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Hi: I have to develop a H R Manual. Can anybody help me out with a Sample or suggestions please? I will be very grateful. Thank you Viju Philip
From Kuwait, Kuwait

Have you tried Google? There are quite a few decent ones out there published by universities ...
From United States, Albuquerque

Dear Viju

Please start your own Draft HR Manual.

Please list out the requirement, i.e., Objectives, Purpose, Foreword, Staffing, Appointment, Probation and Permanent, Cadre system, Promotion and criteria for promotion, and career growth channel, Appraisal system and type to be adopted, Training (in house and outside training) needs, Salary structure, Working hours.

Action to be taken during Resignation, Retirement, Termination and removal from service.

Disciplinary cases and how to handle, What are the Minor punishment and Major punishment and in what circumstances it can be given. When and how to take Administrative action or disciplinary action against any defaulters.

Like that within 5 minutes I can think and write a small note in above categories, you can create your own by sitting peacefully and develop.

In case of any correction / Addition / Deletion / Modification you can ask, where you can get help.

If you are asking from the very beginning, then It will be difficult for everyone to reply.

I would like to narrate a small story in this aspect.

"In a class a teacher brought an egg and instructed the students to watch how the baby comes out of the egg by breaking the egg. The egg started crackling and the teacher told the students to watch and no one will touch, and he went out to attend some other work.

In the mean time the baby was trying to come out of egg, for which it was struggling. A student with soft nature seen that the baby bird was struggling, Hence, he just broke the shell of egg and released the baby bird from the egg.

When days passed, the bird was unable to fly. The teacher got some doubt and asked the students, while the baby bird came out of egg, did anybody helped the bird. Immediately a boy stood and told that he only helped the bird.

The teacher got upset and told the students that the boy who helped the bird was not real help, instead he has spoilt the entire life of the bird. Because if the bird came on its own, its wing will be light and the body will have the weight. But due to the so called help done by the student, the bird's body and wings also got weight. So it cannot fly in its life time."

Here I would like to say you one thing that you should not ask help from the beginning stage itself. You try your level best. Wherever you face problem and struck up there you seek help from others. The others may be your assistants, no matter whoever it may be. Never underestimate your subordinates. The talents may be available everywhere.

Wishing you all the best

With warm regards

S. Bhaskar


From India, Kumbakonam

Dear Viju,
As suggested by Mr. Bhaskar, you may add the following also and elaborate appropriately:
Values of your company
Personal Conduct
Employee Relations
Fair Employment practice
Congenial work place
Customers and fair competition
Conflicts of Interest
Entertainment / Gift Policy
Protecting company assets
Confidential information / intellectual property
Use of company’s property
Health and Safety
Protecting the environment
Social Responsibility
Security Policy of the company
Data Protection & Prevention of unauthorized access
Code of Conduct
Act of Indiscipline
Administration of the Code
You may also add all Welfare Policies of the company as part of the Manual.
All the best,

From India, Jaipur
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Dear Viju,

Please follow the guidance Bhaskar have shared. In addition to that, here's few more suggestion as you work along on this project.
  • You may consider using the 'research' tab to find the HR Manuals shared in this community.
  • You may visit the CiteHR New Member's group that shares every document you may require. But, they are your point of reference.
  • You need to design one that is fitting to your organization. Hence, make notes of what is applicable to your org as you read them.
  • You need to read the manuals maintained by the competitors in your sectors.
CiteHR New Member's Group
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From India, Mumbai

There is a ton of stuff here already on CiteHR about HR Manuals that has been posted by other members.
This same question gets asked at least 2 or 3 times every week! Talk about reinventing wheels all the time.
If you are a new member then please allow me to offer you some advice.
Almost everything you want to know about HR is already here. Just use the Download Search Box at the top of the page and a wealth of material will be yours for the asking.
Welcome to the community.

From Australia, Melbourne

Hi Please see attached, hope its useful for you Sadigaz...
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Dear Friend
Please take guidance from Mr. Gopal's input and go ahead. You will have to have a self confidence that you can make a wonderful wholistic HR manual, and further you proceed with your act.
All the best.
With warm regards
S. Bhaskar

From India, Kumbakonam

If you borrow and just change it to suit your requirements, It will be a HR Manual, no doubt, but if you face a problem later on with it, you will be nowhere to look for the help.
It is always better to draft one from the scratch. Keep the past performances and failures in mind and think of ahead (future) requirements to. Keep the laws in mind always. Get a team of few enthusiastic persons and divide the job. You just lead them. Work in complete coordination. Bit by Bit it will come up and you will know what to do in case of any exigencies arrives later on.
Just start putting two and two together. You will come up with a nice piece of your own Manual, of which you will be proud of.

From India, Chandigarh

Yes, You are correct Mr. Surendra We should not copy other’s views as ours. Whenever any problem arises we cannot sort it out. With warm Regards S. Bhaskar 9099024667
From India, Kumbakonam
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