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This is t enable me come up with some interesting not expensive activities to keep employees boasted to do their job productively each day.
From Nigeria, Lagos
Sharmila Das

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From India, Visakhapatnam


I would have preferred to know about your situation:

1) nature of industry,

2) number of employees,

3) average age of your employees,

4) average period of service (employment)

5) average education/skills sets of your employees

6) nature of technology/products/markets and

7) general structure of emoluments being paid presently. No, I am more interested in the structure and facilities etc.

Based on answers to above questions,we need to decide whether "training" or "welfare activities" would be more advantageous. We perhaps need to develop a strategy for employee engagement ahead of other approaches.

The more related information you provide the better will be quality of help, assistance and recommendations you will receive from this message board.

Please do not feel bad for my having raised so many questions, but I want to genuinely help you as your question is important!



December 5, 2012


From India, Pune

i appreciate your prompt responce.
here are the info you asked for
1. my company is an HMO (Health Maintainance Organization), we are into health insurance.
2. staff strength is about 150 people
3. between the ages of 20 and 50
4. three months to seven years in the company
5. High school to PHD holders
6. different health insurance plans, our market is for organizations, family and individuals
7. structure; BOD - MD - ED Tech, EDMS - HR -Admin - Operations

From Nigeria, Lagos


You want interesting and not too expensive activities to do to motivate employees? Great question.

Each human being has the same five basic needs: to be heard, to be respected, and to have competence, autonomy, and relatedness. The last three are what motivates us according to the Self Determination Theory of Edward Deci and Richard Ryan.

In my experience as an executive and manager, the extent to which I met those needs dictated the level of performance of my people. As a command and control manager they did not perform really well. After I shifted to the opposite approach of listening to them and responding to their concerns to their satisfaction or better, their performance rose hugely eventually achieving the 500% performance gain Stephen Covey told us was possible.

So get all the managers to listen to their people and respond to what they hear to the satisfaction of the people or better. Employees will love it and begin to excel beyond your wildest dreams. There are many reasons why this method is so effective and others are not. Besides, any executive or manager can be coached to become highly proficient at these skills.

Best regards, Ben Simonton

Leadership is a science and so is engagement

From United States, Tampa


Excellent and thanks!

It is clear that you are working with mostly white collared employees.

This means that education and culture are largely homogeneous!

I suppose you do have a system of appraisals based on job profiles, if not on KRAs and KPAs,

Dose your company works on short terms goals and long term goals and break these down to

individuals as targets for each year?

What are present day incentives for boosting performance/individual productivity!

Is achievement of organizational goals depend upon "team work" primarily or is it that a lot of people individually sell insurance and bring in business> I understand, Team Work is essential for any organization. Your answers will add value to what we plan to do to improve collective performance! Till then, kindly consider:

1) Improve communication within various levels of the hierarchy.

2) Engage employees through sharing of company information-progress, set backs, problems and opportunities.

3) Arrange "out bound training" programmes to create close knit teams/groups.

4) Install a system of monthly "presentations" of individual performance and decide "Star Performer" of the month. Recognize and reward!

5) Conduct "brain storming" sessions with senior management members to facilitate development of "organizational perspectives".

Your response to this thread will lead to more suggestions. Kindly note that so far I have not suggested any non-work related programmes at all!

I await your response.

If you have tried any of these or such initiatives please share your experience also!



December 5, 2012


From India, Pune

Include KAIZEN & Quality circle and award the best kaizener,
Give adequate training sessions which is really helpful in developing the individual
Install Employees engagement activities
Install gyms/ indoor /outdoor games
Arrange for a employee health checkup/ eye checkup
arrange for music system in canteen
Provide medical/health insurance cards/ cashless cards as per your management approval & policy
changes in the canteen menu if possible.
arrangement of giving Umbrellas/Woolen coats/Rain coats/fur towels to the employees based on the budget. goes on.
HR - Associate

From India, Chennai

thank you all greatly. All these ideas are indeed very helpful Vanathi please can you explain further what you mean by " KAIZEN & Quality circle" thank you so much
From Nigeria, Lagos
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