakness and link it to a reprehensible fault displayed by someone else, i.e, “I’m impatient when my team doesn't take initiative, or don’t owe up.” However, a weakness in reality is the flip side of a strength taken too far. Good selling is talking a lot, being realistic is being uncreative, etc. So, how do you talk about weaknesses when you're trying to sell yourself simultaneously?

Strengths and weaknesses are situational and are actually entwined. So, study your environment and use your skills to answer this. Nobody’s perfect at everything and every employer knows that too. If you're not comfortable stating a real weakness, state something that has nothing to do with the job. If I were to answer it, I would say, "I'm bad at math”, as math has nothing to do with my writing career and that’s an honest answer too. You can also state a real weakness, and talk about the rectifiable measures taken by you but don't open a can of worms by talking people issues bluntly. Here are some tips to assist you in framing the answer:

If you're a match for the job, the employer wants to reiterate that. Your goal is to land in a position where you'll thrive and being honest helps then. So, come clean on a weakness, thinking hard about your past work struggles, what your managers had suggested, etc.

While stating weakness, answer with things you "are working upon to improve".

Don't use the clichéd means of presenting strength as weakness like stating you’re a workaholic. Best is to name a true weakness of modest size, i.e. I had trouble in organising things, but now, I write down a list of things to do and maintain a diary to track deadlines and the small things. It has helped me to finish things on time and be organised.

Always choose one weakness that will not disqualify you from the job citing examples of what you are doing to fix them. Make it evident that you learn from your mistakes.

This thought-provoking question can actually open the door for further discussion. It helps in probing a strong, dominant personality and helps in matching as well as understanding his/her weakness vis-a-vis the strengths. This question is also a measure of a candidate’s diplomacy quotient. Your aim is not to get any job but to secure the right one. And this question would inevitably pop up during interview. So, prepare carefully having a balanced approach and you'll shine in the interview. Prepare well and make the weakness your strength.



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From India, Patna
Dear Jasmin,
Normally such questions will be asked in any kind of interviews so that the interviewing people will enjoy when the candidate blink for an answer.
Simply you can say that you do not have any weekness..... atleast in the interview .........though we have 1000 weekness...
Then the interviewer may ask what is your strength.... for this also candidate may blink ...... You can answer for this question as " My Confident "...
Have any body asked you..... this question in your interview.... and what you have told as your answer...???
- regares - ramani -

From India, Bangalore
This question has been asked many times on CiteHR.
Please use the Research Box at the top of every page FIRST to check what has already been posted here.
The answers to most questions are already here in this vast repository of information.
People are asking the same questions over and over and over and over and over and over again every week.
What is your weakness

From Australia, Melbourne
The simple answer to this question is:
NEVER divulge anything that may be detrimental to you performing the job you are being interviewed for.
If you must answer this question, nominate a weakness that has nothing whatsoever to do with the job. For example if the job does not require you to speak or read a foreign language, then say that your weakness is that you cannot speak German or whatever language you like. You are telling the truth.
At the end of the day, it is a stupid question and as far as I am concerned, totally irrelevant. I have never ever asked any candidate I have interviewed this question. I am more interested in what skills and experience the candidate has to do the job I am interviewing him/her for.

From Australia, Melbourne
Very useful & informative, specially the answer from Shubha Lakshmi.Regds
From India, Mumbai
Dear Jasmin,

I would like to tell you a small story to answer your question. It involves me in being a interviewer and a fresh graduate from a leading B-school.

I was hiring for a reputed company for sales profile, being a fresh grad, we couldn't ask lot of technical questions so it the interaction was majorly on the individual, at one point my colleague in the panel ask the very same question:

Panelist: Can you tell us one of your major weakness?

Candidate: I am Jealous... (Believe me for a moment i was amazed the way he said it, it was extempore)

Panelist: Can you elaborate?

Candidate: (very politely) Sir, I get jealous seeing other people do better than me. This leads to me to work harder and smarter and get better results than the one I am jealous off.

I selected the candidate (in my mind) without wasting any time.

My point, is not different than other above. No one is Omnipresent (even he might have flaws) so its natural. If you are aware of your flaws, the interviewer will ask you what are you doing to overcome it? So i suggest you try to align your flaws (weakness) with the Job you are being interviewed for.

In the case mentioned,we were hiring for Sales the answer shows many aspects of candidates character like intelligence, presence of mind, calmness in difficult situation etc etc..

Hope i have given you some hint towards answering the question.



From India, Mumbai

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