Dear All,
I am the HR( Generalist) of an IT company (Gurgaon), i need to place something new on the notice board every month.
Please Suggest some New and attractive ways to display something on Notice board.
Waiting for the reponses!!

From India, Delhi
It looks like you just want to display something new irrespective of what purpose will it serve? First think about what message or what purpose it should resolve. We have people putting up Notices,Thought for the Day, Saying, Motivational quotes/stories etc. So if its only a question of displaying something new for the heck of it, I guess there are billions of living organisms and non living things existing on this earth. You can put up any one picture daily...................rgrds

From India, Mumbai
Thanks for your reply.
Yeah I Know that there are billions of things on this earth which can be displayed.
Mostly I use to put Thought for the day and qoutes. But it doesn't suits every day as this is an IT firm and being an HR i have to do some innovative kind of things in terms of the company...
More ideas plzzz

From India, Delhi
To put up Innovative Kind of things on the Notice Board one must have ample amount of time to devote for such creativity each and every day. This would be possible only if the HR personnel is not occupied with their routine work load, or has negligible amount of work to think about extra activities.........................rgrds

From India, Mumbai
You can put notice or msg regarding new innovations or upcoming projects with your organizations. like new policy implemented or working on any kind of change directly linked with employees... it may be new wage policy .. esic related changes occuring.. the online system for pf..the holiday list.. information related with office timings or office hours.. much more..
From India, Gurgaon
you can display the photo of an outstanding employee of the month. display the name of the employees birthday with colours and gizmos, display the high performer, non leave taker list, marraige day wishes with photos, Best suggestions list, Absenteeism graph, and so on
R devarajan

From India, Madras
Being a HR professional Notice board is the another way to show your activities and keep employee engaged. For me there are few below mentioned things you need to put on notice board:
> Upcoming birthdays of employees/events
> Organizational announcement
> Training calendar
> Holiday list
> Employee Engagement calendar (including dates for Townhall, business meet, annual day etc..)
> Do or Don't (like some of the area in office declared as restricted zone then what needs to be followed, similarly to sending mails/data to outsider/client or vendor)
> If it is on operations floor then target/SLA etc..
> Last but not the least ways to reach to HR department (i.e. communication matrix)
Hope above shared things will certainly help you.
Rakesh Kumar

From India, Delhi
One part of the notice board can be devoted to employees for venting out their feelings something like a 'venting machine'. A platform where any one can voice out concerns / appreciations on any topic by being annonymous.
Trust me, it works well. Have seen great results.

From India, New Delhi
Being in IT industry you can put some interesting facts related to technology
Believe it or not strange interesting facts
Simple and Crazy puzzles
Brain Teasers
Useful tips ( health, beauty,daily life etc.)
Thank you notes, birthday wishes....
Fun trivia games
Special days reminder like world health day, women's day etc.
New HR policies that people should be aware of
Positive customer feedback. Employees will feel good having their accomplishments publicly recognized
Handy informations like area that highlights where to find great food or after work drinks (especially for those who are from out of the city)
You can try even sudoku in notice board
And one think to notice is ,change topics regularly to keep employees engaged.
Thanks & Regards
Neenu Vivekanandan

From India, Khopoli

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