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I am Newly appointed as a Hr for a company where i take care all HR activities. I am good enough theoretically. But when comes to real time we are the actors, My problem is that I look very simple and my language too. I want to change my appearance and i want to adopt corporate culture, so that i will represent my company in professional manner
Is there any one to help me?
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Dear Feeba,
I think its just your fillings that you looks very simple, every person in this world is special and have a different-2 qulity, you can't change your natural look and if we talk about your language if your comunication skill is nice then don't wory about that after a time both would be changed.
Have a nice day & best of luck !!
Looking very simple is not a problem , when you have substance but looking bombastic without substance is a problem beacuse they are actors. All great men from Mahatma Gandhi to Mother Therisa look very simple but invoke huge respect from society beacuse they are performers. Looks cannot convert one from actor to performer but knowledge, skills and talent do.. So be proud of your simple looks. You may feel uncomfortable if you act to be some one but you. Don't get unduly worried about your looks but focus on acquiring knowledge and skills and polish your communication skills, if that is what is making you difficult in presenting things an dyou will find that things around you start changing.
Hey Feeba,

It is very tough to be simple.Not every genius can do it.I don't know about looks but what I can sense here is a desire to appear a professional,smart and a capable person.Right?

Guess as far as appearances are concerned that can be changed - not necessarily by buying the best of brand but by assuring that whatever you will should look clean,smart crisp and fresh-be it your dress or your make up(I don't know if it is applicable here?Yr profile is not clear on gender).In dress if cool with western also that is also good but otherwise even ethnic is also great.But remember nothing loud-nothing extravagant,emphasis should be to stay simple.For inspiration movies like corporate, Fashion are a good idea to watch.

But all this is merely a background-the real thing will be the work you do and the kind of talk u do-here u will have to deliver.Without results no impressions.The reason being simple enough-you have been hired to do a job!so keep your focus there- that is what will actually make u a professional.


With reference my C.V , previously I was working with Pathfinder International, New Delhi as a “Human Resource &Administrative Officer”.

Currently I am not working and open for the position of "Human Resource and Administration", in any sector.

Relevance with the Human Resource position:

I have handled the responsibility of conceptualizing and implementing the Human Resource and was responsible to plan, develop and implement strategy for HR management and development recruitment and selection policy/practices, discipline, grievance, counseling, benefits, contracts, training and development, succession planning, moral and motivation, culture and attitude development, performance appraisal and quality management issues.

My academic and professional background of Human Resource Development i.e MBA from Indian Institute of Planning and Management and my active involvement in the NGO & Private sector , since past 4 and half years has given me an intellectual understanding and sensitized me towards the issues faced by Human Resource department in any sector.

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Hi Feeba, I have attached a small presentation, Hope this will help you a bit :) Regards Deepak

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File Type: ppt Professional Etiquette.ppt (877.5 KB, 295 views)

Dear Deepak
Thank you for the eye opener on etiquette.
I notice that it is more about the 'western' etiquette.
Am interested to know if there any that refer to the Indian one. Perhaps you can provide some input from this perspective?
Once a gain thank you.
Best Regards
Audi Narasingam
The power point presentation is excellant. Elaborate table / dinning manners will be realy useful for young executives Rengan
Dear Feeba.

Others have given good ideas based on limited information about yourself and the scenario. Hence, let me raise my questions as I am not clear about certain things. Please answer the following.

"What do you mean by " ..good enough theoretically"?

Also, what is meant by "look very simple"? Could you kindly tell us what you wear now and what the new appearance will be like?

Corporate culture varies from organisation to organisation and the country where it is located. When I was in industry as an Industrial Engineer, I was supposed to wear a suit and tie all the time at work. When I went into academia some wore suits and others (especially, sports teachers) came in shorts or jeans. But they were not considered as unprofessional.

Also, in the UK, the culture is no one discusses the pay and bonus one gets. But, I was told that in States people discuss it freely (I have no first hand knowledge). In the UK, I had to address some bosses as Mr.xx. Where as in acdemia, I addressed the Vice Chancellor by his first name. Same goes for different ways of addressing in different countries. My students in the UK addressed me by first name; even some senior people at CiteHR address me as "Sir", even after I tell them that they can address me by my name. However, some youngsters who probably work for American firms, address people at CiteHR as "dudes".

