Situation is Psycho Director doing things by convincing Manager and present to staff saying management want/decide these things...from the last one year teaching staff & office staff suffering in unhealthy environment (shouting and harassment). We are in admin and we know that director doing things for her self satisfaction only. Manager is a management person and we don't know how to make him understand about the situation.

From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Ms. Latha Anu,

Issues are always faced at its criticality from employee-employee or mangement-employee or employee-management in any organization irrespective to sustainable advantage in the current situations.

Certainly, you happened to explain the trait reporting to the situation -- [Director doing things by convincing Manager] -- What are the things reffered to?

- You said the situation lasted for one year -- Why wasn't any action taken at that time?

- If you're aware that Manager is a management person, did you still challenge in speaking out? If not what has been the alternate situation thought by you & your colleagues?

You need to beckon for right things at right time rather to face the hindrances.

What-so-ever, might be the area you need to conflict your communication with respect to the issue feeling responsible as you too are a employee of that organization. Remember, if a bunch of folks feel that the Management (Director) is loosing temper, you need to delibrate your status quo that needs to be carried to the manager for on-time decision in terms of organization culture& welfare.

From India, Visakhapatnam
I am yet to understand your problem and evaluate the loss. I feel that, DISCIPLINED WORK-CULTURE is missing in your institution. If your DIRECTOR and MANAGER was a TRUE PROFESSIONAL, they wouldn't have behaved abnormally. Anger, harassment, high pitch/tone communication are not good signs for healthy organisation.
List down all the issues/difficulties you all had come across. Evaluate loss incurred if any. Define solution to the existing issues/problem and present it to the manager first and then to your director in a polite manner. If your manager is not considering your ethical/genuine request, If things doesn't work out then you may seek help from labour officer.
It is very important that you employees remain united whatsoever may happen. Under any circumstances, do not lose your temper, do not take wrong decision without evaluating the situation & circumstances.
Wwith profound regards

From India, Chennai
Your problem is not clear to me. I have led and been in education and management consulting for more than 3 decades, and am still a director and advisor to an educational group. There are several reasons for this kind of behavior. I don't want to imagine what is the problem in your case and go into all these through this forum. The Indian education system (primary, schooling and even higher education) is in a mess and need a lot to be done. There was even a one day workshop for heads of management schools on Quality in B Schools in IIMB last week. If u reach me directly and we discuss the issue may be I can help: ;
From India, Bangalore
Dear Latha,

Most of us have worked in a bureaucratic organisation , at least for once. In some organisation rules come ahead of people, while at other places, it might be, people ahead of rules. A strong leader wincing out her way to get things done , is almost what all of us have survived, atleast for once.

Just as it made your life difficult, so did it for us. We went to work , only to back count our numbered days of employment, there. No matter how hard it seemed back then, it got over , in its due course. Even if it didn't wizen us, it made us bitter and toxic, of course, till we decided to change how we want to feel about it.

You have a static situation, as of now. The leader is not going to change her behaviour. The management have hired her, for the reasons, best known to them. As in your place, you need to deliver, till you continue to report to her.

Few areas for improvement will always be there for you. I am sure, you have already learnt it from her. However, if you are being pushed beyond your limits, here what I would suggest you. You have already identified the response, she wants from the team. Follow the pattern, duck when you need to and deliver where it requires. She wants things to be done her way, let her control freak nature prevail. It lessen the burden for your team to brainstorm for efficiency.

Escalating her shortcomings might create a backlash. The Manager buys her logic. Hence, might not completely trust what the team says. This might sound beaten, please wait for the Manager to realise the gaps. Preparation for managing a backlash is more important than the escalation, itself. Belling the cat, remains your last resort.

Wish you all the best!

From India, Mumbai
I agree and second to Ms. (Cite Contribution) and Mr. Subramanian.

I forgot to mentioned that, A DYNAMIC VISIONARY LEADER is missing in your educational institution. If i am not wrong, i strongly feel that, your director failed to take up the complete ACCOUNTABILITY, RESPONSIBILITY and couldn't prove himself that he is COMMITTED for the growth of your educational institution. He do not possess PEOPLE MANAGEMENT SKILLS hence, he is taking support of his Manager. I found your manager HELPLESS PERSON because he too needs to safeguard his job.

There is a solution to your problem. Its your DIRECTOR who needs coaching on LEADERSHIP & PEOPLE MANAGEMENT SKILLS. There are changes your Director needs to undergo. To start with, he must develop guts and dare to work INDEPENDENTLY rather seeking others help. He must learn to evaluate situation and circumstances. He must call for FACULTY MEETING and seeks INPUTS. There is lot more to write but is he ready to get COACHED LEADERSHIP & PEOPLE MANAGEMENT SKILLS.

Kindly correct if i am worng.

