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Assuming you have to choose between two... by trusted, I mean someone who is popular for his strengths... What would you take as your spot?
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Become a Trusted team player, you will automatically be your boss’s favourite. That’s my way of looking at it...
you should not only be boss’s favourite but also a very good trusted team player.. only when you become a trusted team player can you be boss’s favourite..
Nice to hear.. but one should accept the truth that boss favorite's are winning the race today. no matter how well talented u are and skillful ur job performance is, a slight misunderstanding between u and the boss will land u in trouble..
Good topic! I am sure we will get a range of views on this. Here's my point. It depends directly on the culture of the organization and the values of the boss, in question.
There are many firms, which take pride in not playing favourites. There are bosses who would write off team members who may try to impress them. These leaders would have "the organization first" attitude.
At the same time, in cultures that are completely driven by human emotions, there would be an equal degree of subjectivity. Hence, they are susceptible to power plays, which will require a considerable amount of fan-following. Consequently, setting rewards to garden loyalists than meritocrats.
I look forward to the experiences as shared by our members.
(Cite Contribution)
Dear Mr. Nikhil,
Let me correlate your query with mine. Its from the employee perspective.
You need to think on a broader spectrum while correlating my query to conclude your views, suggestions, opinion etc...
I am sure, we will enjoy sharing your views, positively....
With profound regards
Dear Mr. Matheen
You are only worried about your JOB. I am not sure whether you tried to improve your skills, talent, etc. You need to understand "why an employer can hire my services". We are not hired for satisfying employer(individual) but, we are hired to meet company's objectives.

According my knowledge, "One who meets company objectives, should be the BOSS FAVORITE" and he should be TRUSTED for his SINCERITY, HONESTY, LOYALTY, DEDICATION, HARD WORK and UNSELFISH NATURE.

Kindly do remember, BUTTERING UP nature will never last long because, HONESTY will win at any cost. Kindly don't even try to gain trust by BUTTERING UP your BOSS, such TRUST will never last long.



Kindly don't mistake me because, i am very straight forward in nature as i only support SINCERITY, HONESTY, LOYALTY, DEDICATION and HARD WORK.

Good Luck.
This is a great question. I think it's best to be a team player and win the confidence of your team. However, at the same time, you can't avoid the directions of your boss. You have to do what he/she wants you to do. Afterall, the acronym of JOB is Just Obey Boss ;)
A trusted team player will always be a bosse's delight but a bosse's delight may always not be a trusted team player. More importantly, bosses never actually realise this, which turns the table and cross-questions how trustworthy are the bosses themselves.
I was waiting eagerly for someone to post their suggestions proportionately to what you had exactly suggested. This reflects your HIGH MATURITY LEVELS.
What you said is 101% TRUE. According to me, TRUST should be found in TOP MANAGEMENT and it is TOP MANAGEMENT or BOSS should inculcate the same down the hierarchy line....This is how TRUST CAN BE BUILD in organisations.
Good Luck..
with profound regards
Hi Khadir,
Thks for ur comments.. but still i stick with the same fact like what i said before.. Boss is the final decision maker .. if u satisfy him, u r inside the company.. if not u know like what happens.. this happens in all the organizations ..I have seen many employees who have given everything to the company and got no rewards bcos of the bosses.. Truth hurts... but we cant avoid that...apart from being straight forward, also try to learn the company culture.. this will help u in future...let me remind u one thing.. Employees leave company not bcos of jobs.. but bcos of bosses... hope u understand.
Hi khadir,
First u should understand one thing that Employees leave company not bcos of job, but bcos of bosses... boss is the decision maker about an employee's future.. an employee without the support of his boss will definitely cant survive in the organization until he wins the heart of his team and boss.. apart from being straight forward u have to concentrate on the present organizational culture, which will help u grow even more better...
THKS For ur comment...
A very sensitive Question and good too.

Advantages for being a Boss Favorite

1, You have complete right to do any thing (No one ask anything or obstruct)

2, You will be provide less work then others, (But Payment is In-Full)

3, For Time being you will be treated as a Special, (Lemonade by others)

Dis-advantages for being a Boss Favorite (Keep Counting)

1, You will be always dislike by other colleague's with in your office.

2, You will lose your strenght,ability, talent, internal feeling day by day.

3, You will be the first to be terminated once the Boss got changed.

4, You will not have good reputation in organisation as they see u like spy of the Boss.

5, You will be habitual of dependable in your life where ever you join.

6, Last but not least - You wasting your prestigious Time in Buttering to the Boss, Instead of gaining Knowlege and Experience.

Advantages for being Trusted Team Player.

1, You will be self confidence, with good explode of Strenght, Talent, Trust, Ability Etc.

