Dear All, I am planning to make a Joining kit for all the new joinees in the company. Can anyone suggest what all can be the part of the Joining Kit? Regards, Ranjita
From India, Hyderabad
Dear Ranjita,
Its good taht you are plaaning to make a joiining kit it will help you to present yourself as oragnisied HR Professional. In this kit you can include;
Employee personal details form
a note pad along with pen/pencil, shapner and eraser
all the required forms like pf, gratutiy, opening of salary accont, checklist, code of conduct.
I hope this will help you.So all the best.
Thanks and Regards

From India, Mumbai

You can add things like
1) the policy manual...
2) list of special welfare policies
3) employee events planned for the quarter
4) visiting cards - if applicable
5) office layout to cafeteria & restrooms and other important areas
Hope this helps!

From India, Mumbai
First & foremost things- The company’s vision & mission statement Their Job profile Their Annual Action Plan -to be submitted back after a month -LPG
From India
Hi folks

This is simple. I have introduced a comprehensive New Staff Orientation Schedule in our organization. It covers a 5 day period and generally follows the following pattern:

Day 1: Brief meeting with Director of Administration & HR and introduction to the organization's vision, mission, and core values. Spend the entire day with HR and become familiar with contents of HR Manual and critical policies, sign contract, discuss benefits & allowances, fill nomination forms, etc. Receive an HR briefing package. The HR Manager introduces the new employee to all staff and facilities.

Day 2: Spend some time in job familiarization of the assigned unit. Devote one hour to meet with Procurement Section and become familiar with relevant applicable procurement policies and procedures and receive a brief procurement briefing package. After lunch devote one hour to meet with the IT unit and become familiar with IT policies & procedures, and receive email address and IT briefing package.

Day 3: Like above 1 hour before lunch and 1 hour after lunch, the new employee will have orientation with the Transport and Security Sections and receive relevant materials.

Day 4: Like above 1 hour before lunch and 1 hour after lunch, the new employee will have orientation with the Travel and General Administration Sections and receive relevant materials.

Day 5: Spend an hour with the Director of Administration & HR to seek clarifications on any doubts on the above.

We are also in the process of producing an introductory CD which will walk the new employee through the above procedure. Our introductory kit includes the briefing folder, writing pad, pen, & ID card.

Sylvia Francis

Asst. Country Director

CARE Tajikistan

dear Ranjita,
Nice one to prove yourself an Organised person & grooming HR Professional.
Any ways i would opt for following things in my joining kit....
1. Personal Information form
2. HR manual containing some general policies regarding leave,reimbursement rules etc.A copy of such formats should also be attached.
3. A Directory or Sheet containing imp. telephone nos & ext. nos.
4. Declaration as well as nomination forms for PF & ESI.
5. Blank Visiting Cards for the time being till personal cards are received.
Keep going.For any further help contact me at

From India, Mumbai
Dear Ranjita,

The Joining Kit should include following items

1) New Employee Box wrapped in a Gift Pack.With Company logo & Line saying Kick start your Great Career with us - from HR Dept.

2) Pack should contain Pen,Pencil,eraser,pencil sharpner,Calculator,Note book,Note pad,Post-it yellow stickers,Scissor,Paper Knife,Cello tape with stand,In & Out Trays,etc.

3) Intercom & Phone connections should be in proper place.Internal Telephone extension & branches telephone no's with important persons names & their no's list is to be kept ready.

4) The person where he would be sitting, make sure the Table is clean,the drawers are clean & are functioning smoothly.The chairs are not making noise.Extra Note pads to be kept in drawers,Keys of the drawers are kept handy.Tell the Pantry people to keep a bottle of fresh & cool water with glass ready at the table.

5) We also keep company VMV Statement in Plastic stand on the new incubments table.

If the person is in middle & senior category make sure that 50 Visiting cards are kept ready in his Joining Kit. I have introduced this system & it is doing wonders with new employees.

You can give HR Manual,Induction kits later on when the actual Orientition starts. But firstly the good impression should be created in the mind of new employee that this company cares for all the basic needs of the employees.

I hope this will help you.



From India, Mumbai
Hi Ranjeeta,
Even i have prepared the induction manual for the new joining in my company.
This is how it goes:
-Welcome Note
-Brief about the Company, mission, vision, goals etc.
-Organisational Structure
-HR Policies
-Salary (PF,ESIC, Mediclaim Details)& reimbursement details,
-Welfare activities.
-Do's and Dont's.
-Wishing to have a plasurable tenure with the Company.
With Regards,

From India, Delhi
Hi Ranjeeta,
You can include the following in the joining kit,
Use the company folder ( we have the company folder, with company's name &logo on it) and you can include the following;
Joining papers/personal information papers;
forms to be filled by the new joinee, like system allocation form, visiting card form.
A copy of the HR manual
Account opening form
The important extension numbers
Also include the last published newsletter of the oraganisation
A scribbling pad with pen/pencil, erasers, stapler & pins etc

From India, Bangalore
Dear All, One can also put in set of VALUES that the company has laid down. also set of appraisal forms self appriasal & global appraisal regards,
From India, Mumbai

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