Dear All,
I am working on formation of attendance reward system for 100% attendance monthly basis.
We are into retail sector kind of staff working with us sort of laborer class has more issues related to absenteeism.
Management has assigned budget on reward system 5% of turnover for quarter.
We have come-up with non monetary reward ideas.
1) deo Plus shaving kit - Mens ( These idea we have derived to ensure grooming standards too)
2) Deo plus small make kit - Girls
3) Shoes ( Will be used while working in store. We dont provide shoes in uniform policy)
40 Movie ticket & wrist watch for quarter winner throughout the quarter 100% attendance.
Ideas - Gift vouchers/bigbazaar/sodexo voucher we found not much interesting our people dont know how use that .
I would like understand form seniors will such kind ideas motivate staff to remain present.
If you have more ideas please share with me.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Milan,

I don't think the non-monetary rewards will work for the retail industry. Even monetary rewards will work only for some extent.(sales person is quitting job for Rs.500 or Rs.1000 increase in salary).

Firstly we have to understand the needs of the sales force. The age group will be between 18 - 25 yrs. He/she will be thinking to enjoy with friends or family. Even though most of the people would have 10th or 12th they also have the same feelings what the others have in the same age group.

In retail industry these people have to work on Sundays as well as on National Festival holidays. Moreover the person is not given leave for his / her personal needs / family function. Even you say an employee has 30 days leave in a year whether the same has been given/ approved to the employee by Department manager / Store Manager.

Here the sales staff is least bothered to inform the DM / SM regarding his leave. He/she does not feel even you mark LOP for them.

In today's scenario there will be absenteeism, you cannot control it 100% but you can avoid it by certain initiatives.

1. Identify the sales staff who is taking leave regularly, have a counselling session with / without DM /SM, understand the problem.(Still the problem persist terminate the employee).

2. On the employee B'day, give him/ her a movie ticket and ask them to leave by half day.

3. Conduct a group discussion regarding various topic like absenteeism, integrity on a Saturday / Sunday meeting within the sales staffs. Also you can conduct an role play based on your company values.

4. Derive an incentive plan for each staffs or department.

5. Conduct training program like product knowledge, communication skills, self development.

6. Show a inspirational/ motivational movie on a lean day where you don't expect much sales.

7. Take an outing / conduct in-door games, fashion shows within employees, culturals etc.

If possible try to give 1 day salary as attendance bonus if the employee comes for 30/31 days.

Note : Every employee should think he is learning some thing new every day. Unless you dont care them they dont.

From India, Mumbai
For a labour class employee a deo is a good gift to his brother-in-law on his birthday or some other occasion. Have you ever come across a labourer smelling of Old Spice anywhere in India. Have you ever seen a lady worker looking more like Kajol or Karishma and chopping vegetables in a mall? For that matter, how many bai's who belong to a similar social structure come wearing mascara to our homes with eyebrows that look the bridge over river Kwai?
The rewards have to be something like 5kg of rice, or maybe a bag of sugar, or maybe a litre of cooking oil, or maybe a combo pack worth Rs.500 of different stuff. That makes more sense that giving deos to people who love their sweat more than Old Spice. Movie tickets are good though. They love watching their flicks with kids and wifey around.

From India, Mumbai
dear friend why do u want 100% attendance from staff. say due to his domestic compulsions an employee has to take a day off , he is no more on the run for a reward for the quarter. do appreciate at times the employees children , wife or parents do take priority over the job requirements .
can we ask ourselves do we maintain a 100% attendance at our work spot. we do need and take a day [ maximum break allowed]in a month .
so let it not be a compulsion to clock 100 %.
give a award to the employee with maximum attendance and it may be varying from 85 to 99 %. keep a minimum of 85 or 90% as deemed suitable.
dr ram

From India, Indore

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