From India, Chennai
The educational sector particularly the higher education such as MBA (except the IIMs and a few more of similar kind) in our country is controlled by people who should never be in the education sector They are a blot for the sector and the worst example of what a person should not be. For many of them, being in education is to cover up all their other activities and also deploy illegal wealth legally. They are fly by night operators and they run their business through dummies calling them principal, manager and so on and using their political and bureaucratic access clout. So you cant expect these managers to be anything other than the owners image in coat and suit, they generally dont have the capacity to discern, decide and convicnce the owner or even go against them on anything even if they find gross misdeeds. They in fact are the voice of the owner. The owners will also look for such people who represent their views and use all methods just to keep running the show. They recruit incompetent teachers based on tender (lowest salary demanded), ask them to do everything other than teaching to pull students, get them good grades through any means (not competency building) so that they can advertise for next batch. they falsify data on their placement record to misguide innocent students and parents, and so on. Unfortunately the regulatory system and enforcemnet is also lax in our country, you can buy anything for a price.This business goes on. You can see the result of all this: 50000 crores public sector bank loan from tax payers money in education, 7% NPA!!
From India, Bangalore
Dear Dfc9fc9a5a2add958475eb16e

If i am not wrong you are Dr. K.V. SUBRAMANIAN.

I strong disagree with your statement The educational sector particularly the higher education such as MBA (except the IIMs and a few more of similar kind) in our country is controlled by people who should never be in the education secto because there are very few visionary entrepreneurs who worked hard, proved their capabilities and made their dream come true. For example, M. V. Muthuramalingam, B.E, The Chairman of Velammal Group of Institutions, Chennai, Visionary Entrepreneur who established his identity as Educationist. His Educational Institutions are known for offering and delivering QUALITY EDUCATION. He hired all those who could dare to succeed in the field of Academics.

Well, INDIA will remain INDIA for ever, hence such threat is posted by those who are sufferers. There wont be major changes in India unless the INDIAN POLITICS is RE-BORN with NON-CORRUPTED UNSELFISH POLITICIANS aim to BUILD NEW INDIA.

I am not an Educationist but i love to be an EDUCATIONIST. If i had enough money, definitely i would have to set up educational institutions that should help students to secure job based on TECHNICAL / FUNCTIONAL SKILLS. Truly thankful to ALLAH (swt) for supporting my tenure with KHAJA EDUCATION SOCIETY, Gulbarga, though it was a tough time for me, wherein i fought with the Management to bring in major changes in MODUS OPERANDI and drive ENGINEERING & MEDICAL FACULTY to PRODUCE RESULTS by SHARING/DELIVERING THEIR REAL KNOWLEDGE which they had gained over period of time, TEACHING them "HOW TO LIVE A DISCIPLINED LIFE", HOW TO SET GOALS AND BREAK THEM INTO SMALLER GOALS BASED ON PRIORITY, HOW TO FOCUS ON THEIR LONG TERM CAREER THAT COULD MAKE THEM A SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONAL and lot more. Things didn't went well because Management didn't support my initiatives because Management didn't want to take risk and was under the assumption that, "FACULTY WILL QUIT IF WE IMPOSE NEW RULES".

Today, if i can generate money to equity(shares) i would love to start Educational Institutions right from PLAY SCHOOL till PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTION. I will never tie up with Indian Universities whose syllabus is OUT-OF-DATE nor making students to secure their DREAM JOBS. I only have to educate COMPANIES/ORGANISATIONS about the COMPETENCIES OF STUDENTS they had gained which is at par with their(companies) requirements. Mere degree should not be criteria for employment but CERTIFICATIONS(SKILLS LEARNED PRACTICALLY) in respective DOMAIN/AREA OF FUNCTION should be the criteria. For further promotion, i would recommend professionals to pursue further certification programme/course through Distance mode wherein sessions will be conducted during weekends. Based on their performance(results scored), they must be considered for promotion. There is lot more to write but, there is no use in sharing my views and i believe, i am just wasting my time here.

Last but the least, when we Indians are not perfect, there is no scope for blaming anyone(Indian).

With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Mr. Khadir,
The second part of your posting in fact contradicts the first part. So though you have opened the posting disagreeing with my views, you are actually more than agreeing with me in the latter part, though you may not want to say so! I dont and didn't deny in my posting that there are a very few in the sector who are doing good job (a minority), which I have anyway stated in my posting and the monority is getting a bad name for no facult of theirs. Some of these instututions are even standing apart from the crowd. I wish that tribe grows.
Thank you for supporting me. There are many who carry certain views but wouldn't air them in open fora for fear of .................. If people started airing their well thought out and deep rooted views and convictions we would have progressed far ahead

From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr. Subramanian,

I opposed because there are people who are doing well as they had succeed in established their identity, proved about their talent, though they are just an ordinary people with strong vision and mission statements besides being A LEADER.

The fault lies within us but not with the management because we are employees, due to our commitments we became helpless in nature and could not fight back. If FACULTY would have been COMPETENT enough to deliver their roles & responsibilities in par with INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS, management will follow their path. To my knowledge, even Faculty had tried to corrupt Modus Operandi of ethical Management just for selfish reasons, they followed them because they were given a big picture in terms of revenue generations, cost cutting and lot more. But they could not visualize the loss they are about to incurr in the long.

There are VISIONARY ENTREPRENEURS who are school drops out and had successfully established their identity in the field of Education Industry. On other hand there are BUSINESSMAN whoever just wanted to make money had succeeded in their mission. There are many Engineering colleges for SALE in Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu just because they had earned more than they had planned.

I strongly blame officials of Education Ministry(Government) because, they had issued license to set up and operate educational institutions to those who don't even knew about market trends, economy, industry demands and lot more. Such institutions made huge profits by luring students about PLACEMENTS. This had given birth to fake companies who also made huge profits by cheating students.

With profound regards

From India, Chennai

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