Bear in mind, punctuality is the hallmark of every successful professional. This is what you could gain from it:

a. Respect and reward from your peers.

They will look up to you as being a man of strong values and principles. They will hold you in high esteem. This could translate to a promotion come appraisal time. Your tardy subordinates, however will hate you for beating them to the office

b. Image:

You develop one of being Mr Reliable. Not only will this endear you to your bosses, it will get you more clients or keep an existing customer

c. Cooperation:

Don't be surprised if you find your colleagues cooperating with you more. If your colleagues respect you, cooperation is the next step

d. Emulation:

You are now no longer an ordinary employee. You are a trendsetter. You may find everyone trying to follow your footsteps. Better still, panting after them

See... punctuality is not so bad after all. It does have its advantages. But the question still remains - how? How does one who has spent the major part of his life in unbridled slackness get off his chair and get to work on time? Can you wake up one fine morning and arbitrarily decide that punctuality is the sole tenet you are going to abide by? Yes. That is all it takes. You just have to prepare for it and then be disciplined about the whole thing.

Punctuality is more a way of life than an aspect of it. Getting to work on time, meeting a client at the appointed hour, honouring your deadlines... it all becomes a lot easier if you accept that fact.

From India, Bangalore
Rajat Joshi
Hr Consulting ,trainer -creative Thinking
Senior Executive - Hr
Sanath Kumar T S
Consultant, Management

Rajat Joshi

Hi Anu,
How?..depends on the culture esp set by the Top Management..
If the employees persistently come late ..their behaviour needs to be punished & punctual ones awarded...
Yes very true..

From India, Pune
Sanath Kumar T S

Punctuality is certainly a virtue worth emulating. As you rightly said, all it takes is just that bit of resolve that I MUST do it henceforth. It is amazing to see how things start to get organized once punctuality steps in. Increased productivity becomes an added bonanza, and of course, as mentioned, the respect and high esteem that the world has for you increases.

From India, Mumbai
Sanath Kumar T S

While I do agree, the culture of top management does play a prominent part, there is nothing like this motivation to be punctual coming from within. However the others may be, let us be self-propelled towards this goal and ultimately we could serve as an eye-opener to the others.

From India, Mumbai
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