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Pls suggest few training topics to be conducted for Manager and above, as I have recently joined in a steel manufacturing co and I am suppose to conduct few behavioral trainings for the said persons
From India, Mumbai
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Dear M Garkhel,

Please appreciate that every vertical,(yours is that of steel) has its own peculiarities, besides the typical needs of the individuals and the training required for your managers would need certain behavioural programmes and not others. I would suggest that a Training Need Analysis and Identification needs to be done before one can suggest what kind of programmes would suit your managers, However, I am attaching some of the modules that we have on the shelf for your use, which you can refer to start with.



• Staff Retention Strategies 2 days or 3days HE Middle & Senior levels

• Emotional Intelligence 2 days HE Middle & Senior levels

• Feedback Skills 2 days HE Middle & Senior levels

• Analytical Skills 2 days HE Middle & Senior levels

• Finance for non-finance executives 2 days HE Middle & Senior levels

• Operations for non-operations executives 2 days HE Middle & Senior levels

• Performance Management 2 days HE Middle & Senior levels

• Talent Acquisition Strategies 2 days HE Middle & Senior levels

• Building and Nurturing Partnership with Vendors/Customers 2 days HE Middle & Senior levels

• Effective Communication & Presentation 1 day LE Junior & Middle levels

• Effective First Time Managers/The unseen errands 2 days LE Junior levels

• Prioritising & the Q2 Principle 1 day HE Middle & Senior levels

• Boss! Are you there? (Based on best seller, ’First Break All The Rules’- a trailblazer workshop) 2 days HE Middle & Senior levels

• Coaching & Mentoring 2 days HE Middle & Senior levels

• Change Management 2 days HE Middle & Senior levels

• ‘Esprit-De-Corps’ – Team Spirit and Team Building (Outdoors) 2 days or 3days HE Middle & Senior levels

• ‘The Leading Edge’ – A Leadership Development Programme (Preferably Outdoors) 2 days or 3days HE Middle & Senior levels

• Quality Circles & Kaizen 1 day LE Junior levels

• ‘Catch-up’ – a workshop on aligning KRAs with business goals 2 days HE Middle & Senior levels

• Work Culture 2 days LE Junior levels

• Conflict Management 2 days HE Middle & Senior levels

• Time Management 2days LE Junior & Middle levels

• CAP - a workshop on Consumer Affiliation 2days HE/LE Senior, Middle and Junior Management levels

• Right to Information and corporate governance 2days HE Senior and Middle Management Levels

• Negotiation Skills 1 day LE Junior & Middle levels

• Presentation Skills 2 days LE Junior & Middle levels

From India, New Delhi
Sharmila Das

Dear Mgarkhel,

Managing a manufacturing plant can pose even greater challenges, since there are also safety considerations, labor issues and maintenance problems. Managers here always want to foster a team environment to be started. For such pavement managers first need to understand and contribute their part.

Appending some more techniques for training like - Safety First:- This is based on the need for safety around the plant. A kind of a contest that makes the team come-up with new and innovative ideas on how to protect themselves and fellow team members to safety hazards. Imagining a long way here may help the team appreciated at the time needed.

Rewarding members non- fiscally:- Simple yet a plain technique. Smart managers will love to do this, where they scrutinize the work with different set of motivations. Basics, like how to recognition for extra work with more effective time (given with any good reward) or a get together luncheon where you can share the effective ways to progress the exceptional performance.

From India, Visakhapatnam

Thanks for the your valuable inputs Dhruva & Sharmila.
@ Dhruva, The topics are really catchy, however I do not have expertise to run few programs.Is there any source from where I can get the content or any input.I have been conducting trainings for a Manager level so far, really confused as to how will I run the show.
Becos when we are conducting a program for senior level lot of things have to be taken care.
Also if you can share few samples/formats on TNA/TNI
Pls help

From India, Mumbai

Lean Thinking for Managers and Manager Coaching Skills and Culture is a good way to start. TNA is performed as part of these 2 programs.
From Malaysia, Petaling Jaya


Lean Thinking for Managers and Manager Coaching Skills and Culture is a good way to start.

Lean is simply about creating more value for customers by eliminating activities that are considered waste. Any activity or process that consumes resources, adds cost or time without creating value becomes the target for elimination. One of the important aspects of Lean is the focus on 'system-level' improvements (versus 'point improvements'). It's the system-level work that can dramatically improve a company's bottom line results. This knowledge, combined with the understanding of how to remove waste properly, is critical for any successful Lean implementation.

Common Lean improvement tools and techniques will be identified and the class will discuss how best to apply these techniques from a Lean system perspective. The common mistake companies make by focusing on 'point' improvements versus 'system' improvement will be studied - 'point' improvements creating 'exciting chaos' and 'system' improvement creating dramatic bottom line improvements.

Different types of Waste will be defined from a Lean point of view. Class will brainstorm, identify and classify the different types of waste that they see within their own work environments. Identifying waste is the first necessary step. Knowing how to properly remove it, is much more challenging. The root causes of Waste will be examined and successful methods used to eliminate it will be discussed.

From Malaysia, Petaling Jaya
Dear Mgarkhel,
Communication skills are very important at all levels. So, there is a need to provide communication skills training to Managers and above.
Personality Development training also useful to them
Training on Managerial Skills

From India, Mumbai
Pls also suggest some trainings to be conducted in a real estae company. I have recentle joined and given the assignment to do so.
-->How to start a training program?
--> What kind of training can be conducted?
It will be of great help.

From India, New Delhi

Dear Garkhal,
Many proposed programs have been birthed as indeed, there are plenty on the plate. What is important like some of them have suggested that you conduct a TNA or if time does'nt permit, do a quickie i.e. TNI (Training Needs Identification). TNI is really a short cut and easy way-out and your managers would love it as you have helped them by listing all the possible programs (also don't forget to leave some space for them to add-on). They only have to pick the training menu they believe they need. Bingo! That's it, you now know what they want. The next step is to identify the necessary resources and carry out the identified programs. Don;t forget to budget for the programs.
Best of luck to your endeavour!

From Malaysia, Ampang

Dear Garkhal,
Firstly, thanks for raising a very useful query. In my opinion, although i support almost all the socio-technical and financial knowledge based programs listed by many of them, i personally feel the managers have to be given a program on DELEGATION, which will help find a successor or give an insight into the succession plan. Also push the bar of individual excellence and create a truly empowered society. This will pave its way to transformational and participative leadership.
If interested contact 09952419530
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From India, Tiruppur
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