What is 5S?

5-S can be defined as

1. Seiri (Proper Arrangement and Clearing Up)

a) Look around your work area and ask yourself “is it really necessary for all items to be there?”

b) Separate O.K., reworkable and rejected items

c) Rework the reworkable items and dispose of the rejected items.

2. Seiton (Orderliness)

Items must be placed inprefixed locations so that they are easily accessible and can be easily used. Make sure that iten=ms can be clearly identified by labelling them properly.

3. Seiso (Clean Up)

Seiso means cleaning the work place and all the machinery by ourselves.

4. Seiketsu (Standardisation)

Even a clean work place with proper selection and proper arrangement will soon become dirty if Seiri, Seiton and Seiso are not continuously repeated. Let us prevent problems by keeping things standardized and maintaining a good environment.

5. Shisuke (Discipline)

Everyone shuld be disciplined to follow strictly the rules and maintain standards while working. For example let us adhere to the timings and let us follow the prescribed operation standads. Everybody should wear shoes for safety.

Advantages of 5S

By thoroughly enforcing 5S in each work area.

1. Operations can be performed without error, proceeding in a well-regulated fashion, resulting in fewer defective items thereby increasing the overall quality of product.

2. Operations can be performed safely and comfortably, reducing the chances of accidents.

3. Machinery and equipment can be carefully maintained, reducing the number of breakdowns.

4. Operations can be performed efficiently, eliminating waste thereby incrasing the efficiency and productivity.

How to Achieve 5S

5S can be achieved very easily by every employee by having a close look at his work place. He is to ensure that

1. No rejected / unwanted items are lying at his work place.

2. All items are kept in proper locations/order.

3. Everybody should co-operate with each other in keeping his and others areas and the machines clean.

4. All follow rules and regulations and maintain required standards.

Please Check

1. Do you have any unuseful thing around you?

2. Are all the required things kept at their allocated places?

3. Are you following the timings?

4. Are you following the operating standards?

5. Let us all review 5S.

13th September 2007 From India, Madras


i think 5sworkshop is for only the customer orientation and considering the cost of mur input process. thnks prabhu
25th June 2010 From India, Hyderabad
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