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Hello! Seniors,
Will you please guide me , is there is a any difference between Poaching, Headhunting and Raiding ?
Is these 3 terms are different from each others ?
Please revert me with our valuable answers.
I shall be really grateful to you.

From India, Delhi

Dear Manpreet,

Employee Raiding is Recruitment of key employee of a competitor for getting out trade secrets, in the absence of any enforceable contractual non-compete restrictions binding upon those employees.

Headhunting refers to the approach of finding and attracting the best experienced person with the required skill set. Headhunting involves convincing the person to join your organization.

Poaching means employing a competent and experienced person already working with another reputed company in the same or different industry; the organisation might be a competitor in the industry. A company can attract talent from another firm by offering attractive pay packages and other terms and conditions, better than the current employer of the candidate. But it is seen as an unethical practice and not openly talked about. Indian software and the retail sector are the sectors facing the most severe brunt of poaching today. It has become a challenge for human resource managers to face and tackle poaching, as it weakens the competitive strength of the firm.

All the 3 terms refer the same as we take the employee from the competitor. But Raiding / poaching is an unethical practice.

Head hunting will be done directly / indirectly through reference, portals, direct/ cold calling to the candidates of the competitors / organisation having the same skill set.

poaching is done by targeting the right talent from the competitor directly by going in person and convincing him. Because of this, many company has done a poaching agreement with the competitors.

Raiding is done mainly in MNC's and abroad. it is a new term in indian industry which has started to develop in recent recruitment trends.

From India, Mumbai
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