2, You will be liked by all Members, Colleagues with in and out of the organizations.

3, Your Reputation were much higher then the Boss Fav.

4, You will be not worried of any termination, as you will stand alone in any circumstances.

5, Your hardwork will be appreciated by members at any cost.

Dis-advantages for being Trusted Team Player

1, Its only one point That is you are not the Boss Fav ...But your honesty,Hardwork will count for sure.

Thank you,
Dear Mr. Matheen
I do agree with you but do remember that, its organisations who are loosing TALENTED WORK FORCE, this is the major reason for ATTRITION besides PAY/COMPENSATION. There are many talented employees, who believe that, if not this organisation, someone else will hire my services.

I seriously doesn't want to grow by buttering up a wrong/bad boss, just to safe guard my job. I would love to support a GOOD BOSS, out of my way. I am sure there a GOOD BOSS in this world.

Moreover, when you match your frequency with your boss, lets say a good matured(by all means) boss, then you can see the major difference in your life..........This is the fact......A GOOD BOSS will never promote WRONG THINGS/MOVES.

Very few tried their best to change their boss mentality.....

So, why do you worry about yourself when you are not wrong......It is our HONESTY that is supporting us and even a BAD BOSS cannot harm us...

What Mr. Sayeed wrote, is the fact.......

I have one practical query for you, hope you will respond positively...
"Just assume that, your boss had done injustice with other employees, you had realized the fact that, your boss had taken a wrong decision.
a) Now, do you still support your boss? or
b) try to convince him to change his decision
c) What if, if you fail to gain the TRUST of those employees, as you all need to support each other. Can you and your BOSS manage the organisation without the support of other employees?

With profound regards
(Cite Contribution),
In today's world, bosses need to know what 'drives' the employees... If impressing a boss is a driver, then one needs to leverage it to bring the best of the organization. Writing them off is probably the wrong thing. One needs to know how to manage the situation rather than get swayed otherwise!
The problem is that one could many times be both, yet suffer (in line with Sayeed's post).
Matheen is not wrong, because if the boss is oriented to the organization, your impressing him will mean that you are definitely oriented to the organization!
Let's face it... Afterall, as they put it in the US, the paradigms reads: Its my way or the highway!

"When you are In the Light, Everything follows You, But When You Enter Into The Dark, Even Your Own Shadow Doesn’t Follow You." — -Hitler
"When you are In the Light, Everything follows You, But when you enter Into the Dark, even your own shadow doesn’t follow you." — -Hitler
A good team player is a need in any organization.Being a boss’s favorite?????: in the organization if boss is favoring some body,god save the organisation
To become a favourite to Boss one must be a trusted and proven team player.
But the above will be applicable only where the organisation and the boss of the organisation is having the trust and running on the strength and decision of trusted team player.
Once the boss is biased to someone and he keeps someone in his good books and believe the someone whatever he says, then it cannot be a good organisation to work at all.
As said by Ms. (Cite Contribution) if the attitude of boss is like Organisation First and running on the Trusted Team Players then the organisation will be heaven for the sincere workers and trusted team players and obviously the organisation will always be ahead.
Even a mother has favorite children, so why deny the boss? Our discussions maynot remove the phenomenon of bosses having favorites. Its natural!
Most of you are talking less of what the preferred choice should be, rather you are trying to tell how the boss should be.
Interesting, how one is extrapolating it to the organization being good or bad, when this is actually an individualistic phenomenon!
Hi Nikhil,
How i missed such a nice topic...:)
I think trusted team player with his/her consistency in performance becomes a favorite amongst boss too...yes, it will take time to fight bias and competition with many Yes Men in the company but eventually with a large team supporting you there is no way an unskilled or low skilled person stay favorite forever.
As we have seen majority here would love to be Boss's favorite, so the less traveled path is being a trusted team Man......hence less probability of success is higher....
A Very good question and many thanks to all the members who had posted responses based on their experiences.
IMHO, It entirely depends on preferences of immediate boss, unless and until 360 degree feedback mechanism well institutionalized in the company and culture of company is well managed by thorough professionals. So, I suggest, understand your immediate boss preferences (if you don't have good contacts with boss of your boss :-)) and act accordingly. That is the only way to get success in most of the companies.
Yuvraj Sharma
Dear mr gurjar , till the time u reach ur company target u will fevorable to ur boss, as well as ur boss also fevorble to u, but ur team player is always with u for ur rights.
Ananadarajukh, I disagree... Other team players cannot do much if your boss decides to be unfavorable to you... They are always politically weaker!
Today's world, when every one is looking for short cuts and occupied with the rat race, it is but natural that most would prefer to be Boss's favourite. However, one should not forget in long run being team player paves the way for success.. All those looking or trying to please his/her boss need to be careful, today some may succeed by adopting to such methods. However, in long run these very people run the risk of being left out like abandon beaches of yesterday..
Remember, if you are a team player, you would only develop skills which would stand you good even if you have someone replaces your boss for some reason or other. Keep your focus on your long term goals, you would realise, short term rat race does not serve your purpose....
Read this..

