I have done MBA (HR, Marketing) in 2010 and having experience of 2.5 Yrs. in HR Recruitment.
As of now i am feeling that to become a successful HR and getting growth in HR profile as well as salarywise growth is a very slow and difficult task.
Can anyone suggest me how can i change my career in different area and wich area would suit me.
What is Research Analyst profile, and can i try for this profile.

From India, New Delhi

Consultant HRD
Dear Yes the growth is slow but HR is vast area which has many other aspects i too started my career 7 years back n now slowly after the learning and having the practical knowledge i am HR Manager handling the Mall. so have patience work hard and try to find out and learn all the other areas of HR.

From India, Indore
I dont know the above said lines are true or not but one thing is always give good result and that is ward work and upgration in studies that we have to do as an hr otheir wise will face problem in growth in salary or in post
From India, Mumbai
Yes I also agree with Nancy, but if one is having a masters degree in HR, what more one can upgrade in terms of skills or certification for fast growth in career graph and also what are the opportunities one can have if one is handling HR and accounts both after pursuing MBA in HR.
From India, Delhi
doondi reddy

works for a Pvt Ltd Company
I feel your frustration toward Triple digit salary.
As a Hr only Try for MNC Companies, if you are good at skills they pay very good, but most of the time they go for a Contract basis jobs.
As a friend i would like to tell, in Just two years you Learn NIL in an organization, starting 6 months you spend most of your time AFRAID to do things and later on slowly doing things brave heartedly.
with out bleeding you cannot see good salaries, if at all you get also you will get into an Worst company that doesn't have Respect for your work.
if you have invested good amount on MBA, my free suggestion is take returns from it and mean while you get good exposure, at the same time try meeting people from your dream job profile through Professional network sites. take their feedback and take a decision.

From India, Bangalore
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Community Manager
I find this thread really interesting. How career evolves for one, is entirely an unique story. What works for everyone may suddenly not work for someone, in particular. Our members and experts have contributed with their suggestions, there isn't much for me to add.

Money offered as a salary in HR cannot be compared with other functions, till HR is one of the profit centres.

The exposure in HR is immense, hence the maturity gained is incomparable to any role. For e.g.: since decades the PA to MD or a GM may not have the glamour or compensation of a software consultant , but will have far greater understanding. The option to access the leaders and decision makers add on to the maturity.

HR is a custodian , hence enables everyone in the organisation including the decision makers. A CHRO will not decide for the next line of business , but will research to provide inputs for the sector where talents would be best and easiest to find.

My suggestion, look forward to add on to your business acumen and professional maturity. Find a mentor within the Organization and outside who can give you a view to the top.

There are no promises, that HR can make you the richest soul on this earth. But standing by, it will help you do best, while doing what you love the most!

From India, Mumbai

International Corporate Trainer / HR (OD) Consultant
Hi friends,

Let me try to be brief about myself, as I am afraid I may exceed the byte limit !

I started my career as a Secretary 40 odd years ago. Half way through, I was only helping the HR incharge, whenever I used to be free from my role as Secrtary to Vice President. Although I did my Graduation in Political Science and a Diploma in Russian language when i was in Agricultural Ministry in Govt of India with a view to become a translator / interpreter, which was my goal. However, I got transferred to Bangalore from Delhi and my destiny took a turn. I developed interest in HR activities (in late 80's) and this prompted me to do a PG Dip in HR through correspondence. After five years, I was given in charge of the HR activities as Executive-HR in 1994. Believe me, I retired as Sr. Dy. Gen. Manager / Head-HR. I underwent all soft skill training programmes, technical training in SAP-HCM, Mercer's Position Clarification Exercise, Thomas Profiling, Train the Trainer Programme for Performance Management System and also for Soft Skils and what not. I handled entire gamut of HR for our Business Unit and once I handled nearly 600 folders of Supervisors and Executives.

After my retirement, I became a trainer for our own company and conducted training programmes for our employees.

To sum up, grab your opportunities, develop yourself, keep on upgrading your knowledge, dont say NO to any assignment in any area of HR, because that will give you an opportunity to learn a new area of operation. Master communication skills,, Labour laws, and various other skills relating to HR operations and I am sure you will grow well..

Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.. so be prepared to slog, slog and slog ! You can never attain success overnight. Everything takes time. Work hard and wait for success to come to you at the appropriate time.

Best wishes

From India
I fully agree with the views expressed by Mr. Sundaram . He is a living role model to learn and follw to achieve carrier growth and success not only in HR or any other field.
Best Wishes,
T.P.V. Ravindran,
Consultant (Training & Development)
Harrisons Malayalam Limited

From India, Tiruppur

Administration & Liaisoning Head
Beautiful.. First, I would like to salute to your learning skills and objectives that were running with and to your achievements Mr. SUNDARAM.

I second Mr. Ravindran, Sir; you are truly an inspiring one. I’m really happy and obliged to have you here at this place and feeling great to know about you.

I always express myself to other about learning and the value of it in life which is everything actually and ask people to be a good student and learn sincerely that will help to make a good future/career with better understanding and maturity. Its life and at every stage, we have lot to learn. Life is our first and Almighty Teacher (my belief) and even call myself a "Student Of Life" bcz I love to learn from everyone, everything at every moment, though, we don’t know what will happen in future but we always having an realization that our present and firm actions helps us to make a good future, and that can only be the reasons to make this possible by learning and developing ourselves with the things consistently.

I also am agreeing with Mr. Negi about “Slow Growth with HR profile in terms of Salary” and found your statement contradictory. Will you please let me know your clear motive of your Career, you wanna be a successful HR Professional or feel like to get a good and handsome salary package, your must be a good and successful HR Professional. I actually don’t feel the same.

“If you are a good professional, have good knowledge and experience can get good salary and other benefits accordingly, and many more good opportunity in your career anywhere” but if you lacking skills to develop or introduce the new things to the HR world, and not learning from the things or say failed to expedite it, no matter you are getting a good package, you can’t continue with it. Being a learner one can grab the chances for development in career, can get big recognitions/fame, success and the achievements that every HR personnel and other dreamed of it. I actually don’t agree with your statement “SALARYWISE GROWTH IS A VERY SLOW AND DIFFICULT TASK” that evidently saying that you are at the wrong way and need to understand that Money can’t buy you success but Success can gift you Money at amount that will make you really blessed with many things.

There are many valuable suggestions and experiences shared by respective seniors and other member, hence, I just wanna say Jyotsana, you must learn about HR & Functions and need to switch with Core HR.

more at

- <link outdated-removed> <link fixed>




And, If you simple wanna know about “Research Analyst Profile” I believe you must be aware of this or have knowledge about it being an MBA-HR & Marketing, anyways, you can get the same by just a click at Google with complete information and definition.

Lastly, I would like to something about your Signature “Regards- ABCD” Can you please let me know why you afraid to using your name and using ABCD. I have a purpose to ask you this which is related to your question or something that made me feel after going through your query, which will be answered after your response.

@Khushi, very appreciating.. and wish you all the very best for you future and always believe in hardwork and earn experience and knowledge.

From India, Gurgaon
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