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Really an eye opener presentation on corruption and how it is eating us alive.
From Spain

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Mukesh Tank
Company Secretary
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Niraj Prasad
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Oil Mafia's, Sand Mafia, Stock Mafia, Gold Mafia, Commodity Mafia, Corporate Mafia, Mining Mafia, Telecom Mafia, Cable Mafia, Land Mafia, Forest Mafia, Beggar's Mafia, Food Mafia, Transport Mafia, Drug Mafia, Medical mafia, Road Mafia, infrastructure Mafia, Railway Mafia, Auto Mafia....................etc.

Simple this country is run by Mafia's, Indian constituency can only bread Corrupt people because this is how the Britishers had designed it to be, they just did power transfer to Mafia's that's why we see mafia's running this country, even today Queen Elizabeth visit's this country without any passport or Visa, who has got this kind of authority to visit countries without VISA, even today she controls the world through three powerful cities. This corporate empire of three city states controls the world economically through London’s inner city, militarily through the District of Columbia, and spiritually through the Vatican.

Even today Ottavio Quattrocchi who was incarcerated by Ind Govt under Bofer’s Scam is still active in India’s business fixing, sometimes operating from Malaysia on behalf of a large East Asian nation, sometimes from Milan for European interests. He leverages his son’s presence in India and extraordinary access to the Gandhis (Sonia and Rahul)

Ms. Farida Ataullah, a Pakistani with dubious connections (during the Benazir Bhutto tenure as PM she was her ‘bag person’), who has been a close friend of Ms. Sonia Gandhi for decades-- so much so that she was Chief Guest of Honour at a select gathering at the wedding of Ms Gandhi’s daughter, Priyanka in the mid 1990s. She lives in Dubai and co-ordinates all kinds of nefarious activities in and out of India, because of her influence, an important member of the core group of the Congress Party called the Mumbai and Maharashtra police officials to his suite in Oberoi Hotel Mumbai after the 26/11 terrorist attack, and directed that “Indian collaboration” in 26/11 should not be probed.

Etisalat DB’s Shahid Balwas is a close associate of Dawood Ibrahim (the underworld ‘Don’ and criminal who is a proclaimed offender) is one of the favored few which got the UASL 2G licenses for 15 circles in 2008 and he has a company that is a partner with the Pakistan Government’s Telecom Company: the PTCL (incidentally which is dominated by ISI, a pro-terrorist intelligence agency of the Pakistan army). Do you know that Etisalat DB has Telecom Surveillance Software that will enable it to track movements of anyone who takes a SIM card from it for its service, Many of us are under their scanner.

We are still lucky that at least we can raise voice even though no action would be taken, Tomorrow the west can take back this power any time and as of today our trade deficit stands at 25% 40lac Crore, and within no time our country would be sold and we won’t even know about it.

Only way to break this people is by De centralizing their power’s and Localization of power (Starting Swadesi Movement), Globalization is an Big Failure, India Flourished 3000years with richness all because of Swadeshi jagran.

Evil would die soon and Corruption will come to an End and our weapon would be Internet(social network Sites which bring like minded people together), as we see the revolution all over Middle east just started with a Spark from Social network Site and it will still spread like a wild fire, Soon it would start in India once the Oil touches 140$ per barrel, Once the People wake up all the corruption would vanish, Mass awakening would happen Shortly, Please forward this email to as many as possible to spread the awareness and actively participate in all the Movements to eradicate the corruption out.

From India, Bangalore
I belong form a very low profile area which hardly have anything,and since i am very new to this place, It should be published, Can't anyone prove the PDF autheticity & get it published in a thelka or others
From Germany

Dear Uday,

Thanks for sharing very touching, filled with facts.

Then the question is what to do?

In Andhra Pradesh Mr. Chandrababu Naidu (Though he is not free from corruption), he has introduced certain administrative reforms (e-seva, e-tendering etc) and tried to bring some accountability to bureaucracy and ministries. But people have rejected him. The congress being a national party, to come back to power joined hands with KCR (TRS) which wanted to divide the people on regional basis. Several people(Mostly educated) are raising voice against corruption. Unfortunately, these educated elite will not take active part during election giving the scope for the same branded corrupted leaders to get come to power. Our judiciary is also responsible for this state as the cases will not be finalized for decades. It is a good thing that you have brought it to the notice of all our members and let it be spread and let us do our bit during elections to improve the system.

Today INTERNET is a powerful media and this should be used to spread this message. I wish all our CITEHR members to express their opinions and do their bit to eradicate corruption. Otherwise what is use of pointing out bad as bad unless you try to do something to make it good.

From India, Hyderabad

Dear All,
Very much like Cancer, the problem of corruption has reached such proportions and is of such enormity that only
a common force of all citizens of India can remove it. No wonder the Hon'ble Judges of Supreme Court have
termed it as "mind boggling". The very people, who were made trustees of the State power by people, have
either failed to act for the reasons best known to them or have themselves become predators. So who will
and who should save the country. The ultimate masters of the the powers-that-be, that is, the people of
India have to wake up and throw the culprits lock, stock and barrel. So all citizens, wake up, be brave and
exercise your power.
God bless this Country and its citizens.
Y. K. Kalia, Advocate (Sr. Citizen).

From India, Delhi
mukesh tank

Dear Uday,
Thanks for sharing this document. I feel the urgent need is to unite the divided Country. In the same manner as Sankracharya did 1000 years ago. People are divided community wise, language wise, state wise. People want seperate states. The whole motherland is getting divided.
The first movement should be to give wholesome education. Just teaching children how to read and write will not do. We should teach them good value for life. British people started this current education system which is producing just clerks and intellent robots. This intelligent robots don't have hearts and are indifferent to the well being of country. They are simply self centralised and work their personal benefits. Change this system first.
A mass awaking campaing is required. A new freedom struggle is required.
Hope this began soon ........ Jai Hind...........
CS Mukesh Tank

From India, Mumbai
Niraj Prasad
Can You Proud To Be An Indian???????? "SHAME" on Parliament....................and all seats which is ocupied by THE MOST futuristic MPs.
From India, Bareli

This is very good posting and at the proper time also. To Stop the corruption in our country Shri Baba Ramdev has launched " Bharat Swabhiman Yatra ". He is trying to awake the indian people against the corruption and loot of our nation's money. He is meeting two lacs of people every day.On 27th February 2011 there will be great rally in Delhi to make a better awareness to the nation.
There are better alternative solutions to develop our country without taking any loan from IMF, World Bank and other rich countries.
Let us come to strenghen the hands of Shri Baba Ramdev.

From India, Mumbai

Correctly edited.
I have seen all the slides and almost become unconscious.
The patient(India) seems almost in dead condition and we have to do immediate Surgery
Let us pass this message to everyone through mail
I spent almost 30 min to mail this to all my contacts(friends)
5S Trainer and Consultant
Erode, TN

From India, Erode
I would like to thank you for consolidating all facts, however I am optimistic about we together can being a golden change, I am willing to participate in all & any kind of group or Individual activities to fight against corruption
Best Regards,

From India, Pune
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