Thank you Mr. Hussain Zulfikar for your valuable reply, Here I am telling to this forum members just add a line in their regular meetings with the workforce, about the causes of consuming liquor. Atleast someone can listen and understand the effects of the liquor especially the country liquor.
From India, Kumbakonam
Hi S. Bhaskar,
Very nice,informative and truly an eye opener. I agree with you if we cant educate them or preach but we can ensure that at least we can make all the employees/workers aware of the deadly liquor...
Great efforts..hope people reading it will surely benefit from this..

From India, Delhi
Bhaskar, whether it is country liquor or IMF liquor, if taken excessively on daily basis, it will lead to all sort of health problems. Pon
From India, Lucknow
While I was in Hyderabad, the incident I mentioned, took place at my labour camp. From that date onwards I am instructing the workforce not to drink liquor, if at all they have urge to drink, I request them to go for costly liquor and restrict them to control over the quantity of the liquor and maximum monthly once or twice.
Because at a stretch we cannot make the workforce to bring in control, and restrict completely because immediate stoppage will also cause undue impact on their health.
Thanks for your valuable comments Mr. Pon & Ms.Archana.

From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Mr. Bhaskar,

You are discussing your issuing related to INDIA.

You must be aware that i am employed in QATAR. LIQUOR is available in QATAR as this country is promoting it. For your kind information, even in QATAR, you will find SECOND QUALITY LIQUOR. Though we had strictly warned our employees not to consume liquor inside the camp, they drink outside. Based on their ABNORMAL BEHAVIOUR after CONSUMPTION OF LIQUOR we had terminated services of couple of employees but, still i found employees at various levels consuming liquor with PLEASURE.

Those who are ADDICTED to liquor is very difficult to get rid of it. All you can do is that, remind them about their FAMILY MEMBERS, their COMMITMENTS/RESPONSIBILITIES TOWARDS THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS and keep MOTIVATING THEM.

We cannot predict anything but if an individual wants he can do wonders about his own life. Its all about WILL POWER. Lets keep educating and motivating individuals about BAD HABITS that can END THEIR LIFE.

With profound regards

From India, Chennai
It's true Mr. Khadir,
We can only advise them and do motivation and we cannot insist for not to take, because they are only workers and they bound to be in our control only for limited 8 hours and not on 24 X 365 hours.
Let us do our job. Due to our deed even 1 person saved also the credit for our job.
In Marketing for selling a product the rep used to visit hundreds of people. But out of hundred maximum 1 or 2 only will buy. Like that we will inform to all, whoever listening to that in adhering to that, will be benefitted.
Here our duty is to only disseminate the message without any expectation.
Thanks for your valuable reply Mr. Khadir

From India, Kumbakonam
Reposted for the benefits of the new members who have not noticed earlier. Let us disseminate the message to all our workforce so that it can save the life of someone.
From India, Kumbakonam
Dear MR Bhaskar,
You can curb such unwanted practices in the organisation only by bringing in some discipline. You have to install a breath analyzer which should be kept with the security gate. This will cause a dissenting message that employees consuming alcohol will not be allowed to resume work that day. Secondly, to carry a further message, anybody caught drunken on duty, you immediately send for blood test. Once you get the report of the test, (in case of contractual worker, send instructions to the contractor to change the concerned workman) If your permanent workforce is consuming liquor conduct an enquiry and take appropriate action depending on his past record.

From India, Pune
Dear Bhaskar

First of all thanks for starting up this thread and sharing your real life experience with us... It is really a thought provoking one and an eye opener...

First of all I search out and understand what is the difference between country liquor, Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and illicit liquor... I think all the variety of these can cause health problems if daily consume and if not take good amount of food... You have mentioned the diseased worker was not taking food, and consume alcohol leading to death...

One point I would like to mention is that some medical practitioners prescribing IMLF - controlled consumption daily to some heart patients or saying generally its good to reduce the heart diseases for a healthy person... Whether how much reliable this statement I don't know... However country liquor and illicit liquor in this case scenario also dangerous to humans... Hope to hear more views on this particular input from all... Whether consumption of alcohol (IMLF) is good to health? If yes for what all diseases and in what quantity and frequency?

When comes to industries, construction sectors, etc. we can control the workforce inside company premises and labour colonies... You should have strict rules for labour colonies... Should be clearly briefed to all new comers/workers that these two (Inside Plant & Colony) are places where consumption of alcohol is strictly banned... If caught you will be terminated... In this case if at all they drunk it will be in their rooms and it will be in a controlled consumption... If a person drink more, he will looses his senses and somehow we can came to know that this person drinks and create disturbances in the labour colony... Just hack him out and impose good amount of penalty to the concern contractor... This will surely bring changes and you can control on the affairs slowly...

You should have clear signage’s saying the Ban On Consumption of Alcohol and if caught drunken what will be the consequences in labour colonies and factory... As all others said I also fully agree that training, awareness sessions, counseling all is important and we should do that... We can educate them and bring administrative control to avoid alcohol consumption in our area... If a person staying outside of the factory arranging own accommodation, only the education will help, the administrative control will fail in this case...

However it's very difficult to change a persons habit of alcohol consumption... Let's try our best for those who attached to us...

From India
Dear Mr. DMC
I know I cannot change everybody with my lecture, but If my lecture saves one or two life out of thousand workmen available with me, it will be my lifetime achievement. Because Saving someone's life is not comparable with any other help. Have you ever faced someone with love & tears in eyes and telling you that you have only saved my life? I am alive only due to your timely advise. If you come across such situation then you will surely pass these type of messages to the community.
For changing the workmen from his work is very easy, but try to correct them. As a matter of fact you are coordinating with those people only for 8 hours and afterwards if they do anything you cannot control them. You can only restrict them only with your natural love and affection.
Thanks for your valuable comments Mr. DMC.

From India, Kumbakonam

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