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Dear all,

I need help about my career, I'm confused and felt a big pressure, Plz give me some advice.Thank you in advance!

I've been working in HR field for 4years, and this is the 5th year to working in here after the spring festival.but I felt a deep pressure here.

I was major in English and International politics in China, then I got the first job in my life, worked as a office assistant for 4 months in a retail company which is a private company and has over 500 staffs, then the boss asked me to work in the HR department from recritment module, coz he thought "you are fit for working in HR filed" ,then i start my career in HR. Coz I wanna make some results in HR, so i did lots of self study to learn HR from recruitment. I thought i must did something right, the boss ask me to do more aspects such as training and performance appraisal.I did learn alot in this company.The boss asked me to know the whole retail procedure and give me the chance to handle problems and teach me how to. That's really thankful to working there.And I like working in HR field.

But i left it after i worked there for 3 years coz i wanna learn more knew things.

So I got the job in a more big-brand vedio website company which is a HongKong invested enterprise, I worked for a branch company which has over 300 staffs, 2 HRs,and the title of us is HR specialist. I'm major in recruitment,salary accounting(hand it to the HR of headquarter)which i haven't did it before,staff training(do the precedure and do the training),Performance appraisal feedback, social insurance,HR precedure improvement and some other daily management.This is the second year i worked here.

I did in a rough time when i have to handle all the things here when there's only me alone. then it's getting good here now when a new girl come here.

I felt a bottleneck of my career, and i felt a great pressure. Am wondering where will i go in my coming 5years.

I didn't major in business or something like that.I don't know if it will be my key problem in my career development.

I have considered several ways, such as go back to school major in International commerce(learned something about finance\marketing\and HR, one year in China,the other in Italy), but i have to face the personal affairs at present.My coacher said maybe I can learn the finacial management, and get the cetificate of ACCA or the CPA, am wondering if i should change this labor-dispatch work this year.

I felt painful and i truly need some advice. WIll someone give me some advice?

From India, Delhi

You seem to have asked a difficult question, so no one seem to be giving a reply....

Actually, a suggestion without knowing lots of connected factors is a dangerous thing, specially for you. In the end, you will, have to take your decision.

You need to decide what direction your career should take. You need to decide what you want to do in the next 5 years in terms of a job. Once you decided that, you should get a degree or study keeping in mind your goal. In many places, the experience counts as much as a degree. But today, not having the degree or formal eduction tends to hold you back. In many cases you don't even get called for interview simply because you do not have the qualification.

But you also need to work out, whether you can take leave for study (stop work / work part time). Do you have enough money saved ? Or will your company give you 1 year leave to study and come back (I do not know your laws).

If you can't leave and must continue working, then chose a "distance study" model that makes more sense, but check out online thoroughly to figure out how accepted it is and what is the reputation of the course.

There are also,certification courses, where you appear for an exam directly after doing self study. That too may help.

After working for 5 years in HR, moving to finance or doing CPA makes little sense. There are lots of opportunity in HR.

Consider your added qualification in English, you may try to work with HR departments of international companies who are setting up office in china as you will be the natural bridge between the English speaking managers and the Chinese speaking staff. Or try to find jobs in Chinese companies moving to places like Europe, USA or india, where your knowledge of English will give you and edge over others from your homeland.

From India, Mumbai
Thank you for giving me reply.Your suggestion was trully helpful to me,although I haven\'t made up my mind.But I\'m considering my what do I want to get in the coming five years life.
I think there\'s many choices,but I can\'t have all of them at the same time,well,maybe I have to sacrifice something to get another.what should I do is to decide which one have a high priority.
Anyway,thank you so much!

From India, Delhi
I would suggest you to do what you enjoy doing. If you feel satisfaction in handling HR, then stick to it, if not then do consider changing fields.
You can gain knowledge of concerned domain either by first taking a degree/ requisite qulification of gain bit of knowledge and then learn on the job.
It depends as to where do you want to work. In US, I am told perferance is given to Knowledge over educational qualification whereas in India , as per my perception , educational qulification is must to get a good job .
You have to take a call based on your what suits you.Let me assure you that there will be pressures in all feilds so be prepared to work under pressure. It is part of work culture in almost all over the world.
Hope you are able to take right step.
Suresh Rathi

From India, Delhi
I object Ms/Mrs Saswata Banerjee

Question asked by query or subject: Where can I do to improve my Career in HR?, is as simple as the answer of the same which can be stated and understand by a single word “LEARNING”. In addition, I wanna know from you, do you really believe that the question is difficult that leads to delay in responses (in your words “no one seem to be giving a reply”)

Well your response is really appreciable and I agree that planning, and determination is important for career life.

