Dear All

The idea of teaching english, learning english is good. I congratulate Mr Pawan for initiating this in his working place. Following tips may help the persons who are willing to teach and those who want to learn and improve english. Both will improve the literacy level and help communicate better:

1. Remove all kinds of hestiation from within that I do not know english, I cannot speak english, etc.etc.

2. Develop a very strong urge to improve your english language

3. Understand that today it is a global language and by improving it, we know the world better

4. Read english books - start from primary levels (do not be hesitant), read comics, magazines, personality development articls, literature, spiritual books, autobiographics - every book helps in its own way

5. Start being in the group - try to speak english words; do not be hestitant even if you do the mistake;

6. If someone points out, just say "I see", "is it" or "ok, how should I say" , or "what is the correct word', or "ok, I am sorry, I will correct myself" - these help to correct your mistakes continuously and improve continuously

7. Whenever you are reading, keep a pocket dictionery or chambers dictionery and whenever you find a new word, know its meaning then and there itself and try to use them when you next speak to somebody

8. Listen to english news, see english channels, listen to BBC, CNN, National geography, Times Now, channels

9. Read english news papers

10. Beyond all these be "humble" and learn from every one and even from a child

11.Talk to the children who can speak good english

I was one who always wanted to learn english, I was very poor in english and came from a village and from the day I started learning shorthand, I decided to learn english and did all the above; I can speak to the audience of a big gathering in best english today and give a lecture for 2 hours !! See my english language as written above - This is not to boost myself - but I believe that the above efforts would help everyone and so I have shared the confidence one should develop !!!

Hope it helps; All the best to the learners and teachers !




In my organisation we played a game to make everyone speak in English only. This game helped us to build team too.
You can try if you like.

Dear ................,

It’s time to “SPEAK Right!?!”

What is “SPEAK Right!?!”
Speak Right is a not a game, it is not even a campaign ……… it is a Way of Life,
It is a choice that we as professionals make while we communicate at work, we can chose to
speak in any language, including our mother tongue/colloquial language, to get our message
across, but that’s not the language of choice.

As professionals we must speak in the language of our profession ………Use “English”
when we communicate during work hours (excluding the Lunch Hour),
Inviting all of us on the HR Floor to participate and Speak Right,

How to Speak Right:-
1) If you find anyone on ourFloor not conversing in English you have a right to ask them to deposit a sum of Rs. 5/- in the Speak Right (Blue Colored) Box.
This also includes the Project Leads/Project Managers, etc
2) In case anyone is found not speaking Right for the 2nd time; everybody in his team including his Project Lead will need to deposit a sum of Rs. 5/-
3) And this time he will also get voluntarily nominated for the Communications Refresher Session to be scheduled soon.
4) Let’s make this campaign a fun event with active participation of all, Please note: This campaign is not aimed at offending any particular sentiments/emotions,
5) The objective is to get all of us Conversant in English.
6) Requesting you to co-operate and help make this a fun and enriching experience for all.

Finally the amount that we collect in the Speak Right Box will be utilized towards a FUN activity which we will plan soon for all on the Floor
(Suggestions, ideas if any on the Speak Right Campaign or the FUN activity may be sent to

Vishakha Deshpande

From India, Pune
Dear Mr. Pawan,
Its not a good practice nor ethical to push something hard without the consent of your employees as our culture doesn't promote ENGLISH as MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION or COMMUNICATION. Though, we had been struggling hard to make our employees learn and practice communicating in English @ WORKPLACE, the end result is not satisfactory because it is associated with many factors.
Yes, if they have INTEREST, ZEAL, PASSION and more to improve their language and themselves which can be correlated with WORKCULTURE, ORGANISATIONAL STANDARDS etc, then you will find drastic changes in your employees.
I suggest you to request or instruct all those employees with good command on language irrespective of their designation to communicate and reply to everyone in ENGLISH only. Try this out, perhaps you may find some changes in due course of time.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
To learn any kind of language there are 4 important basic steps everybody has to follow. They are LSRW i.e Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. But unfortunately we are just concentrating on Writing and Reading and ignoring the other two important factors like Speaking and Listening.
So as per my knowledge please follow the LSRW technique then you can learn any kind of language easily and effectively.

From India, Surat
Dear All,
Greetings of the day!
I read all the stuff of drive English Speaking. All your suggestions are very good. And Hitesh you are facing a problem just because of word bank. Listening is a good habit to learn English. But if you want to work on word bank, try to read dictionary for atleast 15 minutes daily. Try those words which you can use in your daily routine and use these words regularly. One more thing read the antonym of that word and find the meaning of that antonym. It will help you most.
Thanks & Regards

From India, New Delhi
Dear Hitesh,
Just a few suggestions. Try and make it a habit to listen to DD English News in the morning before leaving home. Improves your diction and also increases your General Awareness!!!!! In addition read, read and read as much as you can. Also, pay attention to your grammar and try and use smaller sentences in the beginning. But above all, be confident. English is like any other language. In the long run what matters is your capability and dedication. Wish you all the very best.

From India, Chandigarh
practice, practice and practice. Only speak in English and only answer questions asked in English with English as the response language, remember, adults learn best when "engaged and experiencing" the learning. If an employee struggles, devote more time to developing his/her learning's and maybe add in some remedial training / practice, but make it fun and engaging !
From Australia, Redcliffe

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