The most important person who can help you in your career growth and learning, at work, is your boss. Whatever he says, good or bad, about you, definitely has an impact on your career growth. Because career growth is more than working hard, meeting deadlines, being dapper & diligent. Most often to get a promotion, increment, in any organization, you need to be in good books of your boss.

Every boss has a favourite. Ethically they should not but it’s a human nature. Like we all have favourite co-worker, favourite friend and favourite family member. If you get a boss who is going to have favourites, you have to cash on this opportunity and be the one of his favourites. If you become one then don’t flash this out proudly in front of your colleagues. Don’t acknowledge this news in front of anyone and try to be reticent, modest and humble.

To get to be favourite one has to depend on skill, hard work, talent, taking initiative etc. One has to be loyal, team player and boss appreciating to get more opportunity, exposure and learning. To become favourite one should never depend on buttering up, blandishing, servility, sycophancy etc.

Do not strive so hard to become favourite of your boss that you become dirt ball for your colleagues. If you genuinely deserve because you are efficient, dependable, honest then only your colleague will also abide with it.

Also, make sure to know all the favourites in other departments. This is not a tough job at all. They will be treated with the same very way like you are treated from your boss. You can spot them because they would be:

• Spending more time with their boss.

• Trusted and intimate.

• Get the rewarding and prestigious job/work/perk.

• Part of every meeting.

Once you spot them, be friends with them. There is nothing like getting recognition/recommendation from other bosses. This way you also get to know what’s going on in other department, company and become part of that ‘elite crowd’.

If you are on the other side and you disapprove of favouritism, do none of anything mentioned above.

Share your workplace experience about favouritism.
hmm both are equally important. But if you'll become boss's favorite then all other employees will be anti you & if they'll come to talk to you then it will be their selfish interest behind that. and if you'll be a good team player then there are chances that you can win both the sides but it will be a great mess. :)
According to my perception , first of all we should be our favorite what i meant to say is we are not working to satisfy boss or team members. But we should satisfy ourselves and also should travel towards company's objective.
I would like to add my experience recently in one Organisation.
The HR Executive of the Organisation has sent the Master Salary file to all @ India email id, every employee came to know everybody salaries. All employees were waiting for an action to be taken towards that Executive.
But believe me or not no action instead she has been promoted to the next level because she is boss`s favourite.
I was speech less.......
Pls. comment on this.
I think one should have
* Commitment to the Organization and one's job
* Work hard to perform better and better
* Continually increase one's skills
* Maintain good relations with all including Boss and hence hence achieve position of both trusted person and Boss's preferred. Normally the happier situation will be to achieve both.
But world is not necessarily pefect than better be trusted person due to your abilities as first no one will ask you to leave due to your own strength and you are not limited to work only in one Organization as there are enough Organizations who would want you to join them.
If you are only Boss's preferred and do not have personal strength then you only have limited honeymoon period as someone else may occupy that position of preferance with boss or else Boss itself might leave the Organization.
Boss is a captain of the team & we as a team member expects trustworthy captain/leader. If this is true, then no ambiguity remains of being favourite OR trusted. If it is false then we need to change the team or if possible change the Captain. Team member performs if they have trust in their Captain & this is cyclic more the trust - more the performance - more the trust - ........
Well i agree with what Archana quoted, i have a same situation too wherein favourites r ruling and the people who r actually performing r somewhere hidden n their efforts r only recognized when mistakenly they come in front of boss.. but there's one thing which shall always stay - the individual's honesty, skills , commitment n hard work, One fine day favourites can become non favourites at some time, but the work which is done the best will always find its way ... Time comes for everyone.

Well Veena, I have also scene situations wherein the Boss's favourite walks off easily even after committing a blunder n others suffer even for a (relatively) minor error.. in such situations i have always thought that it is probably the bad luck of the organization in the long run that they r placing such ppl in the top levels... destiny will give us our share put in ur best n dont miss the opportunity to prove that.

