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dear senior, can someone share pdf of jeet aapki in hindi written by shiv khera & pdf of sambhog se samadhi tak in hindi written by rajnish (osho) regards bhatt
From India, Delhi
Hi Priya,

Somehow I got attracted towards this topic's thread and motivated to write my experience.

I am currently working into QAG (in short my responsibility are to ensure process adherence for all departments, process improvements, audits and training of QMS processes).

I happen to be introvert and shy guy till I join this totally new function after 6-8 years working into support and development and even before that for some 6 years I worked into sales which never happened to be my liking and I quit reason doing what not loved.

When I give training to our new joiners / projects team for any project management tool , it gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction than anything in my life specially when my audience gets satisfied for some complex issues/queries based on my experience.

Following are the tips I may suggest you which I feel would surely help to any one who is a trainer

1. Make your session interactive with easy example and question

2. Try to mix some humor with live situation or example to make all feel light

3. Keep ready some relevant live example with data related to your topic to put weight on your most important statement of training subject.

Wish you all the best


From India, Mumbai
Thank You Sushil sir,
M enjoying this interactive sessions.
Some days before, I was also the one of them who thinks that, the company in which you are working is important but, now I feel the work what gave u satisfaction is important, So like You, I am also diverting my work profile towards my interest.
Thank you for your tips. It will be definitely useful for my future as a trainer.

From India, Pune

Good trainers should:
Believe in and have a passion for what they are teaching.
Know their material well.
Use lots of metaphors explaining the materials
Be willing to share their personal experiences with the topic.
Have a good sense of humor about the subject and be willing to play.
Talk to not at or down to the people in the class.
Not get caught into one personís issues in the class.
Keep the class moving at a fast pace without loosing anyone.
Find a practical application in the classís personal life for the particular subject. (Customer Service and using it at home, Time management and orderliness at home. Even computerís have life issues.)
Respect everyone in the class.
Lots of group activities
Get the class to like and appreciate the subject when they leave.

From India, Kochi
Richard J Valladares

Further to all the suggestions you have received - I notice you have not mentioned your current job profile.
What I would recommend is meet up with your HR or the group responsible for new employee on boarding activity and request if you could help in that activity.
Presenting to these new employees in your company on topics like Company Profile, Values, Mission and HR Policies to begin with adds value to you and will give you the confidence to stand in front of groups of people. From there (and based on feedback) you could seek a transfer into the training team.
Mean while - begin general reading on the topics you intend training on. Once you become a subject matter expert, training on that topic becomes easier. Focus on no more than 3 to 4 such topcis to train on. You can expand a year or 2 later.

From India, Mumbai

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I have lot of ppts . I am looking for some one to create training videos using the ppts. The training videos will be put on you tube also .
Interested I am in Gurgaon.
The same will provide some publicity to you also.
I may be able to give honorarium.
Try it,the work is for noble cause and loss making to myself.
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From India, Delhi

dear priya,
Glad you want to become a trainer.I am also a trainer .I firmly believe that it is a life long journey to be an effective trainer,Nevertheless,we should have good communication skills.What I do is listen to to variuous national and international renowned speakers thru Y-Tube,cds,tv,attending seminars,and acquiring knowledge by reading books.BUT YOU BE WHAT YOU ARE.
Well,dont take it as criticism but only to motivate you.YOUR WRITING SKILLS ARE NOT SATISFACTORY.(i DONT KNOW HOW YOU FARE ON THE STAGE,THOUGH).tHERE ARE LOT OF GRAMMATICAL MISTAKES.Sometimes I feel it is deliberate.If so, I am happy.

From India

I don't know why budding trainers don't reply to posts like this:
Subject - Urgent: Training Interns Needed (0-3 years Exp.) Thread Topic Post
We are looking for 2 Training Interns for a period of two months for a training assignment. [work location: Gurgaon (NCR)]
We are essentially looking at someone who is aspiring to become a trainer.
It shall be an excellent opportunity for budding trainers to learn the process of training design and development is a real-time environment.
Stipend shall be paid on a monthly basis.
Please send your resumes and call immediately.
Atul Sharma
Training & Instructional Design Consultant
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From India, Delhi
Hi Priya,
I would like to introduce a training tool. It can be used as a presentation aid. Its a new tool for making presentations. Its name is PREZI. I dont know whether u have tried it or not. If u have not tried it please try it as definitely it could be a good change where the audience are bored by conventional ppts. This tool will definitely give u a good impression.
Ajmal Lookman
Consultant Trainer
RiseHigh | Many Solutions Under One Name

From India, Kollam
priya, apart from above,You should also do Diploma course in "Training and Development" from ISTD,NEW DELHI.It will also give you confidence and Enhance your Knowledge. Thanks & Regards From-Aalok

From India, Raigarh
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