To earn basic and relevant education qualification and experience or consistent learning can determine the path you are leading. Also in today’s world, not just a basic and good education is enough but one needs experience, which also required a good knowledge and active skills of not just a function but also all related/ relative functions that can only be achieve if you are determined to hard work and give your sincere and honest efforts by LEARNING and that Erica have done in her career so far.

“Learning can possible anything” My belief

And to Erica_qi : the very first thing I wanna say that you are one the luckiest person who have been appreciated and provided chances to work/ learn and develop your career and you perform well too which you have expressed in your query. Also you not just have learned, followed the decisions of your seniors but have used your skills performed your task and achieve a good experience but now I really don’t think you need to take the things that put you in this situation to ask yourself where you gonna be in next 5 years. Infact I would suggest you to consider your last past working/learning years first and appreciate and accept your achievements.

You must not forget that you have earned 4+ years of experience by your practices and consistent learning. Also based on your years of working experience you got new one where you also have spent a good time that is enough to direct you rightly where you supposed to go but you are distracted because of a feeling that you didn't major in business or something like, is not acceptable actually.

What I found in your query is that there are still some more facts you have to share with us about your problem or what is actually bothering you. Because I feel that the way you are standing now, and the journey you have is really good and is a good base to make a good career in HR by continuing learning and taking corrective actions.

You said that you have selected few ways to go ahead in your career/life with, but have not considered continuing your career in HR by earning educations, why?

I second, Saswata, you must go with HR. I also would like to buy her statement “After working for 5 years in HR, moving to finance or doing CPA makes little sense. There are lots of opportunity in HR“. You can go to “Distance Education” and some other HR courses such as SAP-HR, which will work for you as value added skills and give you more strengthen in your career.

I have communicated with numbers of people on the same “CAREER in HR” topic (Participated with many experts, and industry professionals) and in your query what I found is “GOOD LEARNING” that I always wants to see by people and suggest, is really good and is your best weapon to fight with your problem. Do never lose heart or allow the things to distract you..

From India, Gurgaon
Hi, Anil.Arora

Thank you for ur suggestion. I did usual such a long time to reassess my present status.

and I found my good points and my weakness.And I'm still doing my life searching...

but there's some key problems make me feel confused.

I'm a kind of person who seldom consider interest of doing things but the challenge of solving problems which will inspire my passion. The curiosity will keep me searching.I always put my 100% hardwork to did what i have to do, I wanna do a good job and trully helpful to the orgnization or company.

So I did work 5 years in HR coz of my boss wanna me to do.and i did learn something that helped me to work in this company.

And what i do at present work is routine work, coz of it's a subsidiary company. And it seems that the HR is not so important as I think.

I feel worried not coz of the fixed work but the limit of improving myself.

That's the reason why i reconsider why I am here working in HR and I don't know the meaning of doing this work, where to go, I don't know the meaning of the work. I can't keep my passion working here.

I admit that I lost my patience and feel anxiety from the beginning of the new year,I found it's hard to develop my skills or i lost my curiosity.I am worried if I don't improve myself then i will out of date and did the same work as my present status(eg. salary )in the coming years. That's sounds like a nightmare.

That's why I wanna study Finance, a totally new and different subject.

And the root of my anxiety.

Thank you for your patience~~~~Thank you !

From India, Delhi
Hello Erica,

Well your response is really interesting actually though I accept you are worried about your career and expressing yourself and seeking some solutions here and we should respective to this, and I do respect it too and understand the same but felt me like your career query and sharing can be a great learning for many members here.

It is a good thing that you already have evaluated yourself and found your weakness and strength which certainly going to help you. See, you are in this situation because you are lacking faith on yourself and confidence on your present working today. You are feeling like this because you are not seeking more career opportunities or possibly your routine work made you feel like you are not learning. But you must not forget the work field you are not enjoying today has provided you a great learning and good career options even have testified your skills and made you feel great because of it, therefore you should continuing with in seeking more and further great learning and career opportunities.

