Dear Senior Members,

I am in a very stuck situation and have been advised by a in-relation lawyer that if i send him notice or file recovery suite then he can in return file a compensation damages case against me. Since the 1st project dues are pending, I started working on 2nd project thinking that i will get the first cleared. He told me that i have signed a letter for the 2nd project and left in between. This could be the reason for the company to recover damages from me. But the reason of leaving in between was they haven't paid me my previous project balance payment and they are blaming me for everything as i have caused them loss by leaving the project in between.

The 2nd letter which i signed was basically a 1 page letter stating my services, position and renumeration. There were 2 points besides all these info which can be a problem and they are :

1. Your responsibility includes every aspect of editing and that you would ensure the quality as expected by the Director and the client.

2. You would not engage yourself with any other work during this time period and make yourself available for the entire duration of the project.

These were the only 2 terms mentioned in that letter which i signed.

But in my 1st letter, it was more of a appointment letter without terms and conditions mentioned. There was one point mentioned which states that "As discussed your fee will be structured as will be paid in full within 15 days of the completion of the project and via cheque."

Now please advice what action should i take? or just move on.

From India, Delhi

Looks like what I mentioned in my response of 12 Jan as a POSSIBILITY [ "I am not sure if you have put IN-WRITING the reasons why you stopped working on the Second project. If not, then the company COULD have an edge from legal aspects"] looks more likely a PROBABILITY, based on your last update.

Frankly, my reading of the action-plan is what you mentioned in the end--'....just move on', however much this pains or irritates @ the way this client of your's has taken advantage.

But....and with a CAPITAL B.........this needs to be your learning chance too. First & foremost, I think you need to learn to put things in-writing with the long-term aspects in-mind.

Suggest FIRST talk to your in-relation lawyer to draft an Agreement Draft that you can use it regularly, without depending on the client(s), who, in all probability, CAN ease-out/miss-out/include the aspects that you MAY use if things don't turn-out well. like it's happened now.

SECOND, try to do some sort of a Background Check of the client BEFORE you get into any contract/agreement--this won't be very tough, given the reach of internet today. You may not even need to take help of Agencies, like Companies do to get the BCs done for prospective employees.

THIRD, learn NOT to React, but TO Respond--MAYBE had you known that this situation COULD have come-about, in all probability, you MAY NOT have stopped working on the second project, but WOULD have handled the issue in different way. Pl give this a thought.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
Dear , Please send me the contract signed letter and all others payment & pending history and we will talk to the company. Best Regards Sajid
From India, Delhi
For freelance it totally depend on trust .. cause their is no paper work , no documents to prove that ur employee or you work over their or u hire to complete an assignment. if the situation is worst ,, have a word with cram and try to get your money that the only thing u can do

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Anonymus, Concern in local consumer court with the details of all the documents which ever you have with that particular project.
From India, Chennai
Hi, Concern to the local consumer court along with the particular project documents which you are having, but don’t be delay.
From India, Chennai

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