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Currently, I am working with mid size IT company in Chennai. Here performance appraisal is done on every quarter i.e. employees whoever joins in the first quarter of 2012 their appraisal alone will be done on the first quarter of next year (2013) similarly it will go on for the remaining quarters.

Because of this existing appraisal process, most of our business heads are feeling that they are wasting their valuable time on evaluating & reviewing their team members appraisal form.

Kindly suggest me on this. I am planning to go for annual appraisal before projecting the same to management i would like to have benefits of annual appraisal and disadvantage of quarterly appraisal.

I request you to provide your suggestion on a broader perspective so that i could prepare a report and could submit the same.

Please share your views on this.

From India, Madras

In most of the companies appraisal is done on yearly basis i.e. rota basis. If an employee has joined on 2nd feb 2012 his appraisal shall be made on 2nd feb 2013 and so on. This gives some time to the team lead or HR to monitor, coach, guide, evaluate the employee based on his performance.
It has to be consistent and hassle free so that everyone can remember when it will happen so that they can prepare themselves.

From India, Hyderabad
There is an alternative system which has two months during which the annual appraisals happen in a year, say April and October. Employees who joined from
April to September end of this year, will have their appraisals in the next year April
October and March of this year ,will have their appraisals in the next year October
Helps the management in strategic decision-making and budgeting and there by cost control also
This will help the BU/Group heads to have a better control and will save lot of time
Kanchana R

From India, Selam

Dear Kanchana
Thank you for your reply.
Could you please think some other factors which we could bring under advantage. As i said before we are following quaterly basis appraisal, say for example, employees whoever joins in the month of November, December & January their appraisal will be done on next year January i.e close to end of financial year. so employees couldnt plan for thier tax and losing some money on the same.
Similarlly, i request you suggest/highlight small small point like this.

From India, Madras
Autumn Jane

I think it is great that your company has been practicing quarterly appraisal even though managers think it is a hassle even though many companies struggle to even implement an annual cycle apraisal system.
My suggestion is to keep these quarterly sessions but modify or simplify the process into manager-staff feedback session as we do not want any last minute surprises that is too late to rectify. Finally, include an annual full-blown appraisal.
Word of caution though. Do monitor performance indicators e.g. productivity etc before & after change in program because while managers think it is a hassle, your overall company performance may have benefited from this hassle and your employees may be more engaged.
Autumn Jane

From Singapore, Singapore

Hello Rajasekar,

First of all, leaving behind the quarterly appraisal model and moving to annual appraisal is one of the best things you can do. A good number of companies in India do annual appraisal. Without any doubt, it is a convenient and easy model. Now, here are some of the top advantages of annual performance appraisal:

Improved morale and teamwork
Increased job motivation and engagement among employees
Easier to know the areas that need improvement
Enhanced productivity
And much more…

There is more but these are the top benefits of annual appraisal. Highlight these points to your management and encourage them to switch to this model at the earliest.


From India, Noida
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