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Dear All,
I am working as a HR Executive in an Infrastructure major in India. As a HR person, I feel that when a company is hiring a new employee, pre employement verification should be done mandatorily and effectively, but at times i came across some instances where this is not done at all. even if it is done, it is just done for a namesake.
I want to know whether this is the same in all Industries? Also it would be a great help if the members can have a discussion on its importance and the ways of doing pre employement verification.
21st August 2007 From India
hi Harsha,
No, its not the same in all companies, may be few companies feel that background verifiction is not that important.
But in most of the MNC's its a must only then the employee will be alloted a emp number and be given access card, till then the employee will not have any direct access in the company.
Background verification is done not just to know the previous salary or his work behaviour, but it would also tell us the candidate's past. Never know the person whom ur recruiting has a criminal record in his past.
There are many examples especially in ITes BPOs, where employees cheat their company for their personal needs. Or some ppl may be a harm for the country itself.
So when recruiting a person, we should see to that from the companies end a thourough check has been done about the candidates Background.
21st August 2007 From India, Bangalore
Hi Roopa,
I completely agree with you, but doing verification just for the namesake - will it fulfill the purpose? In many companies, they only call the previous employer and just check whether the candidate has really worked or not, also there are many external agencies which do the verifications but can we really conclude that the process is 100% full proof??
If we have to conduct a in - house pre empployement verification process, what are the areas of concentration and methodolgies that we can adopt.
21st August 2007 From India
Hi all,
it is true that pre employment and personal verification is deteriorating day by day.
But I do believe it is as impotant as to recruit.
Placing a right person the right job is recruitment but what if that person is not genuine.
Is there any methadology for the same
can you name me some of the third party verification companies.
21st August 2007 From India, Delhi
Hi Harsha.

Pre-employment verification is important to verify some facts about the candidate.

Generally, the following may be verified :

1. His/her employment declaration (Companies, tenure, designations,

salary, etc)

drawn, responsibilities, reporting)

2. His/her conduct with peers, colleagues, superiors and habits

3. His/her integrity, both financial and otherwise, diligence, loyalty

4. His/her address proof

5. His/her qualifications

6. His/her criminal records/conviction by Court/any legal violations, if any

7. His/her family constitution

8. His/her indebtedness

9. His/her health condition and chronic/terminal illnesses, if any, via


This can be done by taking references from him/her and calling them to verify. This can be done also by sending/posting employment verification form to the superior(s) to fill and return. This can also be done via reliable professional verification agencies. This can also be done through professional networks.

The bigger issues faced by HR in the present times are :

1. Reliability of verification sources

2. Checking out on all the above may be difficult, near impossible

3. Frequent change of superior in current/past organizations

4. Many companies which are non-existent/changed

name/address/liquidated/takenover. etc.

At times, it becomes extremely difficult for candidates to provide adequate references given that organizations have closed down/changed entities/merged or amalgamated or have been simply taken over. Frequently, it is also observed that the previous bosses are no longer in the Company due to frequent job changes in modern times.


21st August 2007 From India, New Delhi
Pre and Post-Employment Screening Services

Indian industry is waking up to the fact that effective pre-employment screening is the starting point in creating an ethical culture within the organization.

Did You Know...

The average organisation loses 6% of its human resources to internal fraud and abuse

Nearly 41% of all resumes contain false or misleading information

A third of all application forms contain outright lies about experience, education, and ability to perform essential functions on the job

To be able to trust your employees with sensitive customer data, you first need to have access to all pertinent information about them.

Pre-Employment Screening: Managing Risk In The Workplace

Pre-employment screening is an effective way to limit liability in the workplace.

More importantly, it sends a message to applicants and employees, that integrity matters to your organisation and departures from ethics will not be tolerated.

Many specilised service providers offers a bouquet of pre and post-employment screening services like

Employment Screening / Background Check

Pre-employment background screening includes

Residence address validation

Previous employment check

Current employment check

Professional reference check

Educational records authentication

Criminal records confirmation

Global database sift

Post-employment lifestyle checks

Lifestyle mapping

Social reference check

Criminal records confirmation

Credit track

Contact synchronisation

Erroneous recruitment can be a costly affair.

But you must be thinking all these comes with a price tag?!! but here are some the facts.....

An effective pre-employment screening cost is a miniscule percentage of the recruitment, training and termination costs.

