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My dear Friends,
Besides Body Language, reading and understanding one's character and nature from the appearance is another technique. This will be very useful for HR professionals while interviewing candidates and even after recruitment.
What is being practiced by me successfully is shared with my friends here in CiteHR and I hope this will give them new insight and impetus.
My friend Ms.Umarajendr in cite HR prompted me in response to my PPT Rapid Rapport Building to present the PPts in small letters and not in Capital letters which I have been following now - no comments from her.
As usual, please let me have your comments my dear friends.
Happy viewing.
Respects & Regards.

From India, Tiruppur
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My dear Mr.Avinash,

I am extremely thankful for your mail just pouring out your feelings and comments on my PPt. I just want such mails from experts like you in the realms of Training & Development with true comments so that more light will be turned on to the subject dealt with. I appreciate you, Sir, you have also visited my profile to see and assess as to whom am I before writing your mail.

Exceptions are not examples and my friend my eye ball is also not black! Since a few persons survive Cancer, we cannot ask the medical professionals not to call it as Terminal Disease. What I have given in the PPt are just ]indicative and I am sure every one will agree they cannot be taken as it is without making further probe through a few questions. When we find some one with watery eyes with less clarity we have to ask the person whether he is suffering from any disease and if the answer is "no, it is natural with me", then we have to decide with reference to this notion. We are all professionals and we get so many such matters and materials from experts who give them through their speeches / books and articles. I have done the same thing - what I learned from those experts and after putting them into practice to know for myself the verity of it and just wanted to share with the fraternity in citeHr. I have a nose which is, as per the chart furnished, said to be that of a cunning person! One should be clever and cunning in this competitive world and why, how, when and with whom the person turns cunning is what matters. I did not feel offended on reading it. In fact I have indicated from where I have taken that (comical) chart, which I though would be useful to those who begin with such readings. Those who suppress their thoughts and do inner fighting tend to bite their teeth whatever medical term we give to it. Even the jaws of the persons using chewing gum will have some movements which does not mean the person is grim and having mental ailments.

Professionals like us must take these things as indicative and through our observations skills combining body language and inputs given like this should arrive at a decision, which may even go wrong later on. But the success ratio should be taken into consideration.

Let me tell you again my friend, what I have given are just indications which I got not through my occult powers and got them from oracle voices but from books written by experts. Every one will agree that this is not Bible or Gita to take it as it is and we need to go further on this to arrive at a decision.

Body language is also a technique through which we infer so many meanings and some times they may go wrong. It does not mean that a specific body language which is said to convey a specific message is wrong for ever.

In fact a few things I have not indicated as they may offend some but to me they are admirably hard Truths. A few indications over the body and appearance may happen due to diseases and accidents but what is more important in such techniques is to know whether they are congenital or not.

Several books on Numerology tell us that people born on such and such dates, months and period will be like this, like that and so on and those books are not rejected by people. Some predictions may be right and some may go wrong totally appearing irrelevant to us. We cannot set aside the book itself as rubbish. I have personally taught several such techniques to my trainees combining body language, NLP and indicated in ancient books and the results are amazing but for certain failures here ad there - may be due to wrong and improper inference.

I once again thank you for your frank, free and healthy comments and making me to come out with this explanation.

With respects and regards,


From India, Tiruppur

My friends,
The PPt of mine on Character Reading is based on books "Character Reading Made Easy" by R.Robinson - Jaime Publications,
"Art of Love in the Orient" written by an Indian Author which I don't remember now, "Tholkaapiam" written by a Tamil Scholar and Saint Tholkappiar and several other sites in Net.
What is important to me is that in my experience, these inputs worked so amazingly and whatever I find successful I would like to share it with my fraternal here in CiteHr.

