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Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your kind appreciation on my efforts to share my thoughts with the Society. I am very much indebted to Mr.Avinash, Dr.Ajay Chowhan, Mr.Chris and now your goodself for your kind mails making constructive comments with logical reasoning. My intention is that the benefits that I derived out of any technique should go to my friends also and had you all not countered my efforts like this, people may not put these techniques to test but may accept as it is or set aside as rubbish.

We are coming across so many techniques, methodologies, practices through books, internet and in training programs/workshops and some impress us and some not. These techniques impressed me after putting them into practice which I just shared. In fact, when I addressed the police official in Tuticorin during my workshop i shared this technique which was well received by police officers. However, through repeated mails it is not possible for any one to ably answer the queries and comments - and I leave this matter as it is. However, Sir, the points raised by you and that of my other friends are well taken and in right perspective.

Definitely I will keep sending my creations so as to share my thoughts on the different interesting topics in the days to come.

I feel elated and honoured that people of your standing and reputation are taking this much pain and time in commenting on my PPt.

With profound regards and respects,


From India, Tiruppur
Dr Ajay Chauhan
Mr Ganesh

The positive point about your PPT is the starting of a discussion. You have compiled your presentation with years of observation but allow me to put things in perspective for the people who are trying to improve their career through material available on this site.

The character of a person is known only through his behavior (decisions and actions) and communication (verbal and non verbal). What is important is "the use of body features" (we can call it body language) rather than "the body features". The use of body language is through
1. facial expressions
2. body movements and postures
3. gestures
4. eye contact
5. touch
6. space
7. voice

The body features are decide by heridity and genes and the physical exposure (climate, accident, sickness and health etc). Your postulate of associating body features with character is equivalent of postulating that genes carry the character.

May be some more thought process has to go in to it. Mr Avinash's comments may be harsh but if I am not mistaken, this is what he wants to say.

I hope my suggestions contribute to the improvement of your ppt. There are many studies on body language. May be apt to refer to them.

Best Regards,

Prof Ajay

From Malaysia, Sintok
Mr. Ajay,
If you don't agree with Mr. Ganesh its your choice and your opinion but whatever he is mentioned in his PPT is very true and to judge the way you are telling will take months years or even decades because everybody is not the same and to judge at the first instinct we have to see the facial features eyes, nose, etc. his ways of dressing, talking , sitting and a lot more depict how the person is at the first instance and in today's world where crime, bad people, people whom we can never trust are very common i think everybody should know about this skill may be we can be wrong in some cases but that would be exceptional and not always,

and going about your ways of judging people is judging them in due course of time through their behavior which would not be beneficial if any wrong person is trusted or if any destruction happen after joining.

From India, Mumbai

Thank you Doctor,
It is little solace to me that at least you mentioned that our friend Mr.Avinash's comments are harsh. I am 55 and I have counselled hundreds of people for their mental ailments, thwarted suicide attempts of many besides treating many through Reiki - the holistic touch theraphy. I meet minimum 100 people a month in my Training Programs - from Students to Corporate employees of all ages and gender and no one has been this much harsh to me!! :-). Anyways, this must be his way of telling.
Thanks for your additions.
With regards & respects,

From India, Tiruppur
Hello, friends .
I have worked for Domonos pizzza india ltd in 2005 for 5 months.
So I just want to know can i withdrawl my pf amount for just 5 months and after a long period..
Plz suggest me.
Vijay Gupta

From India, Ambala

Dear Ganesh,
Would love to add you in my professional network & meet you personaly. If you don mind may i have your contacts detail please.
Sunil Sharma
Manager HR Recruitment

From India, Mumbai
i totally back Avinash in this. I usually dont comment on posts, just take in the good ones and ignore the bad ones, but couldn't help but comment on this as i find it the most illogical observations or assumptions!!!
From India, Thrissur

Yes, I have my profile in linkedin. Sure Sonal I will do that. Regards. Ganesh

From India, Tiruppur

The most positive aspect of this ppt is that it has led to a very informative discussion on the subject. The post of Dr Ajay Chauhan #33, sort of summarises the whole issue. Ofcourse, I dont agree with his observation that the comments of Mr Avinash was harsh. He has simply put forth his points forcefully. The post of Mr Steveoihanoi is also informative. Thanks for giving opportunity for such a lively discussion.
From India, Madras

Yes... pugazh... none of my previous PPts fetched me this much comments.... including many adverse comments and it has paved way for a healthy discussion. However, the force shown by our friend Avinash was akin to the helicopter shot of Dhoni !! Romba Naala I was thinking of touching this subject Pugazh.. and I did not think ipdi athu dhul kelappumnu.
Thank you very much for sharing your views.

From India, Tiruppur
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