All seniors I am working in Textile Industry,my boss asked me to do Manpower Rationalization study in the organation, Since I don't know the term either.
Seeking from all of you a quick reply on the term and the process.
Thanks & Regrds,
Rahul Vaidya

From India, Pune

In the fast changing global corporate scenario the rationalization of organizational structure is now reigning supreme. And outsourcing has emerged to be a leading trend to facilitate this. Outsourcing reduces business operating costs.

"For Microsoft, outsourcing has been a way to temper the expansion of our work force & reduce management overhead. I hope this keeps us from growing big in the wrong areas and becoming ineffective through too much overhead." - Bill Gates on outsourcing (Source: Business @ the speed of light) Worldwide outsourcing services are set to exceed the $100 billion market: in 1998, spending topped $99 billion. Spending is expected to reach $151 billions by 2003. Corporate giants in the United States, Europe, and Japan prefer India for cost-effective and high-quality software solutions. We vouch for India and have established ourselves as big Indian player in all domains. We leverage the importance of India and offer the same to others, especially when it comes to Manpower Rationalization.

The reasons are obvious: Better Resource Utilization: It helps the companies focus on the area of their core competence. Thus the resources are utilized more efficiently without being diverted into other support activities.

Cost Saving: This means there is a sizeable saving in terms of cost. Companies are clearly finding that many more jobs can be done by others, better, more efficiently and even at a lower cost. Dell, Cisco and Nortel are familiar role models of how to use outsourcing to generate huge cost savings and also serve customers better.

Organizational efficiency: Facilitates and supports major organization change. Business Innovation: Improving and innovating in processes, skills and technology, while mediating financial risk through the vendor.

New market: Direct profit is generated through joint ventures and vendor partners. And, there is no doubt that more and more corporate majors are taking recourse to outsourcing as a means to bring in efficiency and economy in terms of size and operation.

So why not you?

From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Dear Rahul,
Manpower Rationalization is careful exercise whereby you need to freeze all fresh recruitment and do the SWOT analysis with employees. Then find out teh aptitude of the present employees what are they interested in. Then suit them by internal transfers. This way you will achieve all thsoe objectives of Manpower Rationalization i.e. Better Utilization of resources, Cost saving, Orgaizational Effeciciency and Explore New Markets.
Please feel free to send me your question at - i am freelancer consultant.
Sushil Gupta

From India, Surat
Rationalisation refers to balancing the work load of manpower. There will be some peolple don't find enough time to finish there work and some others sleeping during working hours.
You need to reshuffle the duties and resposibilities od people inorder to utilise them better.
As Shushil said it rightly before going for new recruitment explore that job can be fullfilled with the existing resources.
You can use the help of Industrial Engineers in accesing the work load and balancing it.
Warm regards,
Sujai K

From Oman, Muscat
Dear Rahul,

I thank Mr. Sujal for explaining the meaning of Rationalization in brief and most appropriate way.

I am Industrial Engineer by profession with a Gold Medal in Industrial Engineering and more than 36 years' of experience in conducting Industrial Engineering Assignments at various industries, viz. Manufacturing, Engineering, Textile, Electricals, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels, Hospitals, which include Rationalization of Manpower, Work Load Studies, Job Evaluation, Incentive Schemes, Value Engineering etc.

Currently, I am engaged in offering my expertise for betterment of Manpower Utilization (effectiveness), Productivity Improvement and help industry in implementing the assignments by conducting In-House Training Programmes, Hand Holding/ Coaching in the areas of Lean, Six Sigma, 5 S, Kaizen, Value Engineering, Quality Circles, FMEA, 7 QC Tools, ISO 9001 QMS, 14001 EMS, Work Study, etc. (30 Topics).

I also act as a Project Guide to Graduate Engineering/ MBA Students.

You are requested to forward me your requirement at or contact me on Cell No 98190 79985.

Warm regards,

Pratap Rane

098190 79985

From India, Mumbai
Hi !!!
I have been working in textile industry since Jan, 2015. We are doing manpower rationalization in our manufacturing units. We are able to find out for the required manpower to run each of our unit. Can anybody tell me how to proceed. How is all to be done ?? Can anybody put more light on Process of Manpower Rationalization ?
Seeking from all of you a quick reply.
Dinesh Thakur

From India

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