hello sir
i am student and these days addicted to Facebook now in one day at-least 10 hour i used to it but now want to left this addiction and i m unable to
how can i remove this addicted nature
because i am student so it disturb me too in my studies ....
sir please guide me .....
thanks in advance

From India, Mumbai
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Dear Pawan
Please be away from Computers and Internet for atleast 21 days. In these 21 days go to Internet cafe and check your mail and come back soon and go outside with your friends, read any books, concentrate on your studies.
your mind is having so much power, but you have to utilise the same for your development. If you keep the mind waivering then you cannot control yourself and it will lead to addiction.
You can and you will do it and keep yourself away from system, except checking the mail in alternate days that too from Internetcafe.
All the best

From India, Kumbakonam
Good respond Bhaskar Sir..Thanks,
First of All, since how long Facebook are..3 year, 4 years not more than that, so I dont undestand howcum people abdicted to it..
On facebook or Messanger people worried about person who far away like in USA or Middleeast or Nation States etc.. But they dont know about neighbours how they are either they eat dinner or not either any one of his family fine or ill, either they need any support..as a good neighbour we need to thing about them first not far distance frds.
If anything happens in our home, first neighbour will come for support even before relatives..
So Dear Pawan, Facebook is just a time pass and studies is your future, so just leave it and concentrate on your future.

From Kuwait, Hawalli
Hello Pawan Kumar,
Bhaskar has given you good suggestions.
Further to what he mentioned, pl try any of the following:
1] If you are staying @ home, ask anyone else to put a Login Password to your computer--that way you are prevented from even logging-in when tempted--until you get over the habit.
2] If you stay in a hostel, it would depend a lot on how your room-mates co-operate. The same suggestion above could work. Else, if you own the computer, just dispose it off & put the money in a FD--you can but a new one with the amount later--after you are confident that you are no longer addicted. Computer prices anyway keep falling regularly.
3] Give your contact number to those who you think are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to be in-touch--tell them you have been advised by the doctors [from CiteHR :-)] to keep away from computers for sometime. The reason for suggesting this reason is this: some friends have the habit of taunting for anything. You can thus ensure you don't fall into that trap & restart the habit, BEFORE you are confident.
And finally, just don't make yourself free--read your regular study books or any other material--or anything else like gardening, watching news programs in TV, etc. The moment you find yourself free without any work, those will be the weakest moments that COULD drive you to the habit again.
All this UNTIL you are free from the habit.
All the Best.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear friend ,
As said above my senoir friend Mr.Bhasakr has suggest . That you have to follow, and my suggesition is u haveto allot some work daily like reading , going , combine studies like etc.. towards studies. Then automatically u can avoid that time pass chating and all.

From India, Hyderabad
Hello Pawan Kumar,
If you really need internet, then I can see ONLY 2 options:
1] Build-up your internal strength to avoid going towards FaceBook when you are using the computer. OR
2] Assuming you don't know the internals of a computer from the System Admin perspective, pl ask any technical friend to 'BLOCK' FaceBook on your computer. He/she will know what this means & how it's done. You can't then access FaceBook. But if you do know also about this, then you only have the Option(1) mentioned above.

From India, Hyderabad
i was addicted to social network sites and mails used to spend 6 to 8hrs a day
now i spent 30 mins a day
all started with not using the system for 7days thanks to my service provider as he blocked it for 7days
then started meeting ppl , reading, spending time with nature, music and moreover 15 of meditation
now i have perfect control over myself only 30 mins i spent
if there is a will there is a way

From India, Madras
Dear Pawan ,
My good friend , no one gets addicted to facebook for many
it is just a pastime because they may not have anything worth
or important to do .Since you have enough to study and try to
come up in life you should have enough will power not to waste
your time. You are trying to go near facebook , it is not coming
to you .If your priorities are in order there is no reason that you
you will not be able concentrate on real life issues. Best wishes.

