raghuvaran chakkaravarthy

Dear Karthick senthil, Not yet started our project hopefully will start from jan 2012. Will see what will happen.
From United States, Fpo

dear raghu,
hearty wishes & congratulations for the new project. convey the same to your team too.
as rightly said, it is not a easy task & my request would be please don't stop this task inbetween, inspite of the consequences you & your team meet.
all gave good ideas & i'm unable to think much apart from that.
don't laugh, but one small idea that sparks in my mind was, once after initiating, you can approach your local TV channels & FM radio channels to atleast communicate this among the people. even though they are money minded, once if there are 65 persons it makes a news. in our state (i'm to from Tamil Nadu), we can easily reach people through public media.
also, if possible start preparing the paper bags, made of waste papers & try to distribute the same to people in the markets, as this will give some sort of impact.
dear all,
thank you for the documents provided.

From India, Delhi
Humans are producing more garbage than the earth can handle. Waste has gotten harder and harder to decompose. Before throwing anything, think about how it can be reused.

Even though we have many alternative eco-friendly products at our reach, we do waste millions worth Indian treasure just import polythene raw materials. Our environment is staying responsible and been acting as an magical force by gifting us good quality natural resources like air, water, forest, soil breeze, sunshine etc.

Let’s gift quality natural resources to our future generations also by using eco-friendly products which keeps the environment safe.

Our society has become a dangerously made easier with the habit of buying products for “convenience”.

Just for convenience we do regularly use polythene products which spoil our nature as well as promotes bacterial and Cancer related deadly diseases which attack our health condition.

Many polythene promotional organizations misleading us by using slogans like “use plastic & save trees”

The real fact is the percentage of trees we cut for paper making is 20 times lesser than the trees which been planted by our magical environment as well as by many eco-friendly organizations. However 80% of our papers or made of recycle materials.

Realize the facts and do not harm the environment by using polythene products just for our convenience.

When we recycle and reuse manufactured materials that already exist, we greatly reduce the strain placed upon our forests and natural resources by raising the demand for creating new raw materials. Recycling process saves electricity, money, water, natural resources and landfill areas. However it provides many jobs and reduces water, air and soil pollution.

Any paper labeled with the 3 chasing arrows symbol will definitely have 100% recycled content as well as eco-friendly if recycled in a fair and sensible available collection system.

Always make intelligent environmental choices before you purchase products. Make an effort to purchase products in recyclable packaging and reusable containers. Use glass or steel containers instead of using plastic at home. (Through Glass & Steel has long decomposition period, it can be reused multiple times)

Avoid buying products that are plastic, disposable, potentially toxic, excessively packaged or wrapped. Plastics & polythene make up 70% of our garbage.

80% of our solid waste ends up being dumped in our local landfill areas. Disposable plastic products and polythene carry bags creates major loss to environment by promoting pollution, toxic gases and bacterial infections which causes cancer and other deadly diseases.

Let’s make a change by raising the demand for recycled paper products. Pay the extra price when necessary and purchase recycled paper products and support the industries offering them to you.

When you take our environment and our health into consideration, no effort is too large and no price is too high ….!

Rajesh....08885839994 (indian)

From India, Kakinada
raghuvaran chakkaravarthy

Dear rajesh,
As you said right..,, Frankly i will say one thing were doing the Plastic free city project in out city do you know what happens last time to us we had issued leaf lets (do not use plastic etc..,,) in traffic signals. Most of EDUCATED peoples even not read that leaflets they throw on the road in front of us. . . They are look like EDUCATED but truly they ARE.....??..,,
However i am proud of this see the link its also happened in INDIA. . .
Kanyakumari: The Plastic Bag Free District in India
http://ecowalkthetalk.com <link updated to site home>
<link outdated-removed> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )
I respect your worries bro. . .
Keep on sharing Mr.Rajesh. . .

From United States, Fpo

Dear Raghu The links you provided containing motivating news for you and your project to make your city plastic free... All the very best...
From India

Dear Raghu All the very best for your project. At beginning you can start campagain by joining with some of the public service like Rotary club and lions club. Regards Vijay
From India, Bangalore
raghuvaran chakkaravarthy

Dear Dipil, Thanks Mr.Dipil, Sure we will make it happen one day i will post the same kind of link which will mentioned our city is announced by PLASTIC FREE CITY. . .
From United States, Fpo
raghuvaran chakkaravarthy

Dear Vijay,
First of all thanks for the wishes. we have lot of ideas the main problem is we can't doing our project 24*7 as long as any of our team members more than 10 members get leave/vacation in one time we will do some programs and meetings etc.,,, Because all of them are working in different sectors but we will make it happen. . .
However thanks for your new idea dude will share with my team members. . .
keep on touch. . .

From United States, Fpo

oris Johnson hopes to make London a plastic bag-free city by the time of the 2012 Olympics, he said today.
The plan was part of the London mayor's new strategy to reduce the amount of landfill and litter in the capital.
He wants to see incentives for shoppers to bring reusable bags, and said supermarkets should consider charging for single-use bags at the checkout.
The Daily Mail has been calling for restrictions on the use of plastic bags as part of its Banish the Bags campaign.
Londoners use 1.6billion plastic bags a year - for an average of just 20 minutes per bag.
hotel davenport

From India, Delhi
raghuvaran chakkaravarthy

Dear Jonssmith,
Really i apperciate our in our thread its makes me feel confident. . .Thanks for your update. . .
I prayed Mr.oris Johnson hopes to make London a plastic bag-free city by the time of the 2012 Olympics dream becomes true. . .

From United States, Fpo
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