Respected Seniors, I am a Territory Executive working for an electronics manufacturer company, kindly advice me regarding how to built passion and dedication towards work.
From India, Hyderabad

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I would suggest that you begin by doing an objective self evaluation. Ideally you must focus on your strengths and abilities and aim to make the best of these assets that you posses. At the same time be realistic about your weakness (e.g. your fear of public speaking ) and systematically work towards eliminating it. It is important that you WRITE down your long term, medium term and short term goals preferably following the SMART goal formula. Do not forget to periodically review your goals and make changes as you deem necessary. You must periodically benchmark your progress with those of your peers not merely as a measure of evaluating competition but to give you a realistic feel of how you are faring.

Once you know your goals it becomes relatively easier to focus on being motivated. While the extrinsic motivators would be vital for career growth and financial well being, in the long term it is the intrinsic motivators that will determine your passion, zeal and persistence to achieve your professional, personal, financial, social and self actualization goals. You also need to regularly identify, enjoy and celebrate the big and small success that you achieve, to keep your enthusiasm high, your motivational levels at peak levels and reinforce your own self belief.

Find out new challenges in your job. These could be opportunities for you to leverage your creativity, discover some hidden talents and potential in the process and also make an impression on your superiors, subordinates and clients. To grow you need to take on new responsibilities. Seek such opportunities by volunteering, accepting gracefully difficult assignments and expanding your work profile.

I would also invite you to go through the inputs in the following Inspirational and Motivational blogs listed below, which can also give you a lot of inputs on keeping your enthusiasm, spirit and zeal alive and dynamic.

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You could also benefit by going through the contents of the following post sourced from Citehr

Best Wishes

From India, Mumbai
The simplest way to build passion is to do what you Love and to Love what you do. Since the first part may not be very easy, focus on trying to find out reasons to love what you do.
From India, Pune

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Hi Mr.Reddy,
Mr.Jacob is a very passionate Trainer and I admire him always for his outstanding knowledge and skills. He has furnished a detailed post. Whereas Barnbarn submitted it in a simple form.
The passion is nothing but developing a strong emotion with apposite visualization for anything that we want to achieve in life and imbibing it in our subconscious mind.
Convey what you need to subconscious mind emotionally and effectively.
Develop strong self belief to achieve it
Visualize it
Repeat it again and again
See the results for yourself.
All the best
Ganesh Ramachandran
Founder: LIME

From India, Tiruppur
love ur work... spend more time on work... dont get frighten if u get tough work... learn more thing in ur field. upgrade yourself All the Best Asrar.
From India, Hyderabad
Jacob and others have given valuable inputs and tools on developing passion. But it is necessary to understand how passion is and what is it's colour and that you can identify it properly. Passion should be like the one Edison who invented electric bulb, had . He failed 500 times, it is said, in his experiments but he never gave it up and ultimately invented such a thing that lights up billions of homes, the world over.Passion should be like the zeal of Columbus who discovered America( correct me if I am wrong) despite thousands of miles of journey,storms and rough seas.A passion of this nature can only be intrinsic.The key emotive pillars that sustain passion are :1) A definite goal to pursue 2)you have chosen such a goal to satisfy an emotive urge to do things differently or to accomplish some thing lofty 3)a strong feeling and a burning desire to achieve the goal. It is said a small flame cannot heat the vessel 4) A never ending enthusiasm to pursue the goal.

What prompted me to describe passion is your query as to how you can develop passion towards your work. It conveys that you are not feeling passionate about your work for the present. Do you want to know how to develop interest in work.If so first, probe those factors which do not make you feel passionate about your work now.This will help you develop at least interest in work if not passion.



From India, Mumbai
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Dear Vamsi,
To Built passion you want to have a Strong Knowledge about HR and you should maintain a good relationship with employees.Mainly you should think out of want to study your Organizational Climate & you should act accordingly.
HR Executive

From India, Chennai
In my view, passion is an emotion that is intrinsic but not dependent on external requirements like knowledge and skills..Good knowledge and interpersonal skills are tools that help in accomplishing a task efficiently.Passion is like fuel that drives a vehicle. A vehicle with a great machine will not move unless it is fuelled by gas. For example, great industrialists like Dhirubhai Ambani could set up industrial empire in petrochemicals because of his burning passion for it but not because he is great exponent in chemical engineering. Of course knowledge and skills help you reach excellence in whatever you are doing if you have passion for it.You can acquire knowledge if you have passion for it but you cannot develop passion for a particular thing be cause you have knowledge of it. that is the reason, you find engineering students opting for HR jobs rather than technical jobs because they have passion for people related functions but not machine related processes..



From India, Mumbai
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