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I'm in receipt of an Offer letter(10 pages) on my e-mail. At the same time they have mentioned that I would be getting the hard copy of the offer letter at the time of joining. This e-mail is from the company confidential e-mail id, it does not have any signatures on it from authorised person, neither it is on the company letter head(no seal, no logo, no trademark), but there is just mention of company's name on few of the pages. When I contacted HR they said that it is from a confidential source and the mail "can be considered as a recorded confirmation from our end and proceed with your resignation in your current organisation"

This would be my 3rd offer letter and I've never come across such a scenario werein I've no hard copy and I've to put resignation. I'm in a dilemma now, I require your help/suggestion as to what needs to be done in such cases. Is it alright to resign on this basis.

Thanks a lot to one and all in advance.


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Some of the reputed organisations are issuing offer of appointment before joining. You may check out the management setup.
Similarly some of the organisation is not issued appointment order eventhough join the organisation subsequently after one year they are regularising but it is not correct pratice to the management.
Once again my opinion you may check up the organisation setup and decide to your resignation.
P. Xavier Raj
Dear Nitin, Request them to issue a hard copy/scanned copy of signed offer letter on the letter head of the company. Nitu
Dear Nitin,
tell them that u can understand that in their normal course they can issue hard copy on joining. However, as you are very positive about offer and in order to submit resignation in current company, u will need proper hard copy of offer letter.
Pl. note that i was also given offer like you have been give, through email, without signature etc. After requesting their hr repetitively, I was given offer letter in hard copy.
Hello Nitin,
Pl don't worry too much as long as you are sure of the company's standing--meaning if it's a large/standard one.
Many companies now-a-days mail the Offer letters [which is different from an Appointment Letter] & this can be taken as confirmed for you to proceed with resignation.
This is called as a 'soft-copy' & the e-mail header [from, to, time-tagging, etc] trail is sufficient enough proof that it's a valid document--even legally.
The reasons are many for such a practice:
1] Saving paper.
2] Saves the time needed for the Hard copy to reach the prospective employee & his/her giving the Acceptance in writing again
3] Pre-empts any unscrupulous candidates who misuse such Appointment/Offer Letters--to the extent possible.
Coming to the difference between the Offer Letter & Appointment Letter, the Offer letter is just that--an Offer from the Company, while the Appointment letter is again just that--a formal letter of Appointment, which is a legal document. Earlier candidates used to join once he/she takes the Offer/Appointment Letter, but now-a-days you know that there's no guarantee that a person WILL join even after accepting the Offer.
Hope this clarifies.
All the Best.
@Nitu - Thank you very much, I would be pursuing them for the hard copy.
@TS - Thank you very much for your extensive explanation. I understand the e-mail copy and would have gone ahead had the e-mail copy was on the company's letter head(with logo, seal, registered add, etc), but the e-mail copy is on plain A4 size paper(11 pages with terms & condition)...that does not lead to authenticity...which has puzzled me...while my cousin just joined their sister concern few days back, he had everything in order, 1st email acceptance and then he received hard copy after a week. In this case they are ready to give me hard copy at the time of joining.
Hello Nitin,
Looks like the HR in this company is yet to learn the nuances of handling Offers thru soft-copies.
If they agree to give you the Hard copy, fine. If not, suggest ask them to mail the 'scanned' copy of the Offer/Appointment letter now--which usually is on the company letterhead--followed by the Hard copy when you join.
If all's OK @ that end, they shouldn't have any objections to do so--have seen many companies oblige such a request on a case-by-case basis.
All the Best.
Dear Nitin,
Offer letter through email is quite a valid document, if not receved as a phishing mail, but as a result of your job application and completion of interview process. You can insist on a hard copy on the date of joining without losing time and reporting for duty. Take a print out of the offer letter received through email to compare with the contents of hard copy at the time of joining, so that there may not be any altered clause in the hard copy you would be required to sign for acceptance on joining.
If the letter you received is from the company email..I guess it should not be much problem. I agree with TS. Most companies prefer to go paperless. In Singapore, we always go paperless.
Thanks a lot...the offer is from an authenticate hr mail id of the company...only thing missing is the letter head/logo...the HR has confirmed me on mails that it is I think it is absolutely perfect for me to go ahead and put in papers and join the new organisation.
Thanks once again for all your help.
If it is from authenticate HR email id, there is no problem. all the best for your new job. -Arun
Hi Nitin,
There is no risk in going ahead with your resignation and getting your aoppointment letter at the time of Joining..
This is becoming to be current practice and would become order of the day soon... Based on your transactions till date with the comapny and various people you have met take the decision.. However if your efforts so far of pursuing them yeild good result nothing like that..
All the beat,
offer letter means that the company is giving offer to you and it is your wish wheather you accept or not.So how could the company give you the offer letter at the time of joining.
If you want to join the company you can ask from somebody known to that company but dont give resignation to your previous company untill you satisfy.
Why don;t you take a two days leave from your company and then verify personally at the office. Then hand over your official resignation if you are still afraid. Best of luck
as many said above, these days its quite common to issue offers on e-mail to save time and paper. there are positions where people don't stay more than six months or one year specially in BPOs, then they prefer to offer the job on e-mail and ask for acceptance on e-mail only withing stated time frame.
but if someone requires a hard copy of the offer to proceed for resignation in current company, a scanned copy of original offer is mailed to candidates which ideally on company letter head. you can ask for such copy. if it is not possible, tell them that you can collect it personally before joining. go there and collect it, then proceed for resignation.
wish you all the best for your new job!!
Dear Nitin,
Don\'t mistake me if U don\'t like my comments here.
First of all from your query I don\'t make out whether or not you applied for this post and/or you attended the interview and came out successfully now. My suggestion would depend on your answers to this. However presuming you did,then it is better you visit that office personally verify the authenticity and if possible insist for a hard copy of the offer letter duly signed. This will help you to take a decision for quitting from your present employer. My suggestion is based on my own experiences. I received lots of offer letters thro\' emails from all over the world stating that they selected me based on my CVs still floating in the job sites. They wanted my C.Card No., Bank A/c.nos etc.etc. By seeing them itself I could decide they are fakes. My sincere advise to you is don\'t resign the present job without having a valid offer letter from a recruiting your hand.
Dear Nitin,
Please also give heed to what Mr. Dhingra has said. do not forget to take a print out of the emailed offer letter on the date of joining with you, so that you may compare the same from the document's hard copy provided by the company. Sometime its good to be cautious.
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