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I want to quit my company. I want to know what do I say to my managers, if I tell them about better salary, will they agree.
I had an experience where my I had an opportunity within my organisation for US location, but my Delivery manager didnt approve my request saying many irrelevant reasons like, who will manage work here, etc. And the tone in which he was saying made be silent, he was just barging.
And I want to quit because of his such behaviour, so when I put down my papers what reason should be best so that I dont have to get in an argument with him, as his logic are irrelevent to me.

From United States
Dear Techguy
You can give 'Better Prospect Aka Better Salary' as reason to leave, it would be digestable for your manager. In my opinion; if you want to leave and your manager senses that you are not interested, any manager shall set you freee !
Your reason to leave sounds silly to me. What is the fascination of going to Amreeka !! .. Well its your life .. you know best !! ..
Before quitting, do you have a job in hand, any offer ?? If yes .. any agreement or guarantee you will be sent to Amreeka Location ??

From Kuwait, Salmiya

Here's how I see your situation, you wish to change your job as you were not allowed to avail an opportunity. Furthermore, unacceptable behavior of your boss, weighs upon you.

The promises that a new job would offer, includes a higher salary, better growth prospect and a different work environment

Lets take both the perspective to help you understand what is making you move away from your job. You assumption of better prospects in the new role. Whereas, the reality may stand different from it. It may or may not offer you any thing that you have calculated. However, would offer some trade-off , in its own sense.

Whereas, the situation at your current role, refuses to resolve.

Hence, deciding to move away becomes a Hobson's choice. The communication that you make during exit process, with your Manager or your HR, would be maintained for background verification. Hence, choose carefully. If you are re-locating for your new job, you may mention the growth opportunities and personal reasons, if any.

If you are working in the same city, please be honest and share all the learning and upgrades you received in your current role. Present your career path and acknowledge the learning you aimed when you joined this role. Here, discuss how you may wish to take it further. It may not be just through a role, but a certification, which are not completely aligned to what you are doing now.

This will call for a discussion. His logic will work only if it is aligned to the learning, you are looking for. A brash reply will not affect when you know what you want. Please remember , you are likely to cross path with him or people who may know him. So tread carefully. Remain professional. As an employee, you can and will offer your professional services to your best. Stay focused at it.

From India, Mumbai
Hi Ms (Cite Contribution)

From the query posted here, I m not sure if gentleman has an offer from another company. He seems to be upset with his manager's response over his secondments at USA or generally strict/ rigid/ rude behavior of the manager. He has mentioned this reasons for quitting.

Main concern is, attitude of the candidate in handling career situations, work place challenges and requirements.

Speaking generally, in my experience I have come across few candidates who have enquired / asked / requested about foreign trips / deputation during HR interviews. Several questions comes into my mind :

Are these candidate practical in approach towards thier professional responsibilties ?

Do they assume / dream / visualise / desire / aspire a foreign onsite appointment for some extra qualification / merit on thier CV ?

Is it a fascination / urge to see phoren country, at the company's expense? And boast in social circles about such trips abroad !

work is work, India or abroad, what is the hype about such foreign secondments. I can understand that its new variety of experience of dealing with new culture etc etc. But should it become a reason for discontent if opportunity is missed or not granted be it due to office politics, work requirement, feasibility etc etc ??

Coming back to the query of this gentleman, he wants to quit over his manager's behavior, is it good sign for his career ?? keep hopping jobs and shunning managers who dont pamper silly thier team brats who wants to work as per thier whims and fancies / locations / timings.

My words may be rude, but views are shared with concern for the gentleman's good !

Your suggestion to assess 2 situations is very good. Hope our dear friend thinks over it.

From Kuwait, Salmiya
Dear Hussain,
Bull's eye ! As of now, we are making an assumption of what his situation might be. Weighing the options, available to him , as you put it, remains the focal point.
Waiting to read his response.

From India, Mumbai
Thanks (Cite Contribution) for your reply. Its really helpful.
The main reason would be salary. The current salary does not match with my work load.
My new employer is paying me 60% higher than my current employer.

From United States
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