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Dear Seniors !
Greetings for the Day,
We have planned In house trainings for our company's staff after discussions with the concerned staff members and their HODs, but still people are not attending the trainings.
Can any one guide me for improvng the attendancein trainings.
Waiting for your replies.

From India, New Delhi

Initially when you start the concept of trainings in an organization, people feel it would be a waste of their time.
You need to be a little strict with them and also request their HODs to push them to attend the training.
You can link their attendance to their Appraisals, if so required, to persuade them to attend the training.
Once, they attend and feel that they are benefiting from the training, they would ask you to arrange the sessions.

From India, New Delhi

Dear Mr. Amit,
1) The employee's should be informed that the training is for their benefits
2) You need to be little strict on the attendance on the training day.
3) The training may also include few games on each topic, so that they participate and enjoy the training sessions
4) If the training session is interactive, the employee participates more
5) Please speak to your HODs:
- To make an internal circular informing the employees about the training program
- Enhance the communication with the co-workers and counsel them

From India, Thana

Sometimes, reward does not work but punishment will !
Anyway, one suggestion could that you will issue certificate of participation in training programme which will help them in adding them to their resume. Participation in all training programmes in an year should enable them to get an increment or appreciation.
These are some suggestions.
Best wishes

From India

Dear Amit,
I agree to the points mentioned by the other members in this thread. Adding my views for an effective training when you are not getting favorable response from participants:
1. Based on the Training Need Analysis, concerned HOD should educate their respective employees the benefits of such training by rolling out emails to the employees attending the training.
2. To have compulsory attendance during the training period and absenteeism will be treated as leave and attendance should be taken thrice on each training day.
3. Mandatory to write the exam at the end of the training and certificate is given only for passing such exam.
Appreciate others do share their experiences in handling this type of issue for our learning purpose.

From India, Hyderabad

Dear Amit,
Following are my views to get maximum attendance in training programs:
1) Firstly HOD's should have a one-on-one SWOT Ananlysis with each employee, this giving them a proper understanding about themselves.
2) HOD's should have a departmental meeting and appraise everyone, the need and benefits of the training program.
3) HRD should introduce a policy incorporating 'xxx' hours of training mandatory on annual basis.
4) All employees who supposedly should attend, must be informed well in advance about the training.
5) Facilitators should introduce Training Feedback Forms, which will give you their view points about such training programs.
Rest training evaluations (pre and post) should be carried out to take appropriate measures to ensure complete attendance in the following training programs.
Hope you find the above useful.

From India, Mumbai
BrainLight HR Solutions

Dear Amit,
Attendance you can achieve in two ways
1) Forcefully Attendance (With compulsion)
2) Willing Attendance (With convinced approach)
I would prefer to go for 2nd way, because trainee should be willing to take training / learning then only actual learning is possible.
Create interest in trainees to attend the training session. Explain benefits of training etc. Create excitement among trainees about new learning opportunities and how this will help to achieve self and organizational objectives.
Ask seniors also to attend training session and sharing their experience and take regular feedback on training for improvements. I think with this approach you can create Learning organization, and then attendance is very small subject in front of creating learning organization.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Amit,
Please review the following:-
1. Whether the faculty you are using is effective or not
2. Make some arrangements for tea/coffee/snacks during the training session to make the participants feel good.
3. Training should purely be need based. It should not be that T & D is having a target of say 16 man hours per employee of training per annum and to meet the target the T & D is forcefully ask the employees to attend the training irrespective of training need identified for a particular employee or not.
4. Instead of class room training can you think to organize internal training at some external location to thwart any undue disturbance.
5. Try to include some fun filled activities during the training session to make it more live other wise participants start carrying an impression of preaching is easy than practice.

From India, Gurgaon

Dear Amit,
1. If you did not do a trainning needs assessment before the trainning, do it now by engaging your staff in the assessment,
2. make the trainning programme compulsory and hence indicate that failure to attend would attract a sanction
3.Invite resource persons from relevant ministry and above all
4. tag attendance to this trainning to promotion of staff from one rank to another.

From Ghana

Hello Amit,
I am in agreement with all those who talk about 'attending training' as a pro- active and a 'win-win' approach. Also there are certain 'pre' training procedures that we follow. These procedures help us create a connect and confidence amongst those who are to attend the training. These result in a good attendance and also a willing approach towards the workshop.
These are more valuable inputs are a part of our 2 day workshop which is called 'The Magic of Making Training Fun' Do write to me should you be interested in knowing more about the Workshop.
Wishing you the very best for your sessions ahead. Also have a happy festive season ahead.
Warm regards,
Sharmishtha Ranade
PlatinumOne Learning Solutions

From India, Mumbai
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