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Dear All,
I have been given an assignment to draft foreign travel policy for the organization.Please give your inputs for the same and if anyone of you can send a format of the foreign travel policy it would be really helpful.
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Dilnaz Unnisa
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This is wht we follow!!!! FOREIGN TRAVEL POLICY


To lay down guidelines and procedures for travel and reimbursement of expenses by an Employee on Overseas business/work related purpose and/or training.


All regular Employees, full-time Consultants of DS Constructions Ltd. and its associate Companies.


1.An Employee proceeding on business/work related trip is required to get recommendations from his/her Head of Department on ‘Overseas Travel Form’.

2.All Foreign Travels will need Chairman’s approval.

3.Administration Department through authorized Travel Agencies will arrange Travel Reservations/Tickets and arrangements on Approved ‘Overseas Travel Form’.

4.If for any reason travel plan has been cancelled or any changes in the travel plan, an Employee has to immediately notify in writing of such cancellation/changes in the travel plan to Administration Department. (Note: If an Air Travel Ticket is in the possession of Employee, it must be immediately returned to the Administration Department in case of cancellation or any changes in the travel plan).

5.Administration Department will immediately communicate such changes in Travel Plan/Cancellation to Travel Agencies.

6.Upon returning from trip, an employee has to fill up the “After Trip Form”, on the basis of which the claims for the reimbursed expenses are settled.

7.Tour between India & Nepal will be treated as Domestic travel and shall be governed by ‘Domestic Travel Policy’.

8.All travels by Economy Class except Employees under Travel Plan–A are entitled to 1st Class, and Travel Plan-B are entitled to Business Class.

9.Lodging can be claimed as Actual within limits on presentation of bills.

10.In case lodging and food is provided by the client or the company, (i.e. during training, etc.) the Employee will be entitled to claim 25% of the Daily Allowance.

11.If Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner is provided by the Company in case of education trip, Company conference, 20% of Daily Allowance limit will be reduced per meal, respectively.

12.Daily Allowance covers boarding and other miscellaneous expenses. Daily Allowance is applicable on Calendar Day basis for claiming (Day mean beginning date of travel, irrespective of time).


Travel Plan Designation ‘A’ Area Other Countries

All figures in US $

Lodging DA Entitlement Lodging DA Entitlement

TP-A (First Class) Chairman / MD Actual Actual Actual Actual

TP-B (Business Class) Directors / CEO/ ED/ Project Director/ COO/Sr.VP Actual Actual Actual Actual

Economy Class VP / Sr. GM GM / Addl. GM /DGM 150 70 120 60

Sr.Manager /Manager /

Project Engineer /

Resident Engineer/

Dy.Manager/ Asstt. Mgr./ Sr. Site Engr. And Below, 25 , 55,100, 40


1.The area explanation is as follows: -

‘A’ Area – Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, East Europe (Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, etc), Moscow, USA, Venezuela, England, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China.

‘Others City’ – Other Countries.

From India, Lucknow
Dilnaz Unnisa

Hi Unnati

I am just adding some more points to what Rinky has posted.

An employee will continue to get his / her full Indian Salary. This will be credited to his/her bank account in India.

Foreign Exchange availed by the employee will have to be accounted and excess returned to the Finance Department within five days of return from on site travel. Failure to do so may result in recovery of unsettled amounts from the employee's salary/other dues.

The per diem rates are US$50 per day

This is calculated from the date of reaching the destination and the date of leaving from there. Per Diem covers food, local travel, laundry, personal telephone, airport tax and other incidental expenses.

If any leave is availed during this period of travel, those days will not be accounted for the per diem allowance and lodging expenses.

In the case of airport transfer, the related travel charges will be reimbursed at actuals.


Accommodation cost will be based on actuals and the employee will have to produce bills. Based on the place, the maximum limit will be set by the HR department in the range of US$30 -to a maximum of US$75 per day.

Visa Validity / Extension:

The employee must return to India before his/her visa and period of stay expires . He /she must ensure that the employee's passport is stamped with a proper validity date upon arrival in the destination. Any variation in this must be brought to the notice of the concerned Director, since an extension will need to be applied before the date of expiration.

Medical Insurance:

All employees on overseas travel are covered under the overseas Medical Insurance for the period of their stay. If their stay gets extended they should intimate the HR department/Travel Desk in India to have their medical insurance extended for that period.

Use of Customer Facilities:

It is possible that the client with whom the employee is allocated would have provisions for Internet / telephones /Fax etc. facilities. One has to be extremely judicious and careful in utilizing these facilities and under no circumstances should they be misused. The employee should be aware that clients routinely check on the usage of these facilities. Any misuse of the facilities would mean instant recall to India, and the employee would face severe disciplinary action.



From India, Bangalore
M.Peer Mohamed Sardhar

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