Dear seniors,
One of our employee (sales&marketing) mer with an accident on bike, while going for a client meeting...he's been absent since then till the rest of the month of Apr-2012..what shall be the provision for his salary according to law..
Shall we pay him for the days he's been absent from work due to accident..
hope to receive you valuable inputs asap..

From India, Pune
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RR Mohanty
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According to the Workman’s Compensation Act in lieu of ESIC Act (Employee State Insurance Corporation Act), every employee who is engaged for the purposes of employer's business and who suffers an injury in any accident arising out of and in the course of his employment, shall be entitled for compensation under the Act

The Act applies to any worker employed in factory, mine, plantation, construction work or any other hazardous occupation as listed in Schedule II of the Act &2&3 irrespective of their salary. Nonetheless, no liability arises for an injury attributable to fault of workman, worker under influence of alcohol or drugs, willful neglect or removal of safety rules or safeguard devices, willful disobedience of order given, etc.

The amount of compensation is determined by taking into consideration the nature of injury, average monthly wage of the worker and the relevant factor as laid down in Schedule IV, pertaining to the age of the worker.4 However, the maximum monthly wage for computation of compensation is fixed at Rs. 4,000 at present.

The minimum compensation in case of death is Rs. 800005and maximum is Rs. 4.56 lakh and the same is Rs. 900006and Rs. 5.48 lakh in case of permanent total disability exceeding three days. For the purpose if the disability prolongs beyond 28 days, compensation becomes payable from the date of disablement. The employer is under an obligation to pay the dues of compensation within 30 days from the date it fell due.

Formula for calculating compensation = Monthly wages X age factor x 50/100


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Also can go to this link to get Schedule –II and other :

Workmen Compensation Act-1923 – Schedule IV « Novamining <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )

From India, Gurgaon
RR Mohanty

Dear Mr Arora,

Sir, a bit of correction needed. Please refer to the Amendment dated 31.5.2010 to WC Act.

1. Revised monthly wage ceiling limit of 50% of Rs.4000 increased to Rs.8000-

2. The said act is now read as Employees Compensation Act with enhanced compensation limits, full medical expenses reimbursement.

3. case disposal within 3 months, etc.

4. It is also applicable to casual & clericals,

Now, a new monthly wage-ceiling limit of Rs. 8000 is introduced for the purpose of calculation of 50% of it during computation of Maximum compensation under the Act. Hence, the maximum compensation can go UPTO 50% of 8000 which comes to Rs. 4000/- that shall be multiplied by Age factor. Thus, effectively it was erstwhile 50% of Rs.4000 and now it is 50% of Rs.8000/-. The minimum and maximum compensation are now doubled for all categories of disablements and death.

This amendment is notified vide Central Government Notification No. S.O. 1258(E) vide Ministry of Labour & Employment dated 31st May 2010.

With Regards

From India, Haora

Right thanks Mr. Mohanty for updating me..

The Workmen’s Compensation (Amendment) Bill, 2009 :

-It also amends Schedule II to increase the list of persons who are included in the definition of workmen. For example, the Act only included those people who were employed in repairing or altering any article in a place with more than 20 employees. The Bill includes all persons employed in such work by omitting the requirement that the place should have 20 employees.

-The compensation to employees in case of injury or death is a percentage of their monthly wage or a specified amount, whichever is more. The Bill increases the specified amount in case of death from Rs 80,000 to Rs1.20 lakh. In case of permanent disablement, the amount is increased from Rs 90,000 to Rs 1.40 lakh.

-The Bill allows the central government to revise the monthly wage from time to time.

-The employee shall be reimbursed for any medical expense incurred for treatment of injuries during the course of employment.

-The funeral expense of the deceased workman has been increased from Rs 2,500 to Rs 5,000. It also allows the central government to modify the amount from time to time.

-The state government may appoint any person to be a Commissioner for Workmen’s Compensation. The Bill stipulates that the person should be a member of a State Judicial Service for a minimum of five years or an advocate or pleader for a minimum of five years or a Gazetted officer with minimum of five years service having educational qualification and experience in personnel management, human resource development and industrial development.

-The Commissioner shall dispose of cases related to compensation within a period of three months from the date of reference.

From India, Gurgaon

Dear Seniors,
Again I would like to re-phrase what Kaushambi has asked.
The person is an employee not a worker. I understand that the act is revised to Employee Compensation Act. But does it cover an employee drawing a salary of Rs. 1 lakh a month. I asked this questiona s the maximum celing of reimbursement under the act is Rs. 8000 pm. If an employee is drawing monthly salary of 50k or 1 lakh, it defeats the purpose of providing compensation.
Please share your insights.
Best regards

From India, New Delhi
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