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We should never have the feeling that HR is the supreme and no one has got the right to ask HR, this clearly shows your thinking that HR is supreme and whatever they do cannot be questioned, when people put RTI to ask query about the President of India then the HR is no exception. The top management is supreme. So your post should not make the other HRs who read this post to have a arrogant attitude whenever anyone asks about your daily routine and not refuse the management.

The HEAD of the thread starter has asked MIS report for some reason which the person is unaware, he / she only things how can they ask me my daily sheet, i am working like a dog daily, and still they need sheet from me.

Relax when you are in a job do what you have done, keep a diary and write down what work you have done that day and how much time it consumed. If you cant write means you are not doing any work at all this is what will be perceived by the management, do what is in the interest of management, and always be humble,

there is no yes / no answer to does this happen in companies elsewhere.

From India, Madras
Administration & Liaisoning Head

Well Mr. kravi it seems you are not reading the responses properly. Incomplete reading/post/queries always create confusions and argument took place .... request you to please try to avoid it...

Second, there is a system and work procedure which is really important today to maintain the work culture systematically and if you are an HR personnel must have know what rules & procedure are, and the purpose of the same.

HR is not supreme entity and I buy that too Bcz it works as a part of Organization and comes under Management but it doesn't mean other department heads deserve the rights to interfere or ask the report from other department activities. If it is so there would'v no need to departmentalization with their representative HODs.

Also I dont understand why you used RTI which is totally a different matter and in which or what context you wanna coney yourself but guess you forget that there is also a big difference between Industrial HR and HR system in Health Company which i explained earlier.

I never said something which force you to speak in this but i would say please try to differentiate the things before giving responses. Health Care Company and other SBUs sometime not having the complete and good HR setup and works under ONE COMMANDING Officer like in that case where an Operation Head deserve the rights to control the work and other (Where there are no Departmentalization like other Industries)

From India, Gurgaon
We have to understand that at the end of the day, we must spend time in introspecting what we have done in the day. This exercise helps in improving the planning and thereby our productivity the next day and so on. We must also realize what are the key responsibilities of HR & Admn in day to day activities. In my opinion, these would be:

1. No of people on planned leave

2. No of people absent without any prior information and approval

3. Overtime hours

4. Incidents and Accidents taken place (if any)

5. Details of any employee grievance - you may open a helpdesk for employees where they can post their problems/grievances /suggestions. The actions taken on them plus the number of pending grievances/suggestions can be another item of daily report

6. Any special event taking place

7. Briefing on union meetings (if any)

8. Any major problems faced

These are just some thoughts - you can make a format on excel sheet and filling these will not take much time. You can take these points as a concept and develop to suit your context


From India, Bangalore
Hi All,
My Sister joined a leading software company a week back in Chennai where she was asked to submit her original certificate and she did the same even before she was told about her salary package. Now she feels that she has been let down with a very low package and cheated by the HR and she wants an out. Please suggest how she can get her original certificate back and ask for a graceful exit without any hindrance of any sort.
Awaiting a favourable reply soon..

From India, Madras
Dear Raji,

There are certain hierarchy in the organizations. Actually there is no harm in sharing certain important information with other officials as this will pave way for a good operations of the company. As an operation manager he is entitled to know the matters relating to the HR ( I do not know whether he is your Boss )

What I suggest you prepare a MIS report format and send it to hin daily which will make him to understand the priorities of the problems.



No of employees present :-

No of employees absent :-

Production target of the day :-

Achievement for the previous day:-

Accidents happened :-

Action taken details :-

Permissions sanctioned ( Union officials)

Any shut down reported / activities stopped.

The above is only a specimen. You can add any more activity and send it to him. This will be appreciated. You will observe that most of such information are pertaining to Operations manager. This will make you to advise him to take action as well as doing your HR job perfectly.

HR work itself is to co-ordinate with other divisions in smoothe running of the activities every day.

All the best

From India, Madras
There is a system in our company to send on line the daily activities in HR area at the end of the day.All the HR people log in and send the report through the module designed for the purpose.Alternatively,you can send the report through e-mail.These reports are stored in the system,which will be helpful for writing your appraisal.
Wish u good luck.Thank you.

From India, Bokaro
Dear sai,
As per the organogram whom are you reporting the Operation Head or some one else? in case you are reporting/answerable to some other executive, please apprise him of the requirements of the OH and problems involved therein. Let him take up the issue with the OH.
There must be some provocation for the OH for the requirement as referred, may be reports that the HR Manager does no substantial job and whiles away time or so. Some times even the HOD demands an activity report for the day. In any way it will be desirable to keep an activity report for a few days and apprise your HOD, may be that your HOD, with your reports, take up with the OH and the latter abandons his demand.
You should not feel disturbed on this account.

From India, Delhi
We have a system of sending the daily HR report on line for all HR people working in our organisation.All shop personnel executives can log in and send their activities at the end of the day,which can be viewed by the seniors and colleagues once they open and log in.Alternatively,you can send your report of daily activities through e-mail.
In this process, a record of achievements can be generated, which can be helpful while writing your annual appraisal.

From India, Bokaro
Yes. It is a new practice going on. It helps your boss to understand what work you have done today. It also helps you as the boss can understand that you are doing the work properly.
From India, Kochi
Sr. Manager-HR &IR

Share the information to HOD's is one of the HR activity
we will submit information / reports to the HOD's .
You prepare format with the available information and show to operation head
and ask him to developments and inform to security/time office personnel to maintain daily basis and same you verify and send .
Why you feel worry for send to report to Heads
V K Rao

From India, Guntur

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