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Although I have been a strong believer that scoring or competition methods should not be used in a community - but lately I have been feeling that some recognition is due to all the users who stand up to help others.

Till now we did not have a valid way of showing a user's contribution into the community. Just number of posts are not a good measure - so we were individually identifying great community members and marking them as seniors. This is however not very scalable as about 2000 new members come in every day and many of them are very helpful to others.

To give some sense of accomplishment and identification of helpful members I am adding the "Appreciation score" to be displayed on all posts they make.

Please remember that appreciation should be taken seriously and should ONLY be used when you truly feel that the material is useful to the community.

This is still NOT a competition but just a special display for people who have truly been helpful to others and a mark that shows that the help is appreciated.

This will also provide a sense of warmth in the community - to know that helpful people are everywhere and we need not be cynical and should definitely not hold back to help others in their hour of need or confusion.



From India, Gurgaon
Dear CHR,
I wanted to know whenever we post a query, we get maximum reply from the members. but my query is how would we get to know which of the solution is the best. sometime reply from the members contradict with each other and due to that we don't get to know whom to follow.
So, i have a suggestion that at the end of query please conclude the solution in a best way.

From India, Delhi
@Bhatmenakshi - We may try building a voting system for replies but since the community is built as a discussion platform if we sort the replies based on the voting it will break the flow of the discussion.
A better option is to use the "Appreciate & Validate" button - a box of heart is shown on the right side - if you click on it it'll show you the most appreciated replies and you can take your cues from there.
@Nashbramhall - :) Agree with your and your tutor's point of view.

From India, Gurgaon
Dear Simhan,
I agree with your view point but whenever we conduct a GD, at the end of the discussion we conclude it. And this conclusion i am asking from you experienced people (senior member, super moderators). and moreover we are not here for discussion only or making assumption but for the possible solution of the problem, if, possible.
I hope u understand what i am trying to say.

From India, Delhi
Greetings to All,

Thanks you so much Mr Sid that you came with the topic that actually was important to discus. Even I have observed many member here are not getting the value of “Appreciation and Validation” tool.

Let me express myself on this ..

“Why do we appreciate other on their response/replies?” is really an important question that must understand and need to be answer before using it.

This tool we having is, not just to appraise other for their responses that we found bit good or made us feel good somehow but to judge the answer and response that actually fulfill the purpose of posted thread/query or question.

Meenakshi has raised a very good and valid question that we often found the responses by members that contradict with each other and still being appreciating by other or by the owner of posted thread. Which not actually serve the purpose of this tool and lost the dignity I feel.

“I must not appreciate the response/reply/answer of someone that just made me feel good or I am happy with it but if the same meets the expectations with the motive and giving me a sense of easiness and acceptance regards to my query/question”

We often get many same replies and responses of our question/query by several members, which also are appropriate and accurate but in different style, but not all responses need to be appreciated or cant be appreciated.

We are all more vulnerable and needy than we like to imagine. Authentically appreciating others will make us feel better about ourselves, which actually never serve the purpose of tool we having here.

And in answer of “which of the solution/answer is the best and we needs to follows” I would like to share what William Lloyd Garrison has said.

“Are right and wrong convertible terms, dependent upon popular opinion? ~ William Lloyd Garrison

From India, Gurgaon
Dear CHR,
Good initiative also request you to remove the contributing member title from all members, because as per my observation, any person who posts above some x no of posts gets the title of Contributing Member, then whether his post can be just 50 questions also, so i dont really understand on what basis do members get the title of Contributing Member, just on the no of posts or based on how many queries they reply or how many queries they ask.

From India, Madras
Dear Siddhartha & Others !
This is a very good initiative to start appreciating others for their best answer given , also we need to avoid this site being fancy with no right answer , I feel if moderator will be able to sum-up the every discussion & provide a best solution / answer as people like me is looking for a answer against query made , some times based on maximum recommendations we may ASSUME that this is the right answer & may be lost in legal battle..

From United States, Manchester
Respected all,
Greetings to all seniors members,
I am new to this forum and here to know about field of HR. I regularly read comments by seniors and acquiring knowledge about this vast field. I would like to express my views on this topic
I take it in the way like having a thesis over a subject by taking views and opinions of seniors and other concerned. Now it is our way of capturing knowledge and answer to the query in mind. And I feel decision for the correct one can be taken at own. However on the other hand if final answer to post by senior members is available at the end will also solve the purpose.

From India, Delhi
Nice Thought Mr. Sid..
I agree with you..
This is the good way to measure a member rather than counting the number of contributions.. A member's worth can be measured this way..
Moreover, any contribution from member should add value to the thread instead of posting anything invalid or which doesnot add anything informative..
Therefore, I would like this method...

From India, Bangalore
We can observe so many members who just add comments which has nothing informative..
And we have also seen few members... with few number of posts but with more appreciations...
Few members with high number of post but less appreciations received..
So, I would identify members...
The ratio of number of contributions to appreciations received must be considered..
For instance,
Consider, the below 2 cases:
Sl no. Posts Appreciations received
1. 10 08
2. 20 08
So, in this case obviously, the 1st person is a more worthy member...Therefore, ratio of both is to be considered..

From India, Bangalore

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