I am doing my MBA(2nd yr) with a specialisation in Human Resources.
I am looking forward to undertake HR projects. Could anyone suggest current topics in HR for doing the final project .
Please do let me know of any available projects in companies
Warm regards
30th October 2005 From India, Kochi

Learning & Teaching Fellow (retired)
Rajat Joshi
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Hr Generalist
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+10 Others

Those interested in undergoing a Project work or employment in HR as HR Executives / Senior Executives / Trainees may drop in a mail to me at with their updated CV.
I am looking for independent, go-getters in the field of Compensation & Benefits management, Competency Management, HR generalists and Recruitment & Training Executives for the # 1 group of Hospitals.
Please feel free to contact me @ the above mail address.
Best Regards,
Sonia K. Nair
1st November 2005 From India, Ahmadabad
I am doing my MBA(HR) Final Year through Distance education could you just help me out in making my career in HR
And even i wanted to do some project work in HR could u suggest the best topic
3rd November 2005
Hi Laksmi & Annapurna,



1. Overview of TQM with special emphasis on HR systems.

2. HR as a Strategic partner in company's operations.

3. Does HR contribute to company's bottoline ?

4. HR systems in the year 2025.

5. Dave Ulrich's 4 part functional model pertaining to

a.Strategic Partner

b. Employee Champion

c. Change Agent

d. Administrative Expert.

(most HR folks I can remember of , think of

themselves as role b. Top management expects them to play role c. They

are not expected to do anything with role a. In reality HR is largely

role d.) How it is in reality vis-a-vis the Model emphasised by Dave Ulrich and how should the HR should position themselves.


1. Read about HR issues written by Dr T V Rao - which would give you grounding in basic issues of HR.

2. Be open minded about these issues and research everything about these topics.

3. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

4. Try to look beyond the current systems.

I know that i have given the tough & challenging topics- believe me if you do any one them sincerely- i can assure you that you would learn a lot and get a job of your dreams!!


Rajat Joshi
7th November 2005 From India, Pune
hi Rajat sir
could u plz elaborate on the topic "Overview of TQM with special emphasis on HR systems".
i wanted to know how should i proceed further with this topic. what aspects have to be covered? waiting for ur suggestions.
8th November 2005 From India, Kochi
Hi Laksmi,

Apologize for delay in responding to your query..was travelling in the last two days..

Please don't address me as "Sir"..as here we all are students who are learning from each other..

Coming to your point..let us explain as what's the relation between the two HR & TQM..

HR Interventions for TQM

TQM is primarily an organizational strategy considered as a change programme to achieve excellence and therefore HR has an important role to play in designing the interventions to prepare the people and the organizations for the desired change.

Development of Total Quality People

The first pillar of TQM is internal customer satisfaction. People involved in each process have to treat those next in the process as their customer. In addition to the external customer, every activity in the factory has an internal customer. The service to the internal customer is the one which will help gear up the organization to deliver finally the required service to the customer. For example if Marketing dept. deals with external customer, it's commitments are to be backed up by other departments for whom the marketing dept. itself becomes a customer. Therefore, all the departments and the people are to be oriented towards achieving total quality and the attitude of " Help us to help you better " must be developed on the philosophy of internal customers.

Here lies the importance of HR in developing total quality people i.e. people with positive attitude, values in consonance with organizational mission and change the mindset so that the foundation becomes very strong.

The HR effort should be to bring in/foster real spirit of TQM i.e. spirit of reciprocity in interactions and not merely the mechanics of it. The HR initiative in TQM activity should be oriented to demonstrate the

efficacy of Win-Win relationships as contrasted to Win-Lose or Lose-Lose relationships and thereby enabling effective spirit of team work.


HR has also to undertake intensive training of personnel in understanding the application of TQM methods & its tools. In Japan, this part of applying TQM methods & tools are very much wide spread & people at all levels starting from top to bottom are very much conversant with this and apply in all spheres of their activity. HR initiatives in this context have to

address in training of personnel in becoming "data minded than opinion minded". The mindset of " What is wrong" than " Who is wrong" to be generated & built up. Though it is a formidable task(to break this mindset), HR has to trigger this thinking in an organization to realise thought revolution of TQM dimension.

Employee Involvement

Further, HR has to initiate employee involvement in TQM activity. Ultimately, quality is physically produced by the operator on the shop floor. It is therefore very important that he understands the quality requirements of his job. This is possible provided his involvement in the job is very high and he is a very committed and empowered worker. It is in this context that Japanese have introduced Quality Circles which have generated high level of commitment of workers and finally helped Japan to become as world leader in the business. Quality circles are based on the fundamental principles of collaboration,

involvement & empowerment. HR has to facilitate the culture of team work either in the form of Quality Circles, Quality Teams, Task force, CFT, Suggestion schemes or any such others innovative employee involvement schemes for TQM activity.

Finally HR has to create TQM mindset by focusing following three main orientations:-

1) The customer orientation

2) The process orientation

3) The people orientation.

This can be made possible through an integrated & dedicated approach flowing from corporate value system built around the principle of " Do things right, the first time and every time"

Hope this helps...


10th November 2005 From India, Pune
Hi Lakshmi,
I have completed my MBA and would like to point out that the final project should be done in accordance with ur ultimate career plan.
that is if you are looking for corporate HR then choose a topic accordingly.
taking help from seniors or faculty members would not b a bad idea.
11th November 2005 From India, Delhi
hey rajat that was a cool insight into the hr projects
i m an MBA (IIIsem ) student specialising in HR.
please tel me more abt the latest trends in HR and the final project that can be taken for a global bank like HSBC.
9th September 2006 From India, New Delhi
Hello Rajat sir

Im sneha.Mugali pursuing MBA in ICFAI NATIONAL COLLEGE ,HUBLI KARNATAKA. Im in 2nd sem. We have 4 months of summer internship program as part of our curriculum, got selected for Aviva life insurance co. can u plz guide me for HR projects. pLz

The above topic is very good.

Waiting for ur reply

7th March 2007
Hi Sneha, Sure we would help you out on drawing the broadline for the HR Project in Aviva Life Insurance..but hasn’t company provided the projects they want to get it done?.. Regards, Rajat
14th March 2007 From India, Pune

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