Hi there I'm new to this forum and not sure if this is the correct place to post this question of not?Mods may move this thread to the correct section if necessary.Having said all that my question is I would like to know if I resign from a company with immediate effect without serving my notice period (90days in my case) so that I may join another company in the same month,what are the options I have at my disposal?Further,in my resignation letter should I mention that I'm willing to pay the next 3 month's basic with respect to full and final settlement.Can the company reject this by any chance?
Thanks and regards
8th August 2007 From India, Bangalore

Sunil Joshi
Human Resources
Sr Manager - Hr
Head Hr/p&a In A Manufacturing Unit
Human Resource Training
Sr Manager Hr

You can go on Scik Leave for 90 days which you are not suppose to do,,
In need you can do this,,
Inform the new company about the notice period,, Tell them you can get the reliving letter afte the stipulated time,,,
8th August 2007 From India, Coimbatore
^^^ well I have told my new company about the requirement and they have a time constraint...they want me to join by 20th of this month...they are even willing to buy my notice period from my exisiting company...what I need to know how do I go about with this matter as far as my current employer is concerned...I have told my boss about all this and he is now okay after a bit of convincing...but what about the HR department.Should I mention about a full and final settlement in the in my resignation letter?Or should I mention that I need to quit with immediate effect and does that imply that I will pay up my next 3 month's basic salary?
8th August 2007 From India, Bangalore
Reach a mid way as its not fair to leave your previous organization in the lurch. Paying them 3 months salary is not going to lead to a smooth handover...forget legality... do what is right and that is serve the notice period.
Regarding the new organization they should remember that if you can do it to your previous orgn you will do it to them sometime later. May be the HR Mgr of the new orgn should join this forum (this is on a lighter note) :roll:
All the best. May you take the right decision
8th August 2007 From India, Pune
Ok..point taken..but in my case it's an urgent requirement for the new organisation..where they need me by 20th as they'll start a new project and hence they are willing to buy out the previous company's notice period even..
As far as my old company is concerned I have spoken about this to my immediate supervisor and he shares a very good relation with me hence after little convincing has decided to release me..but since I'm from ops..I just wanted to get the HR perspective of the game..
I certainly do not want to leave this organisation is a bitter note as I have served them for long and have always enjoyed very nice track record and very nice relationship with all...
8th August 2007 From India, Bangalore
Hi All,
I am in complete agreement with Amul. We are generally aware the kind of notice that we are expected to serve if we are to leave the organization and join somewhere else.
To some extent it is our responsibility to see that there is smooth transition between us and the person taking over. It is important that the organization remembers (for your good deeds) you even when you are not there.
Best regarsds,
Sunil Joshi
Manager - Human Resources
9th August 2007 From United States, Bedford
Hi, Whatever the reason it is not fair to quit at short notice. You have a responsibility to H/O fully before leaving. Shrinivas
19th August 2007
If the new company really interested in you, you can speak to them about your difficulties at times the new company will be willing to pay notice pay cost of your old company .
That is you need to pay the notice period pay in your old company and your new company will reimburse the amount to you
It depends upon company to company and your value tothe new company
Try out this way
4th September 2007 From India
See, it is basically a self decision to stay or leave a particular organisation. As far as notice periods are concerned according to me they are there so that when a person decides to leave, the transition is smooth and work of the organisation does not hamper and it should also not affect the work culture therein.
So if you can convince your present boss to provide you with a releiver to whom you can smoothly handover the tasks and works which you were handling, and how much time period required for this, than it will be more than sufficient. After all he is the person who have to clear your "dues" from the department. Accordingly, you have to convince the HR Manager of new organisation that this is the minimum time you will be requiring. As far as Hr dept. is concerned they will be following the policy guidelines. Also in your case, you are lucky that new organisation is paying you the notice period amount.
Ashok Kumar
Manager(HR & Admn.)
4th September 2007 From India, Mumbai
I'am posting after a long period of time...1st of all I would like to thank all who have helped me earlier, now coming to the point..

I have resigned on 17th of August 2007 from my previous employer and joined another company on 20th of August 2007 (where I'am currently working). I had served a 6 day notice period out of the 90 days which I was supposed to serve. My project manager and operations manager had accepted the resignation. The HR department had also approved this and sent my papers to the finance dept for processing of the Full & Final Settlement. Evidently I was to pay my ex-employer hence I kept on sending them emails to quickly process my F&FS documentations and tell me approximately how much money I will have to pay them. Everytime they would give me some excuse and ask for more time. Meanwhile, I had a oral agreement with the HR of the company that I have joined that they will reimburse the amount towards the F&FS. However, they wanted the papers with 1 to 2 months. Now that it has already been over 4 months...I realise I'am in a soup. Please help me and advice me on the legal steps that I may take. I have all the emails with me. Further they have my PF money with them.
24th December 2007 From India, Bangalore
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