This a BUSINESS RISK.Now The million dollar Q is how do we manage this Menace? :?:

"RISK enters an organisation through just

TWO access points: PEOPLE & PROCESSES"

Here are some indicators-

Fraud: An Ever Growing Phenomenon

54% of organisations surveyed in India report economic crime in the last two years compared to 24% in the previous survey

A typical perpetrator of economic crime in India was a graduate or post graduate male between 31-50 years of age

Nearly one third of the frauds in the country are perpetrated by insiders

Nearly one third of the cases were detected by chance (tip-offs and accidents)

Known crimes may only represent the “tip of the iceberg” with many other frauds remaining undetected

With the increasing complexities of the business today, the fight against fraud is a constant struggle. Even if it is impossible to eradicate fraud, organisations must not drop their guard.
Instead, they must constantly develop controls and build on the loyalty of their employees to ensure that, they do not provide an environment in which it can flourish.

Source: The PricewaterhouseCoopers Economic Crime Survey 2005 in India

Human Resource Risk Mitigation: How you Can Help your organisation-

Employment Screening / Background Checks

Vendor / Partner Checks

Pre-employment Drug Screening Tests and

21st August 2007 From India, Mumbai
Dear All Please any body Provide me ccharecter certificate form Regards Ramakrishna 9848873507
10th December 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Hi All
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11th December 2010 From India, Jamshedpur
at the time of appointment itself we should write a note related to inform whether candidate is involve in any criminal record in his past or not. I think Criminal record only is big question to know in Pre employement verification. Thanks Rahul for your explanation.
11th December 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Harsha,
Its not that all companies are doing verification for namesake. There are MNCs which does verification to the depth.........
I got slected in one of the MNCs around three months back and still waiting for my joining date..............Now you can imgine how is it going on..........
I want to ask a question to all the HR people here in this forum..........
What if the candidate does any crime after joining the company?
Even if the verification team doesn't find any criminal record during the investigation / verification.........
What role does HR and verification team plays in this case? coz there are cases where candidates has done fraud after joining the company......
Thanks & Regards,
QUOTE=harsha_chintu;180399]Dear All,
I am working as a HR Executive in an Infrastructure major in India. As a HR person, I feel that when a company is hiring a new employee, pre employement verification should be done mandatorily and effectively, but at times i came across some instances where this is not done at all. even if it is done, it is just done for a namesake.
I want to know whether this is the same in all Industries? Also it would be a great help if the members can have a discussion on its importance and the ways of doing pre employement verification.
11th December 2010 From India, Aurangabad
Pre employment verification is very important.Companies must cross check and verify important details about new employees before hiring them and letting them work,learn company activities,data,strategy etc.
Previous record of any conviction,pending cases are vital.
With false degrees,experience certificates easily available no good company would neglect verification.
References from new employee are a must which should be cross verified.
Do ring up the persons quoted as reference and get details about the would be employee.
Check his social profile and Google his name to get details.
Company must satisfy themselves before employing any person to be on safe side.
You cannot make out from appearances what and who and how is the new person.
6th July 2015 From India, Pune
I was with reliance for 11months then there was a case of harssment and i left eithout notice will my new employee know about it if i dont tell . Are there anychances of blacklisting me they didnot have all my details like my certificates and all am i safe eill my new employee know its a huge mnc and they have a background checking agency
1st September 2015 From India, Mumbai
Hello sir i was with reliance for 11 mnths but due to harrsment i left without notice ,is it possible that my current employee /potential employee will know if i do not mention this comoany is a huge mnc
1st September 2015 From India, Mumbai
I have gone through your query. There is nothing for you to worry. An ex-employer can not jeopardise someone's future, as the apprehensions reflected by you.

Moreover, I agree that Background Verification are carried out in a very shoddy way by people who do not have any experience of corporate world. BV serves no practical purpose. as past behaviour is not a guarantee of future acts.

There is always a first time when every offender commits anything wroung, and it may not becessarily have happened in the past.

What is the guarantee that a person with clean and good record will always perform well all his life or not do anything wrong ???

With AADHAR and so many advances in Police work, an offender can not hide forever and will always be caught, whether he remains in India or flees abroad ;ike so MANY HIGH-PROFILE OFFENDERS !!!!

So Background Verification is just a means so that the concerned consultancies can earn money, by scaring the Employers about the dangers of similar offences.

A successful BV is not a guarantee of future performance. A KYC system, as employed by the Bank is good enough.

What can an employee do, or where he can run away after a fraud, if the Employer has COPIES OF HIS AADHAR CARD, PAN CARD, BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS, PASSPORT, VOTERS ID etc etc etc.

Please relax, and if any discrepancy is put forward by the BV Agency, fight your case. Since you have NOT done anything wrong, NOR committed ANY frauds; why are you worried ???

Warm regards.
24th August 2016 From India, Delhi
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