A good topic but difficult to have a correct answer.
As Nobomita puts it, the culture of the organisation that makes a difference.
To be or not to be boss’s favourite:
See the below link to see Sanjays view on the above topic.
To be or not to be boss
Have a great day.
I think one should try to become a trusted team member rather than being a boss favoruite...
If you want to be succesful, you have to be trusted team members,so that you can get the support from other team member as well, being a boss favoruite can affect your performances by not supporting by other team members ( jealousy ) ....and if you work better, you will be supported by all ,whther its boss or team members.
Its nice to know most people believe in being a trusted team player rather than a boss's fav. I have been in this situation. I guess many would have been.
My HOD wanted me to be at his beck and call and i always believed that my work should speak for me and not favouritism.. My immediate boss liked my work and trusted me, so did my entire team. My HOD didnt like the fact that i didnt want to be his fav. So he chose a colleague of mine as his 'pet' who willingly obliged (coincidently was not a good worker but a great orator). It resulted in 5 years of day to day suffering, but my team mates respected me and were always willing to help me. That HOD got transferred eventually. My colleague became the butt of jokes and ridicule and till date is known for being a 'chamcha'.
So, being honest to oneself and work is important. Everything else is secondary.
Friends , being boss's favourite is an art as well being team leader is another art , an individual should posses both the traits,
should not avoid either ( some or the other way that makes you in trouble which leads you frustrated condition ) , both art are the two eyes that is very important to view the world
try to learn both the things so that your professional life would be happy
Nowhere you can see perfect person as your boss , all human likes that his/her subordinates always to support and bow their heads to him, however don't neglect such personality , act infront of him , then do your duty with perfection . according to my first and second point , its an art .
You can't change your boss , let us change ourselves accroding to the individuals ( again remindig its an art )
One must possess various kind of art in our life to lead success in which this is also one among them
learnt it , try it , become an expert
wising you all the very best for this new learnings
If you are Boss’s favourite than may be company is following promoted culture,,as per my views always I will be trusted team member..
Excellent reply. i appreciate your sincerity, honesty and hardship that you had overcome...I can even understand the happiness you gained through your honesty, which money can't even buy it.
I am sure Mr. Nikhil will understand and realize "the power of honesty to oneself and how important is company's objectives rather being BOSS FAVORITE or SUPERIORS PET"
Good Luck..
With profound regards
In today’s circumstances……definitely everybody wants to become their boss favorite. Nobody (boss) want to see your hard work, honesty and dedication……this is what my experience. In many organization only boss favorite employees are getting good increment, promotion, incentives etc. etc.
Its always good to be boss's favorite...
i have gone through this experience... whether you are right or wrong doesn't matter but if you are boss's favorite then you are always right....
no matter how honestly you have worked for the organisation...
Its always better to be boss’s favorite... I have experienced this... boss’s favorite always wins... no matter he is right or wrong... loyalty, honesty comes after this...
Interesting experiences...
I have also seen this happen several times... bosses tend to take their favorites whereever they go. That way, they know their team and can quickly focus on what they need to do...
However, many of you think that the team player option is the better one. Thats interesting too...
[QUOTE=vinay_harshe;1524435]Become a Trusted team player, you will automatically be your boss's favourite.
Become a Trusted team player, you will automatically be your boss's favourite.
That's my way of looking at it...
Being a HR Person we should use our interpersonal and emotional management skills to handle both parties. Kind Regards Amila Chamara
If you are only Boss's Favorite, you will shine only in the forum where your boss is present. If you are a trusted team player, you will shine at any forum, even in absence of your boss.
I reiterate Varsha Sakhrani..
Team player, hands down! The way I see it, there is no guarantee that your boss will remain in the boss position forever. If a new person is appointed in his/her place, you are pretty much busted. Oh, and I think having a good relationship with your coworkers is 99% of the cases, its their help you need.
A trusted team player is better than a boss’s favourite because Trust develops everything but favouritism kills everything.

What do u think that... what is more important? Being your Boss's fav. or a trusted Team player....I mean what does your instinct says? It surprises me to see that there are people who have said that it is more important to be boss favorite these days.....but, quite humbly i would like to ask them few questions:

a. How long can you go by being your Boss favorite? What if the boss changes?

b. How long can you just 'pretend' to be competent under the shadow of your boss?

c. What about your own ethics, wherein you can just take all the credits just because you are your boss favorite wherein others who are the real performers keep suffering?

d. You think you can ever grow with an attitude like this wherein you will always be called a 'Sycophant'.

e. Real happiness comes when people around you love you trust you. Money and success just follow then......

Pardon to all those members who feel that I have gone a little out of way...but that's what i feel as far as this topic is concerned.....

Should not be both but should be ' Trusted Team player'.
If you will be a TTP then you can enjoy your work and you can allow others to enjoy their work.
Boss always will be there. You can not live without boss but should not forget that there are collegues .
Ulhas Chandratre
Senior HR Professional, Pune

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