Dear friends,

According to newspaper reports,an incident occurred of workers assault on managers at Nasik (Maharashtra) on 26th Everest India Ltd. The details of which are as follows.

Ø The incident happened at Everest Ltd situated at Village Lakmapur Tal. Dindori; Dist. Nasik.

Ø The organization is a listed company in Stock Exchange having Few more plants in MP & West Bengal as well.

Ø The workers union which is affiliated to CITU led by Dr. Karad was on Strike from last 290 Days for wage settlement.

Ø During the negotiation process 6 workmen were suspended on account of misconduct.

Ø A meeting was scheduled in Labour Commissioner’s Office on 24-Aug-12 at 14:00 but the meeting ended without any solution.

Ø After this meeting, around 20 to 30 workers brutally manhandled & injured Management Representatives including Seniors & out of which 3 are said to be in critical condition.

Ø Shockingly, this incident occurred at the Labour Commissioner’s office premises, right after the meeting. The Manesar incident had occurred in the plant premises after a meeting on similar issues.

Ø The entire Nasik Industrial Belt is under shock & all concerned have condemned this brutal attack on the company officials.


Anil Kaushik

From India, Delhi
Dear Mr Anil Kaushik,
What has happened is condemnable. Incident at Maruti factory was bad incident. Unfortunately it is setting trend also. This is far more dangerous.
However, the way news is framed, it appears to be one-sided. What provoked the workers to take on senior managers? Did some senior manager provoke the workers? There cannot be fire without some spark. Who lit that spark? We need to know this also.
The incident at Manesar or Nasik goes on to show the invisible "Us and Them" culture in the company. The violent acts of workers come handy for management to put a lid on the boiling pot of the organisation's culture. Violence garners undue attention and the invisible issues remain invisible forever.
Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
It is such a ludicrous situation!!
The outrageous act the workers did is dispensible. I know that there should be mutal behaviour for any action to take place. However, situation cannot be called a halt till things show up in light.

From India, Visakhapatnam
Dear All,
labour unrest nowadays have become very frequent. The reason being is our industrialists forget that these are worker who get you the success on the business front. Exploiting and not giving the benefits to the workers has become a habit. Please understand no workman wants to stay in the house as they do not have much resources to keep their lives going. In most of the cases, it is when exploitation becomes unbearable they resort to strike or these type of violences. In some cases it is union motivated and unnecessary but that is very rare. Please see for yourselves and observe in your own organization as how many organizations observe the honest overtime wages, or accurate shift timings or give PF or ESI to all eligible employees. it is two way thing. There are companies who are running from decades but never faced such unrest. Please understand that these worker are base of any business.

From India, New Delhi
Dear Kamal Sir,
I am not agree with u on some point,our company paying to the worker minimum wages,bonus(17%),leave encashment,medical LTC,PF,WC compensation/ESIC,HRA,Education all,even transfer all also.
still our worker goes on strike due political influence on very small issue.some local leader derail the worker for money, they started the dispute, stopping work, threatening the worker to work. misguide the worker. promising for unstatutory benefite etc.
This is new trend of maharashtrian, vidharbiyan all political leader to receive money from company for their program etc. that's totally beyond our control.
If am wrong please correct me.

From India, Mumbai
Dear sacheein,
Please read my post carefully. I also told that sometime it is union motivated and unnecessary. What you are saying is a clear case of politicalization of Labour union which is worse. I deeply condemn this kind of practice as the poor worker gets nothing. Dear Sacheein you and me are on the same side i really feel sorry for your organization. It is the ill fate of this country that such kind of practices are prevailing here.
Also i got remind of a joke where a person takes his newly born son in his hand and looked worried. His friend asks what happened you looked worried. he replied yes i am worried as i am confused as to what to do now. Either try my luck with various schools if lucky will get an admission in any school. He may study and become an IAS or keep him illiterate and make him a leader.

From India, New Delhi
Dear All,

In my opinion the Management favours some times are considered as right. And when Management decides to withdraw those favours and to ensure descipline, the workers become reluctant to change and their Union Leaders most of the time support the workers they are representing irrespective of educating them properly. Now the changes are very fast and accoridingly the industry needs to align themselves accordingly. In this change the Management can't alone change but the workers don't change they are still in the traditional working method rather than putting their best efforts. They don't want anything performance linked. In many organizations the demand of workers/union is always something more than the last one irrespective of the performance of the company. sometimes company compromizes by agreeing to these demands and these people expects similar response always. Considering this, Industrial Associations should take actions on the such unions to cancel their recognition for unfailr practices and industries should pressurize union to educate their members to understand the industrial scenireo. It is also true that few organizations might not offering the rights to the workers, these organizations must extend the benefits to all the eligible employees.



From India, Mumbai
Dear All,
What ever may be the reason , no employee is licensed to physically hurt anyone for that matter , if anyone feels solution lies in physically hurting anyone than that is beginning to the end of the civilized living and this attitude would lead us nowhere neither you would have nay solution constructively except destruction.

From India, Madras
Only step we should follow, communicate-communicate-communicate. Being an HR as much as we will communicate with our employees, that much amount of problems can be solved. Neither mangement nor employees are yours so be genuine. Whenever we are going to manipulate the things, we invite troubles for every one.

From India, Delhi
Hi all
I agree that communication can resolve many issues arising at the very start. Though sometimes the cause of conflict may be deep rooted that human cannot think of any soft resolution but blast out or physically harm somebody. First and foremost HR should be in direct communication with the employees in order to know if anything is troubling any one. Only meetings can find out a solution because it creates transparency among the employees. And certainly employer must fulfill any promise if it has been made.
Motivation from HR and by the employer surely creates a difference. We work for income and we fulfill other demands also like mental and physical exercise, social contacts.
Taking out anger becomes important sometimes but we should understand that taking it out at the right time with the right person and by using right set of words. Anger has not benefited anybody anyhow. So be patient and HAPPY WORKING.
All the best

From India, Delhi

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