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Dear all
these days I am interning with a company. My project is benchmarking employee engagement practices. Specifically i have to target such activities which are very innovative and new. So please give me some very innovative ideas which I can implement not regular birthday, outings anything different which are to create fun at work and can be very small ideas.

From India, Delhi
Sheelkumar R Pal

Hi Sakshi ,
Conduct " Graphology sessions " , for identifying " strengths " of each and every individual .
Tell others , to identify their colleagues " only strengths " in presence of everybody.The appreciation , should be honest , and not a artificial one.

From India, Kalyan
Hi Sakshi,
It will be great if you can share the employee strength and are they new employees to whom you are planning conduct a event. Based on that we can be able to suggest something.

From India, Mumbai
thanks sheel for ur response, its quite innovative i will share with my mentor. hey prasanna my organization is very small only 120 employees and for all employees not specifically for new joinees, actually i m looking for small scale ideas very small initiatives to create fun at work. and some thing very new and out of the box
kindly suggest
thanks in advance

From India, Delhi

Hi Sakshi,
You can organize for a "Thank you day"
You can arrange for some chart papers and colours for employees to inovate their own Thankyou card, or you can also allot a notice board in a common area for employees to post their thank you messages on it.
This activity will not only boost fun at work, it will also help to acknowledge each other and boost the team sprit.
Hope it is useful.

From India, Bangalore

Hi Sakshi,
You can plan for "Cute Baby contest” for your associates.
Ask the associates to get one of their CHILDHOOD photographs.
Paste all the collected childhood pics on a decorated chart / board without mentioning their original names (upon
feasibility you may mention their pet names).
Allot number tags to each photo.
Design a voting slip and also a ballot box for voting.
Conduct voting for the cutest baby (all the associates need to vote for the cute baby whom they like most from photos displayed).
Whoever gets majority of the votes, shall be declared as the cutest baby :)

From India, Hyderabad
1. Play some short Quiz games across the organization which can be fun filled.
2. Do some skits . We at annual day used to do some very interesting skits this will have many benefits like it will help create healthy relations and give space for talent showcase.
3. Can have fashion show for all and make them walk the ramp
4. Play dumb shadad.
5. Play treasure hunt in office itself
6. tug of war /hurdle games
7. Some competitions like best funny video ( Like america's funniest moments)

From India, Bhopal
Introduce a quarter magazin for ur organization, inckude articles, Research papers, Case studies (Constructive) Jokes, views etc, each employee should contributed regarding their department. and should be published each qaurter or semi anualy
From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Hello Shakshi, Which i think, Firstly find out the strong and weak points of the candidate. Match the most comman points and plan according........
From India, Delhi
1.Go for spell B contest..that is very much in right now..
2.You can also organize a quiz about your company or product/ service of the company.
3.Organize Mother Day or fathers Day..Ask for messages from employees to their father/mother and on letter head of the company with a small gift send this to their father/mother.
4. Go for some training session- Yoga, Dance etc..
5. Organize any free medical check up camp.
6. Go for some team building games- Distribute them in team and give some work that they have to do together only.

From India, New Delhi
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