From India, Tiruppur
Dr Ajay Chauhan
Mr Ganesh
These look like personal observations without any scientific or research base. I am afraid this kind of communication is dangerous for the gullible as it will introduce a bias in their approach. Some of your observations are quite contrary to the common medical and anthropological knowledge. For example only people with black and brown color are good others are not (slide 8). Do you want to say the whole Aryan and Caucasian race is crook? The person with projection at back (slide 6) has extra knowledge. The seat of knowledge is in front and not back. The sensory abilities are at the back (refer the parts of brain - cerebrum is in front and cerebellum and medulla oblongata are at back and do not handle knowledge.
If you have done any design of experiment please let the community know. And if you have done why CITEHR, you should report in NATURE or SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. Let it be part of human body of knowledge.
Prof Ajay

From Malaysia, Sintok

Dear Doctor Prof. Ajay,

I fully agree with your views Doctor. I have clearly indicated that these things are based on a few books and my personal experience when applied in day-to-day life. Most of the members in Cite HR are Professionals in different fields like you and certainly are not gullible and they would certainly apply their intellect to test the verity of it.

You will kindly appreciate that I have just shared my knowledge and skill gained on this score and it is up to the individuals to perceive it and apply. In fact, I was unable to go elaborate in my presentation as the size of the presentation will become huge. I also do have a little knowledge on human anatomy and you will kindly agree and appreciate that extra knowledge and skillful application of matters relating to sensory can be more in such persons which we bring them under the gambit of soft skills.

I am really fortunate to have comments from people like you which would facilitate designing my PPt with more clarity sans ambiguity in future.

Nice of you to have allocated some time to go through the PPt and write a mail to me.



From India, Tiruppur

I completely agree with what you are saying about body language.

"Body language is also a technique through which we infer so many meanings and some times they may go wrong. It does not mean that a specific body language which is said to convey a specific message is wrong for ever. "

But most of what you've mentioned in the ppts is not body language. It is physical/body traits ie genetics.

On the one had you say "Every one will agree that this is not Bible or Gita to take it as it is and we need to go further on this to arrive at a decision." while at the same time you say "In fact a few things I have not indicated as they may offend some but to me they are admirably hard Truths.". What are you saying exactly, is it the hard truth or do we need to go further?

Im sure even though your eyeballs are not black, you are an exception and most others are not, I'm sure u are glad to have a nose that makes you cunning, You may even think that neurology shouldn't be discarded. I believe that something like astrology, neurology and what is in your PPT may have its basis but is to simplistic. It's like saying the earth is the center of the universe. Many "experts" claimed that too, then experts claimed that the earth is not the center of the universe, now we know that both claims might be possible because we do not know the shape of the universe.

The only feelings I feel and express throught is disappointment that someone with your experience and wisdom can put such things across on a forum that so many people depend on to better their career and help improve peoples' lives. We as trainers should look beyond people's current limitations in their behavior, be as non-prejudice as we consciously can and help people improve.

One should be very careful when you stake your experience and reputation on such claims that you made. My issue with your ppt is that you didn't put all the disclaimers that there can be exceptions and to ask questions on medical issues.

Please do let us know which books and experts you referred to.

From India, Pune

Dear Ganesh Jee,
I agree with Prof Ajay and Mr. Avinash. Our physical appearance is mainly a function of the genetics from both father and mother. In broad terms, South Asians, Africans, East Asians, all are different and have soem peculiar physical characteristics. Before downloading your ppt, I was expecting a substantial contribution based on your experience type stuff. For instance, a person's behavior with colleagues, dressing, managing his/her table or office, participation in meetings, etc.
I am sorry, I belive that two people with same physical appearance could posses very different charecters, largely based upon their family background, education, society, etc.
Anyway, thanks for a thought provoking discussion that we have very good feedback from Prof Ajay and Avinash Jee.

From Pakistan

Intresting one Dear RAMANA Rg. may be your views are correct . experience never jedges wrong ;-) may be not 100 % but majority of the people are similer as said by you .. i think so ..:-)
From India, Hyderabad

Dear sir,
i will wait for 2nd part of ppt. Thanks for sharing very usual information. Another thing which you may add which is type of clothing weared by somebody,shoes,caps etc.
Would wait for your comments on the same.would love to have you as a part of our training team or as a guest lecturer.
sunil sharma

From India, Mumbai

Thank you Sunilji,
Definitely I will come as a Guest Lecturer. My second part will have all those things. My idea is that all cannot read all the books in different topics. We, the trainers, can read for them and share the cream of things with people like you. Once again thank you for the invitation and honour given to me.
With warm regards.

From India, Tiruppur
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