I did my mba in 2010. And lost in a interview because of less than 60%. I got an offer, but due to not interested in marketing, i didn't join. After wards, I really really prepared hard for 'hr' in banking field, but unfortunately not succeed.
(I have some interviews for PO posts in banks, but not 'HR').
Now I really felt fever of fear about my condition.
How to build my career in 'HR' field? Any chance of living again? or my career is over?

From India, Mumbai

Life is just beginning!

You seem to have given up all hope and regrettably all EFFORTS!

If you keep on passing up opportunities because you would like to only in HR, I suggest you need to rethink!

"Less than 60%" did NOT explain anything.

You also need to tell us something more about basic graduation,(college, University, city etc.), MBA (Autonomous or University awarded, Institute, City etc.)

In absence of any relevant information, all I can say is:

1) Life has NOT come to an end, NOR has the world!

2) Every day is NEW day that brings along with NEW opportunities and possibilities.

All that one needs to do is:

1) Not to loose HOPE or EFFORTS and

2) Create a STRATEGY to achieve your GOAL/S and to keep on reviewing the strategy for its efficacy in the operating environment!

Cheer up, you are young. You have a long way go in life and your youth has a lot of energy and zest! Don't let these RUST!

Ask more questions, if you like/need to but keep the efforts on a high intensity.



February 3, 2013


From India, Pune
70%+ in SSC and +2, less than 60% in BSc(Computers) and in MBA(HR).
I did my MBA in a university, not a b-school.
Infact I try to give a new day to my life. I have a great heart for life and love to see the beautiful way of life.
But, you know how a middle-class family fear about unemployed family member. And writing fiction is my another interest.

From India, Mumbai

More than the marks becoming an obstacle, I am afraid your focus is either hazy, or is influenced by some influences that you have not been able to resolve or you find it difficult to make up your mind due to many "pressures" like, family expectations, middle class compulsions and the reality that your love (writing fiction) is unable to impress those around that it could be a worthwhile occupation, and in our country to a large extent this is TRUE!

Your main stay in life has to be economic strength (to be able to take care of you and your dependents in a world where "comparisons", " unbridled inflation" and there being always few opportunities and too many takers, one has to develop and acquire a strong economic base and only thereafter one is able to pursue his/her heart's desires!

Sad but this is true and the only way is to try and take command on your reality. If less marks have become an obstacles you may have to start "lower" than even your colleagues and build your way up with growing competence. Marks are a valid consideration (not in my personal/professional opinion though) only at entry level. Thereafter your growth has a strong positive correlation with you Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes.

Now I suggest that you read my earlier mail along with this mail, and face the future with supreme confidence (without caring excessively) about what others say!

Cheer up and good luck to you and your efforts!



February 4, 2013


From India, Pune
Spend time on your CV, review again and again and again, focus with business language. Build your personality which will reflect on your CV, In education and after education there is no GAP. Just need concentration what ever you have done and how you are demonstrating.
Interview is an art, an education. Appear again and again for interviews, face the people, face the problems, find out gaps after interviews and cover up that gaps. In HR there is so many terms, study human resource management in project management. Do practice in tools and techniques, watch training and inspirational videos. Follow your seniors and your successful classmates.
engage yourself with the problems, because you are the only one has the solution of that problems.

From Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
I can understand teh state of your mind. Dont think this is the end of your life / career, there is lot more ahead of you. Many great people have been utter failures in the early stages, including Narayana Murthy. May be you could be one among them over time.

Now come to reality. Yours is a typical case of MBAs who have high aspirations, more than life size image, poor connect with reality on the ground, belief that an MBA means you are a different species and that takes care of everything..... Such an aura and hype has been created by the media and sporadic cases of great success from some IIMs / IITs.

You need to introspect what you are, your likes/ dislikes, strengths/ constraints, what u want to do, have a focus, be ready to do some hard work, dont expect the moon to land on you immediately, be realistic and practice to keep a cool but focused, resolute mind. Dont get drifted by what your friends might say about you,......What is needed is presence and strength of mind. Believe in yourself. Things will work out for you. I am sure several years from now, you will share your experiences and be a mentor for others. Failure is not bad, but not learning from it, is. wish u good luck

From India, Bangalore
I have seen many MBAs make this mistake, or rejecting offers that come their way expecting more offers or better offers.
Unfortunately, colleges make the matters worse by pretending that the jobs pay higher than what market is actually willing to pay.
The gap is a problem because employers do not want to take someone who has not worked immediately after college.
However, that is not true for all companies.
you will need to lower your standards, take up any HR job that you get, even if the salary is poor.
You need to get experiance and then switch to a better paying job.
there are smaller companies who need people and are willing to take a risk with a "Gap" provided you are willing to work for lesser than market rate (remember you are a fresher, so you will get entry level salaries anyway)

From India, Mumbai

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