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nice thread and very good responses here for the topic, but i would like to say anythings that are attached with a person either a degree or a experience we should hire a person who has a skill for the particular works,and has knowledege and can provide good outcome with his effort,and can do well in pressure situation,nowdays degree merely matters much in this internet world who can show his talent online and build good reputations
From India, Bhayandar
hi all,
With degree certificate one will have growth in career and monetary wise, without certificate, one's position will become stagnant whereever he is working, though a person proves to be the best in their profession, management will always try to keep him in low level.

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Dear Amjad Lala,
Today in challenging corporate world there should need both qualification and experience. Qualification gives the knowledge of concept, strategic thinking and the ways to innovate for better decision making every time for better handling the opportunities. But experience only gives the practical idea, process to go through for handling the work.
If any person have experience and not qualification he/she will less power-point of innovative idea to work as according to policy. But better management will never be possible without qualification & knowledge. Satish & Pon have rightly said that qualification gives additive advantage (clarity) to work & handle the situation all the time effectively.
Thanks & Best Regards:
Vikas Ranjan

From India, Bangalore
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Soft skills

To day we are learning something because of someone's experience,
there have been members of this forum who are very successful &
great trainesrs , who proudly declared ' I train by experinece , not
books' . We are seeing to day great degree holders are sitting and
waiting for an opening , whereas experienced , lesser educated &
dedicated persons are getting great ooportunities. What kind of
degrees dear Dhrubhai Ambani or even Birla and Tata's founding
managers had. It all depends on employer what they want. In today's
scenario degree semms to be an entry pass , later experience matter.
Regards and best wishes.

From India, Bangalore
Human Resources - Generalist

In my consideration, Education + Experience innovate new many things in working factors but experienced can't do. they are follow is regular way only. So Qualification with experience is highly recognized in the current market scenario.
From India, Madras
well said,.. like ur mason example...
for some reasons they might not have been able to take up their degree, it should be noted that-experienced peoples contributions should be valued and recognized and there is so much to learn from them...

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Very interesting discussion. I like to add something to the discussion. 5 or more years of experience means not just experience or practical knowledge. It is the result of his or her passion towards the work that helped to sustain in the same field. So it shows he has accrued knowledge through out those period. His career path is very important over these period. If he is in the same position for 5 years means his knowledge updating is poor whereas if he climbed on the career ladder shows his passion towards what he does.
And for a beginner degree is helpful to enter the organisation. Something is better than nothing

From India, Kochi
dinesh shitole
IR & People relations

Dear All,

I was going through a lot of you all expert's discussions about the conflict between experience & qualifications. I have a very lively example, one of my cousins who is a bachelor of Arts (Special History) by education is presently working as a project manager in a private limited company manufacturing PLC's widely used for automatons and he is very successful in his life. We can't put any hard and fast rule to address this issue. The followings can be some of the criterias which should be referred at the time of such conflicts :

01. Jab nature of vacancy

02. Age group of other subordinates where this vacancy is available

03. Job Profile like years of experience required, age group etc.

04. Other skills required like communication, problem solving skills, analytical skills etc.

In most of the companies, the top persons are not interested in these types of issues since they needs results. But these types of issues should be handled carefully by HR guy, since he has to see that the atmosphere of the company shall not disturb due to these types of recruitments.

By the way, many times we can't judge one's performance, until and unless we put the person on the job.


Dinesh Shitole, Pune

From India, Pune
Dear All,
Theoretical knowledge might help to an extent. However, degree is not what a person should be judged by. Relevant experience and knowledge MUST reign supreme.
E.g. Bill Gates -- a college drop out.
Prafulla Chandra Roy -- No formal degree; however, amazing knowledge of Chemistry (acquired from his father's Library) and started Bengal Chemicals...
...and many more

From India, Bangalore

I disagree with your statement. There may be few exceptions in all spheres. It is the individuals effort to reach such level. By and large, if you analyse about the successful ppl, they are qualified. Basic knowledge coupled with relevant exp. take them to successful path. We we should need such a vast network of educational institutions if only exp. is supreme?

From India, Lucknow

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