Hello,My name is atif,i was selected in an interview in a well known Bpo,which is registered with Nasscom.I have compled my joining formalities and got the appointment letter,but my training was not started,the next day they called me an asked to sign a bond with them for a year,but due to some reasons,I refused to sign it.Then they started forcing me to sign the bond.they said that we have appointed you for that,your joining is done,and nw i have to sign it.and i will not sign it and leave the job,then they will blacklist me.but i didnt sign it,and left the premises.they again called me,to come and sign it,or they will mark as abscond in my data base and Nasscom and blacklist me.but i dnt want to go there.
...so please,anybody help me out with this.Can they abscond me or Blacklist me,as i have not signd the bond..will it have any effect in my further jobs and career???

From India, Delhi
Dear Atif,
The employer cannot blacklist you from future employment. This is just pressurizing you to sign the bond.
If anyone have signed the bond with a company for a particular period of time that doesn't mean he can't leave this company before that particular time. These bond are just to ensure that you leave that organization in a proper way according to rules of the company e.g. serving notice period after resigning etc.
You need not to worry about signing the bond. If you are willing not to do so then still they can't force you to do so or they can't abscond or blacklist you. So don't worry . . . . just chill
Vinay Bishnoi

From India, Chandigarh

Dear Atif Ahmed
If it is possible please contact the Nasscom and submit your side justification for not willing to proceed further. Hope you made all the record for your support. You can challenge the decision made by the Company and file a case against the employer and Nasscom as a Defamation Case. Better you consult a good lawyer who is having good knowledge about the Administration Activities as well as Nasscom and BPO work culture.

From India, Kumbakonam
Hello Atif Ahmed,
Further to what S. Bhaskar suggested, a few queries.
1] Did your Appointment Letter have any mention of the Bond/
2] Was anything related to the Bond mentioned to you anytime during the selection process [interview, etc]?
3] Reg your objections to sign the Bond, you mentioned 'due to some reasons,I refused to sign it'. Can you mention the reasons--at least in general terms, if you don't like to discuss the EXACT reasons in this Forum?

From India, Hyderabad
Hi Atif,
Do your offer letter from this particular company mentions, you should sign a bond for a specific tenure?
Did the recruiter communicated to you on this agreement at any point in recruitment process? Any written proofs based on which offer is made?
FYI, No company will complete your joining formality (generate appointment letter) wihtout ensuring, you signed all the necessary statutory documents, NDA/s, code of governance and ethics and necessary company specific documents without required BG checks done.
No company have a right to ask to sign any agreement against employee interest unless communicated and agreed by the employee earlier.Company is narrating cock and bull stories to convince you to sign the bond. As Mr.Bhaskar said, you inturn can go legally against the company.

From India, Hyderabad
Hi everyone,

firstly,i wnt to thnx evrybody for their suggestions.I would like to tell u,that my offer letter does not contain any clause which says i have to sign the bond,however,it is given that in certain conditions the company may ask to sign a bond,and it was communicated in the interview,that on certain conditions the company may ask you to sign a bond,but before joing,i asked my many of my collegues working over there,they told me that the bond is not needed,they just say like that only,so i orally agreed.but after the joining,they asked me to sign it,but since i was also preparing for some jobs in gov. sector,so i thought,if i would sign the bond,i would nt be able to leave the company fr 1 yr,even if i would be selected in my gov. job.So,i refused to sign it,and as they were forcing me to do that,so i left frm there,and now they r callin me and saying that they will abscond me and blacklist me.

So,please tell me that,can they do so?

and will it have any effect in my future jobs.



From India, Delhi
Good Morning!!
Can some one help me with the below query.
I have joined service based company 25 days back and now i got an offer from product based company so I have resigned from the current service based company. They are asking to serve the NP of 60days but the new company asked me to join in 15 days. Please suggest if i walkout without serving NP will they declare me abscond.
Please help me with the below question.
If my current company declares me abscond/ blacklist then the other companies which are in NSR will be able to see these reviews?

From India, Bangalore

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