Stability in career or good knowledge with practical experiences is more important to have a good career and further opportunities and that all you have because of your achievement with your present journey so far and must not take any action that made you feel REGRET on your decisions in future.

Why we always speaks about basic education and its importance to start with a particular function and related work experience to move on a career path, or why student/candidate/ beginner always asked to be focused with their interesting field of work/subject to make a good career because these thing are basic requirements and needs of career establishment. Initial career mistakes and distractions put people on the situation where they face many big problems and sometime it became really hard to find ways to get over these problems. However, the people who have blessed with good career options and have provided many good opportunities and great learning along with success even while there were lacking basic educations and skills; they must be respective to it.

“To reach a destination, one has to run on a way but can get many ways to run towards it along with the distraction/hurdles and many more troubles. Also success and good things at every stage but until you enjoy your journey and run by your heart/interest WHICH IS TOTALLY IN YOUR HAND, you can’t reach your destination and that all because of a losing interest in RUNNING” which is actually your problem here.

Second, as you accepted that in your initial years of career you made many mistakes and to let you know that you are gonna do the same mistake by your thinking over a decision to go for study in Finance which is totally a new and different subject/function than your career achievements.

You have to control on yourself first. To accept challenge and fight back is good but to run for many things or to run for multiple interesting things this are not good and here you have to take the things maturely.

In addition, by choosing finance as your future career option, from the stage you are today (by losing present achievements, work experience and knowledge) you have to spend more time (as it is a “time demanding” option) and money to make your career, possibly put you in a situation to take more worries in future. A may make you feel bad on your decisions, and that will not be a good thing for you I believe.

Third, To learn from something and keeping our interest alive by doing the same work or adding something in our present that helps us to enjoy the work, is in our hand. But if you feel that you are not enjoying your present because of routine work and feeling like HR is not more challenging and not giving you opportunities to learn, I seriously advice you to please change your perception first to see HR Work and responsibility. Moreover, you need to ask yourself about your real interest/ work area, aim of life and career again.

For example: you are repeating the same query with more key points of your worries to get a solution of your concern related to your CAREER which is an example of the work you have started here by posting your thread and adding more queries/questions.

Moreover, if you did not know the meaning of work that you are doing, will not be able to work till today but you manage it successfully as stated by you in your earlier query but the problem is “losing interest in doing” which is bothering you. There is nothing like limit and maybe something made you feel like this because of not getting more chances to develop yourself or not allowed to spreading your wings, that causing you, and to fight with the feeling/problem, you have to limit your thinking, which is the best idea.

By “Limit the thinking” I wanna say that you have to stop considering going outside from the present field but to work on how to enjoy your present work and what to do to regain your interest in your work.

Lastly, I wanna say that there is no problem in continuing with your present work field and hoping form you to not to take decisions that put you in REGRET

From India, Gurgaon
Hi,Anil Arora,Suresh Rathi and Saswatabanerjee
Thank you all so much, and you all helped me so much in my depressed days!
Please let me send my special thanks to Anil.
You have gave me so many great advice.
I've found another HR job in a multi-national company, which I think will improve my skills to be more professional.
And of course here will be much more challeges,but I will keep learning. I remembered "Learning can possible anything"!
I'll join the HR exam for my further on-the-job education program.
I've read a book called HR From the Heart by Susan R. Meisinger. This book helped me alot which helped me make decision to do more contribution in the HR field. I'm here recommended for all of us working in HR field.
And I think my dark day will also be my treasure for my future life.
I think keep learning,control depression and wait for the career oppotunity will help me go throught trouble and confuse!
Thank you all!!!
It's so lucky that you all here!!

From India, Delhi
Hi Erica,
Im glad that you found myself able to direct you and motivate you to take corrective actions with regard to your CAREER.
Now I would like to congratulate for your job and new beginning and wish you for a successful and bright future.
In addition to my last responses to you, I would like to say “Until you are enjoying your work, you are learning and if you learning, you are getting strong your knowledge, skills and expecting more and big success in your life but one important thing that you have to remember always is “EXPECTATIONS” which fuels many more problems therefore, it has to be in control.

From India, Gurgaon
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