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Hello All,
I am HRM master student. Currently I’m working on my final project about “ The impact of HR on firms’ Productivity and Financial outcome”
The major questions I’m trying to answer are:
• Is there a correlation between HR practices and firms’ productivity and financial performance?
• Is there an impact for strategic human resources management on firms’ performance?
• Can HR effectiveness be measured? How and why?
I am trying to develop survey questions that can help me answer the above questions. I would really appreciate your suggestions. I only need 5 or 6.

From United States, Fairfax

Designing a questonnaire with only 5 or 6 questions will not suffice for a Master degree. Please see <link updated to site home> http://digitalcommons.ilr.cornell.ed...t%3Dcahrswp%22 and <link updated to site home> if you have not already read these articles. All found at Google
From United Kingdom
Hi Simhan,
Thanks for replying! i've read these articles and many more for the literature review section and i picked 8 which were scholarly and peer reviewed- The major themes for the this section are HR practices- SHRM, and HR measurements.. I hear what your saying and thats why i'm asking for some help. the prof. doesn't want a lengthy survey she asked for not more than 6-7 question. my problem is with such a topic its really hard to capture what other HR professionals thinks about the contribution of HR when im limited with certain number of questions and a short time frame- the whole course is designed for 2 months.
So if you have any suggestions please do,

From United States, Fairfax

Where are you doing your course and in what mode? I am rather surprised to learn about your supervisor's approach. I wonder what sort of a Master degree would that be. I am no HR expert and, that's why, I directed you to those articles.
I take this opportunity to emphasise that we should give as much information as we can at the outset, to save time and effort on the part of respondents. For example, had you mentioned that you have read scholarly articles, it would have saved my time in searching, etc.

From United Kingdom

I agree with Nash completely, Are u doing this for your self or part project for someone else.

To cover above aspects in 6-7 questions sounds .......,well Still I can only point a direction pointer...

Is there a correlation between HR practices and firm's productivity and financial performance?

Good examples would be the steel/aluminum sector in India ..Yes of course there is a correlation between HR practices and firms productivity cause finally the product and its outcome is governed not just by technology but by its human resources as well. Also a company/ production unit may not increase its productivity due to various reasons , but good HR practices would still increase efficiency thus influencing the financial performance.

To measure HR effectiveness one needs to follow up a performance for a longer time and interpret the HR practices/initiation or introduction of new practices and the effect on its financial performance.

You need to understand that without some effort u cannot get ready made solutions. follow some good recent case studies of HR practices. HR practices of Mhndra after its taking over Satyam

HR practices of Kingfisher Airlines etc are good case studies ... I hope i have pointed out a direction to you

From India, Delhi
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