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Hi All,
Hope everyone is doing good.
Does anyone know how to calculate employee satisfaction index. i.e., when we give employees a form to fill(employees feedback form).
From that form how will we come to know the level of satisfaction of employees in a particular company.
Does anyone know about it? Please reply back soon if anyone know any formula to calculate this Employee Satisfaction index.
Thanks & Regards,

From India, Bangalore

Dear Monika,

The practice that we follow in my company for calculating the Employee Satisfaction Index is:

1. There is a five-point scale in the questionnaire based on which the employee responses range from Strongly Agree, Agree, Undecided, Disagree, Strongly Disagree.

2. The negative and positive questions are then aligned so that the remarks are ranging from Strongly agree (5) to Strongly Disagree (1). This is just in case your questionnaire has some negative questions to ensure that the employees have simply not marked the questionnaire without reading.

3. The total number of questions with answers against each response is calculated. (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)

4. The total number of questions answered is calculated (just in case somebody has avoided marking answer for a particular question in the questionnaire) (TOTAL)

5. The TOTAL SCORE RECEIVED is calculated = (total number of responses of 5 * 5)+(total number of responses of 4 * 4)+(total number of responses of 3 * 3)+(total number of responses of 2 * 2)+(total number of responses of 1 * 1)

6. Calculate the MAXIMUM TOTAL SCORE which is the TOTAL (pt. 4) * 5.

7. This gives the INDEX which is the TOTAL SCORE RECEIVED / MAXIMUM TOTAL SCORE * 100

Hope this helps you. :D

With warm regards,

Swapna Nair

From India, New Delhi

Hi Swapna,
Thanks very much for your reply. Can i have your email id plz. Actually the formula is not clear to me, specially the 2nd last point. (Pt 4 *5). Wat is that..
Is it possible if you could explain me with some examples now. I would really appreciate.
Thanks & Regards,

From India, Bangalore
Hi Monika,
I would agree with Sapna more or less. The responses to certain key questions viz - Likelihood of recommending, continuance, job clarity, job satisfaction etc. would be considered - this may differ depending upon your firm's objectives.
These would be given a specific weightage and accordingly each individual's/ team's satisfaction index.

hi! calculation of employee satisafaction index is confusing much. Some use weighted average and some use different ways. please, I need someone who can explain in a simple way on how to calcaulate employee satisfaction index with example.
Thanx all of you.

From India, Bangalore
vijeta gupta
Hi Swapna,
Im doing my summer internship project on Employee satisfaction , i saw the steps which u gave for calculating ESI but im nt clear vid the calculation part...Will u plz help me out vid the steps..
Thanks & Regards,

From India, Delhi
Required candidates for the post of maintance mangager / head of the department engineering.
From India, Bangalore
Required candidates for the post of maintance manager / head of the department engineering.
From India, Bangalore
Autumn Jane

Dear Monika

There is a simpler way to calculate the overall satisfaction index.

In your questionnaire, is there a question that asked "Overall, I am satisfied with ABC Company as the place to work" or something along that line? The score to this question is usually used to calcuate the over employee satisfaction index and many organizations also use this as a KPI.

Using the 5-point scale, 1-Strongly Disagree, 2-Disagree, 3-Neutral, 4-Agree, 5-Strongly Agree, you now do a frequency count to derive how many responses to each scale. Usually Strongly Disagree and Disagree will grouped under "Unfavorable". Neutral remains at Neutral. And Agree and Strongly Agree under "Favorable".

If total responses to this question is 220 and 120 were from the Agree and Strongly Agree categories, to calculate the index, use just 120 divided by 220 * 100 = 55%. If your company's threshold is identified as 65%, the 55% means that much have to be done to improve employee engagement over the year based on the rest of the ESS findings.

While other questions may be added, modified or changed each time an ESS is conducted, this particular question will always remain as it measures year-on-year comparison of the satisfaction index.

Autumn Jane

From Singapore, Singapore
hi dis is deepika here . im doing my final project on employee satisfaction.plz tel me how to do analysis. i have used 5 point scale.
From India, Jalandhar
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