Hence, kindly give more information to help the experts to give precise answers.
Dear nashbramhall Sir,

Thank you for your response.

HR is the one who should interact with lot many people right. The appearance and the way of presentation plays a major role while interacting with the people. The corporate culture which i am speaking about needs fast, trendy and innovative presentation.

I am lacking all these, I worked with a company where i used to communicate with the clients through phone. But in my present job i have meet clients and communicate with them.

I believe the First impression is the best impression right!

I am feeling inferior infront of the clients, because they observe every thing, my body language, my comm skills and my appearance.

One of my friend who is working with one of the MNC company in Hyderabad, Suggested me to change And to adopt the corporate culture. As my appearance and my way of handling the employee is like informal it seems.

In my MBA i never had come across all these, feeling like i am lacking some where

So i specified that "Good enough theoretically, look very simple"

If Possible Suggest me, It will help me in my career
Dear Feeba,

As you have not answered all my questions, I can only keep asking questions to find out the real situation. As you have rightly stated, they do not teach everything in a colleges and universities. Dress code and behaviour is some of the topics, as these vary from organisation to organisation.

Please let us know what you wear now, when you say informal dress? What do managers wear in your organisation. I would have thought that the weather being so hot in Hyderabad a suit would be inappropriate clothing, especially in summer. First impression is important. For example, a person wearing a skull cap, like the jews and religious muslims wear, may be seen as fanatical by some in certain western countries. Whereas the same may be considered as normal in others. See what has France promulgated recently about wearing religious outfits like the hijab and turbans.

One has to use professional language at work and avoid slands like "hi dude", etc at work. Also use proper language. Please give examples of how you address people, etc. More the information you give the better would be the advice that you get.
Dear nashbramhall Sir,
Thank you for your response
I wear salwars to my office, and i have no idea about the western clothing, how to wear when to wear and all those
Coming to addressing the people,
I address as Mr XYZ or Miss XYZ
Here we address our MD as sir not with his name
Before joining i asked our MD about the dress code
He replied that no sleeves are allowed and Dressing should be neat and attractive.
For Gents, Formal dresses ( Shirt, Formal Pants and shoes)
Dear Feeba,
I thought you may be a female. And I was right. Why do you think, or your friend thinks, that salwars are not professional clothing. I know of doctors in India who go to work in their sari and have become consultants. There is no need to wear western clothing, even in MNCs, if it is not required by the management.
Even when Britishers ruled India, I know that some official wore dhothi and went to work and they were not required to wear western clothing.
Dear nashbramhall
I totally accept your words, but is that the Hr profession and the Doctor profession is similar
HR deal with every issues in the company and they play a role even in business development.
Will Doctors do the same?
I am just asking you that it !
I faced this issue personally so i asked you people to suggest.
"Even when Britishers ruled India, I know that some official wore dhothi and went to work and they were not required to wear western clothing."
i agree but they wore coats along with Dhothi. Coats are not over dressing style i guess and now a days Dhothi are not seen except in tradition marriages.
Its not an argument, Kindly analyze to know my points
We are changing as per the trend and we changing as per our life style
If i am wrong please forgive me
Please suggest me
Dear Feeba,
I made a mistake in my previous post. It should have said doctors in the UK, and not India, that wear a sari. I agree that Indian wore a jacket with the dhoti.
Let me draw some other parallel to put your mind at ease. Many think that one should drink alcohol to socialise; not necessarily true. Even the UK's Ex-Prime Minister James Callghan was a teetottaler.
Unless your company require you to wear western dresses you do not need to. If the people that matter in your life do not mind you wearning ?Western dress go ahead and wear it. There is nothing to it. My wife wore long skirts to work when she was teacher, and wore a pair of trousers and a blouse on top, when working as a technician in a Civil Engineering Dept., in a college.
Our daughter wears skirts, trousers, etc when going to work as a GP but wears a sari to go to social fuctions like wedding, including English weddings. So, feel free to wear what you like.
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