From India, Bangalore
Hi Pawan

Why are you addicted to facebook? what aspect of facebook attracts you that you are so addicted ?? so you are looking for counseling.

Indentify aspects of facebook addiction and work on removing them, In this age of internet its very difficult to stay away from it, moment you have a computer and internet you will go to facebook. you also know that.

I absolutely agree with wonderful suggestion presented by seniors and members here. They are effective only if you will practice them.

But first ask yourself, what causes you to get addicted to facebook. If you want to share on this forum you can, we can suggest more options. There is a possibility that you are addicted to :

Playing online games with your friends on facebook : Go out and play real sports, if you dont have friends then go gymming, join a club, go jogging to some park or track, join a dance class, join a music class, join yoga class.

You like to upload your picture on facebook and read the comments and enjoy the popularity of your postings : You are attention seeker !! develop your personality and sense of humor, stay with real people, talk to real people, be a star in real world not the virtual.

Avoid clicking pictures from your cell phone or digicam, more pictures you click, more you want to upload and more you anticipate response on those pictures. and if you dont get desired responses, this causes you depression, low feeling and you pursue this vicious cycle to pamper your ego.

Use normal mode of E mail to communicate with your friends and family, avoid passing messages on facebook profiles.

Start smsing your friends rather than posting on walls. if you coordinating any hangout or picnic, coordinate by calling and smsing. Even if your friends are facebook addicts, tell them to respond to you by sms or call, and not to post responses on your facebook profile, there will be confusion and misunderstanding once or twice but with that you will learn to coordinate in real life.

Stay outdoor most of time, involve yourself in many activities, at home, watch TV or talk to family, friends or roommates, always remain occupied in someone's company untill you start getting comfortable with yourself alone.

If you have a girlfriend or Fiance spend time with her, talk to her, listen to her, sing to her, take her shopping, just plain hangout, but stay away from the computer or smartphones which can connect you to internet.

If you dont have a girlfriend then seek one, you can develop yourself in the pursuit of love, you will develop your personality and appearance to impress your prospect, and try this in real life rather than being "copy-paste cool dude" in virtual world.

If you are using smartphone, sell it, lock it, gift it !! and switch to basic phone, which doesnt give you net connectivity.

Increase your connectivity through mobile number, get real, become real, talk, listen, touch and feel the real essence of life, rather than seeing the world through computers screens !!

Hope this was helpful !! get out, get active dont end up facebook potato !!

From Kuwait, Salmiya
Internet addiction is something that's either laughed at or it's a serious problem. While not having the health effects of other types of dependencies, it can still be a problem if it gets in the way of work or social life. Don't be like a fly caught in the Web.



Recognize the problem: do you check email incessantly when it is not entirely necessary? Do you go back to the same websites again and again? How many hours a day do you spend surfing the web?

Recognize the reasons. The Internet is always available and cheaper than alcohol addiction, and legal unlike drug addiction. It offers escape just like drugs and alcohol. Once you realize these reasons, you can pinpoint Internet addiction as a real problem and not something to be scoffed at as not being a "real" addiction.

Cut down on Internet use. This is, of course, easier said than done. You can't stop checking email any more than you can stop checking the mail box. You can, however, stop checking it with the same frequency. Set the maximum amount you use the computer a day. This applies to chat rooms, games, online gambling, social networking sites (Myspace), and other sites that take up your time.

Take walks, go out to eat, leave your office or home-i.e. get away from the computer. Breaking away for a few hours can help clear the head. If you have wifi, don't take the computer with you.

As with any addiction, it is heartening to know that there are other people who suffer from the same problem. There are now support groups for this new and growing problem.

Call people up on the phone who you normally correspond with via email. Set up a face-to-face meeting.

As with any addiction, you must determine what you are trying to escape from. The addiction is the symptom, but you need to deal with the cause.

If none of the above works, seek professional counseling. Internet addiction can be as debilitating as other types of addiction if left unchecked.

From India, Madurai

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