Dear All,
What action can be taken against an employee who leaves the org. without informaton. The case is that one of an employee left the org. on June 2nd after taking the salary cheque, this way he didn't served the notice period & also taken away the salary with him . I even put him a mail to submit resignation as we do not want to spoil his career by issuing him a Termination letter. The employee has not submitted the resignation with in the time limit specified.
Plz suggest it's urgent!

From India, Mumbai
15 Views & no response!! Hasn’t anybody have an idea on the topic? Plz guide me! Regards, Kshama
From India, Mumbai
Dear Kshama,
If possible, talk to him on telephone and if it is not possible, please serve a notice to the address of the employee officially. Meantime, look for an alternative for his work and start working for replacement in his place, if you believe he is intentionally not coming to office after taking salary.
Ultimately it is his career, where he require relieving letters and experience certificates. He may approach you may not be immediately but at a later stage.
But, if he is not interested to work, let him leave else he spoils the culture of the organisation.
Hope this will help you.

From India, Hyderabad
Hiiiii Shama,
The same thing happened in my workplace . One of the guys left without prior intimation / notice with the salary. However we got a cross verification for him from his new employer and intimated the matter to them, also we are not going to process his PF form from our side .
And have also sent him a termination letter. hez yet to get back to us.
In your case too u should send a termination letter , as there is no point in asking for a resignation from an irresponsible emplyee.

From India, Pune
If the candidate has left without informing and without any proper information ,Contact him and tell him the importance of leaving an organisation with good name .
Inform him that in this way he will be deprived of full and final settlement in terms of P.F ,Superannuation ,clearance certificate and above all relieving letter .
Tell him where ever he will join ,the new employer will cross check(Refernce Check) with previous HR and in that case you will not be able to help.
i think a good and convincing conversation with him will help you.

From India, Hyderabad
dear shama
you should at first speak to the person find out the reasons for such a behaviour. tell him the consequences of leaving the company without following the terms & conditions applicable to him and that his PF & gratuity is still with the company and he will have to come back to the company for helping him out in these areas. Find out the company he has joined.....and tell him the company he is going to join will not be receiving a good feedback about him.

From India, Kochi
hi shama.. i forgot to add.... u should also take into consideration the past behaviour / general conduct of the person b4 deciding any further... regards, seema
From India, Pune

Hi Kshama,

Initiate the process for abandonment of duties immediately. There are three letters which are sent to be sent in succession by Regd. AD.

The first 2 letters will ask the employee to report to work in polite terms. In the third letter, you will draw attention to the earlier letters and then serve a termination notice.

This process will take at least one or two months. A quicker way is to get him to submit a resignation letter.

I agree with Kaushika when she asks you to find out the reasons for such behaviour. In my personal opinion, an employee should never be given a reason to abandon duty. Resignations are a part of growth and all us HR folks must come to terms with it sooner rather than later. Anyone who abandons duty makes me ask the question "what is going on that is so bad that an employee has to abandon service?" Some suggestions :

1) Speak to his colleagues and try and understand from them why he has behaved in this manner.

2) Put yourself in his position and try and figure out if he had any cause to do this.

3) Was he appraised in the last 4 months? What were the results?

4) Find out what his reporting manager has to say about this action. In my experience, there have been occasions where the manager has sanctioned leave, not intimated HR and when the employee doesn't resume, then HR is informed about it.

Someone mentioned that PF withdrawal or transfer can be stopped. Do this at your own risk, because you are legally not allowed to do so. You may stop the settlement of salary and other dues and relieving, but not PF!

All the best! Hope this has been helpful to you!



From India, Mumbai
You have to send a termination notice to that emp as he has not submitted his resignation. See in this case you have to be very professional if the candidate is not interested to follow rules then let him suffer.
I think forget his case and isse him a letter and mention that as he has not intimated before, sending the termination letter.
Also do not issue an exp letter. I think things will work out in such manner.

I think u really cant do much abt it....this happens very frequently now a days.... i am a lecturer and in our field this happens very often...
all u can do is make an exit process like Gecis have ....all u can do is trace the employee and start legal proceedings...but only if appointment letter specifies the notice period...but even then u'll be incurring costs on this and chances are tht the result will not be positive for ur company..

From India, Calcutta

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